Welcome to Master Blogger Scholarship Awards

At Unichrone, we strongly believe in the creative power of students. From across all parts of the world, we have pledged ourselves to a mission which entails encouraging students of totally different backgrounds to produce new ground-breaking innovations. We strongly believe that by forging past the boundaries of traditional education, we can plunge students into a new learning dimension; a reality which exists not only to help them maximise their skill set but to reach their full potential.

How best can we do all these? The answer: Blogging, which leads us to the introduction of our very own Master Blogger Scholarship Awards. The power of blogging cannot be overstated. Over the past decade, blogging has opened new doors of opportunities for entrepreneurial individuals and startup businesses to further their marketing reach.

The Unichrone Master Blogger Scholarship Award for the sole reason of helping students in all areas of the world to showcase their innate ideas and as a result, expand their creative capabilities. Our scholarship award presents a never-before-seen opportunity for students to share their blogging abilities with the rest of the world.

Why Apply for this Scholarship?

If you are a talented writer who loves to write divergent articles and essays, then this scholarship award is definitely for you. It is the perfect opportunity to not only gain awareness for your opinions on specific topics but to also achieve something tangible for your university/college and yourself.

Who Can Apply?

● Open to all undergraduates and post graduates currently enrolled in any university or college in the world.
● Open to students aged between 18 and 35 years.
● Applicants must have a minimum CGPA score of 3.0.
● Written article must be submitted and published on the applicant's university blog.

Benefits of Scholarship

The 5 lucky winners of this contest win a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Training.

Why a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt?

A holder of this certificate is instantly deemed a professional who has extensive knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Also, holders of this certification are identified as potential improvement project leaders and can be drafted as team members in very complex business improvement projects. As a student still in university/college, imagine bagging this premium certificate before finishing your degree. The training for this course will be a Live-Trainer led Online Session and is globally accepted certification for many career seeking aspirants.

Topics to Choose From:

Students can only pick one topic from the following to write an article on:
1> How to be a good Project Manager.
2> Online Training V/s Traditional Classroom Training-A Case Study.
3> Information Security-A Boon to a company?
4> The issues on the jobs because of population.
5> Block Chain- A Case study.
6> Quality Management-How to maintain quality driven production.
7> Is cloud computing a future solution?
8> Starting a business?- Must know aspects.
9> Customer Service- A tool to enhance the customer base.
10> Future Technological adoptions to save time and money.

Contest Rules:

● Students applying are mandated to select from a list of topics and write articles on them.
● Only Unique articles will be considered.
● Word count should range between 1000-1500 words with a link to Unichrone Learning
● Scholarship program runs for 4 months and ends on 30th September, 2019.
● We choose the 5 best articles and announce the winners who will get a Free Certification Training on Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

Award Details

The best article will be selected based on originality, innovativeness, and attention to detail, content arrangement, and research and overall grading.
The award winner will be chosen by a panel of competent judges selected by Unichrone.
The scoring criteria are outlined as follows:
● Title and Intro - 10 pts.
● Sub-heads and explanation - 5 pts.
● Content Sequencing and Structure -10 pts.
● Bullet points and highlighted keywords - 5 pts.
● Conclusion - 5 pts.
● Author segment - 5 pts.
● Uniqueness and Originality - 10 pts.
● Data and Statistics (Research) - 10 pts.
● Grammar and Punctuation - 10 pts.
● Citation and Referencing - 5 pts.
● Inventive Backlink to Unichrone website - 20 pts.
● Submission before deadline - 5 pts.
Articles are graded on a score of 100.
A minimum of 85 points is the cut-off for by serious participants. Applicants are then eligible for the scholarship to get trained and certified on Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt.
● Make a selection from the list of topics
● Create a well-researched and unique article
● Word count: At least 1000 words. No maximum length.
● Deadline for submission: 30-Septmber-2019
● Only choose a topic you best understand. Explain it as best as you can with related research.
● Article must be written in English.
● Article must be original. Plagiarised content will be rejected.
● Make adequate research. Include data, statistics, viewpoints, and graphs in the article. Also add citations and references.
● Article must be well formatted. Title, subheadings, paragraphs, bullet points, and tables must be aligned properly.
● Make hyperlink reference to credible sources and publications. The link to Unichrone being the most important.