DevOps Master Training and Certification Course in Guatemala City , Guatemala

DevOps Master Training
The word DevOps is a contraction of ‘Development’ and ‘Operations’. DevOps is a set of best practices that emphasize the collaboration and communication of IT-professionals (developers, operators, and support staff) in the lifecycle of applications and services, leading to:
•Continuous Integration: easy hand-off from Development to Operations and Support
•Continuous Deployment: release continuously or as often as possible
•Continuous Feedback: seek feedback from stakeholders during all lifecycle stages

DevOps Master Training and Certification Course in Guatemala City , Guatemala

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DevOps is an emerging set of principles, methods and practices for communication, collaboration and integration between software development (application/software engineering) and IT operations (systems administration/infrastructure) professionals. It has developed in response to the emerging understanding of the interdependence and importance of both the development and operations disciplines in meeting an organization’s goal of rapidly producing software products and services. • It aims at establishing a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably. • Companies that practice DevOps have reported significant benefits, including significantly shorter time-to- market, improved customer satisfaction, better product quality, more reliable releases, improved productivity and efficiency, and the increased ability to build the right product by fast experimentation.
There are several tools available which will help performing work in specific area. Every company may use different tool so companies provide tools training when employee joins. Example – Docker, Jenkins, ELK, Monit, Nagios etc…
Individual working in IT Industry at any level or function should do this training & certification. Almost all companies started adapting DevOps framework. In the next 5 years this framework will be used by almost all companies as per prediction made by Gartner and Forrester, so doing this certification now will add value in your career and give you multi fold return on your investment in this training and certification.
There is no pre-requisite to attend DevOps Master Training & certification exam. People working at any level or field within IT Industry must do this training and certification.
Unichrone offers you to deliver the requisite quality and efficiency by its globally recognized It Management training and certification courses which enable individuals and companies to formulate the project in an efficient way. You furthermore have the selection of taking our online trainer led classroom or one to one Cobit5 Assessor training for the Cobit5 Assessor examination at your very own convenience.


DevOps objectives and vocabulary

Benefits to the business

Concepts and practices — including its relationship to Agile, Lean and IT Service Management (ITSM)

Improved workflows

Improved communication and feedback loops

Reliance on automation

Applying DevOps in an enterprise environment

Critical success factors and key performance indicators

Real-life examples and results


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Exam Type – 50 multiple choice questions carrying 1 mark each
Duration – 120 Minutes
Supervised – Yes
Passing Score – 65% (33 marks out of 50)
Delivery – Paper based or Online proctored


The success of any project depends on the skills and expertise of the people handling it. This program will help you learn technical aspects of project execution that will ensure you overcome all project challenges and deliver superior results. The learning will also help you improve your career prospects and create a path for growth.
You can enroll for the classroom training online. There are many options to pay either through your debit/credit card that includes Visa Card, MasterCard; American Express or - via PayPal. Payment receipt will be issued to the candidate automatically by email.
Yes, you can revise the choice of city, place and date for any classroom training, if required. However, if it is cross-country, then there will be a revision in the training fee.
Any registration cancelled within 48 hours of the initial registration will be refunded fully. Please note that refunds will be processed within 15 days of receipt of written request for refund.
We do offer course completion certificate after you successfully complete the training program.
Yes, we do offer discounts for the classroom training program for group members.


Pavit Kenth

Technical Director MCI Ltd

Interesting, Focused, Efficient. The material was a comprehensive presentation of Lean principles and a good overview of Six Sigma. I feel like I have a good understanding of the basics of Lean Six Sigma.

Saad Alsheddi

Head Of Operations at Ministry of Finance

Really interesting, you achieve a lot of knowledge about processes, in many areas and departments, helped a lot to understand the subjects in a better way.

Kenneth Beard

Project Manager

Very engaging course with real world context and wonderful examples. I have greatly expanded my knowledge as a direct result of this class and I look forward to applying this in my daily personal and work life.

Neesha Rambharrack

Team Lead-Projects&Facilities Engineering

If you are looking for a culture shift, Unichrone’s trainings are the vehicle that can take you there. The results speak for themselves.

Jernej Hercog

Manager Engineering Services at Clariant

I opted for Instructor led Online Session. The training was very well executed and there will always be a Unichrone's staff to assist online always in session.

Tom Eertman

Head of Supplier Management

Super awesome faculty!! The best part of the training was lots of real time case studies, fun and interactive sessions. Loved being part of it.

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