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Learn to Build Modern Web Applications with Angular 5 Training

Angular is an open platform and framework for developing single-page applications in TypeScript. It offers developers a common framework to work with. Furthermore, it allows users to build huge apps in an organized manner. AngularJS offers front-end web development solutions, making contemporary web building easier. Having Angular5 Certification enables individuals to utilize Google's Angular framework to build cutting-edge web applications. Achieving Angular Certification shows that professionals have attained proficiency with the framework. The certificate also can boost one’s credibility within the organization.

Angular 5 Certification Training

Angular Certificate validates a candidate's knowledge of the framework. This helps them distinguish themselves from other applicants in a competitive job environment. Enrolling in Angular Training empowers individuals to develop their skills professionally. It improves employability options for professionals, making them pursue diverse roles. In addition, Angular 5 Certification Training enables professionals to be more knowledgeable about the Angular framework and related concepts. Candidates also learn about Angular's significance in SPA development. Angular 5 Course prepares candidates to be well-versed in its practical application. It also enhances their capacity to address challenging problems using Angular concepts. This portrays that having Angular Certification is more helpful for professionals to stay distinct in the field.

Key Features of Angular 5 Certification Training

Enrolling in Angular 5 Certification Course allows trainees to develop dynamic and responsive apps. Our instructors are highly knowledgeable and offer real-time insights into the framework. Candidates can take part in practical exercises during the Course. Unichrone offers Angular 5 Training course in flexible methods. Participants can choose live online or in-classroom format or enquire about group training format. The course provides hands-on experience working with Angular. These practical skills enable aspirants to build web applications. Owning Angular 5 Certification can help aspirants get new opportunities, promotions, and higher-paying jobs.

  • 2 Day Interactive Instructor –led Online Classroom or Group Training
  • Course study materials designed by subject matter experts
  • Mock Tests to prepare in a best way
  • Highly qualified & expert trainers with vast experience
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Enrich with Industry best practices and case studies and present trends
  • Practical lab included
  • Angular5 Course adhered with International standards
  • End-to-end support via phone, mail, and chat
  • Convenient Weekday/Weekend Angular5 Training Course schedule
Corporate Group Training
  • Customized Training
  • Live Instructor-led
  • Onsite / Online
  • Flexible Dates
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Angular 5 Exam Format
Exam Name Angular5 Certification
Exam Cost Included in training fees*
Exam Format Multiple Choice-Online
Total Questions 30
Passing Score 70%
Exam Duration 2 Hours

Angular5 Training Course Curriculum

  • Architectural overview

    • · Simplifying development of complex modern applications
    • · The organization of an Angular app
    • · Supporting multiple client devices
    • · Configuring an Angular development environment
    • · Bootstrapping your first Angular application

    Getting started with TypeScript

    • · Transpiling TypeScript to JavaScript
    • · Building an app with TypeScript
  • Defining components

    • · Structure of a component
    • · Introducing the component hierarchy
    • · Declaring metadata with the @Component decorator
    • · Controlling HTML5 generation with Templates
    • · Displaying repeating data with *ngFor
    • · Conditional generation of DOM content

    Debugging techniques and strategies

    • · Interpreting framework error messages
    • · Exploring the component hierarchy with Augury

      Reducing code complexity with Dependency Injection (DI)

      • · Principles of DI
      • · Creating loosely coupled applications
      • · Configuring providers and declaring Injectables
      • · Satisfying dependencies with Provider metadata
  • Structuring test strategies

    • · Unit testing vs. integration testing
    • · Working with mock Angular components
    • · Asynchronous testing with ES6 arrow functions

    Leveraging 3rd party tools

    • · Defining tests with Jasmine
    • · Automating tests with Angular CLI and Karma
    • · Building and running a Protractor test
  • Coordinating Component interaction

    • · Passing data from parent to child with Input bindings
    • · Listening for property changes with ngOnChanges
    • · Binding a model to display with interpolation

    Managing events

    • · Detecting and responding to user interaction
    • · Capturing browser events
    • · Emitting custom events to trigger behavior
  • Creating modular applications

    • · Controlling application flow with the Component Router/li>
    • · Dividing application functionality across multiple Component trees
    • · Parameterizing routes for dynamic navigation

    Manipulating data with Pipes

    • · Formatting dates for display
    • · Chaining pipes to combine functionality
    • · Filtering data with custom Pipes
  • Displaying and capturing data

    • · Developing forms with ngFormModel and FormBuilder
    • · Creating a form from a business object
    • · Two-way binding between input controls and data model

    Validating form input

    • · Leveraging HTML5 and custom validation
    • · Providing user feedback from validators
  • Keeping the App responsive

    • · Subscribing to Observables
    • · Converting stream data types with the Observable map function
    • · Optimizing change detection with immutability and onPush

    Interacting with a REST Web service

    • · Retrieving data with the HTTP object
    • · Sending data asynchronously with POST
    • · Invoking different HTTP methods
    • · Gracefully handling errors
  • Topics

    • · Adding functionality to the DOM
    • · Creating a custom styling directive
    • · Performing animation

Angular 5 Certification Benefits

Higher Salary

Earn 20% more salary than non-certified professionals in the field

Greater Responsibilities

Enhance your performance with additional responsibilities in the organization

Diverse Job Roles

Broaden your scope at the organization as compared to your peers

Global Recognition

Global recognition across different domains and industries with this certificate

Versatile Opportunities

Land at your dream job in large organizations with great expertise

Sophisticated Skillsets

Validates the advanced experience, skills and knowledge gained by professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do candidates need to attend the Angular 5 Training course?

The Angular 5 Training course is designed to assist professionals in gaining advanced skillset of applying Angular and its modules. Our expert trainers provide practical insights into the framework which assists in gaining an in-depth understanding of Angular fundamentals.

What are the objectives of Angular 5 Certification Training?

On completion of Angular 5 Training course, aspirants will be able to:

  • Understand the framework of Angular 5
  • Design and create web applications using Angular 5
  • Create various components of Angular using TypeScript
  • Develop a front end application without any hassles

What is provided during the course of Angular 5 Training?

Aspirants can access extensive training material, case studies, and mock studies provided during the Angular 5 Training session.

Does this Angular 5 Training course include a course completion certificate?

Yes, we provide a course completion certificate for aspirants on successful completion of the training session.

How is Angular 5 Exam conducted?

Aspirants attending the Angular 5 Exam, need to attempt multiple-choice questions within 2 hours and score required minimum marks to obtain the certification.

When is the Angular 5 Certification Exam conducted?

The Angular 5 Certification Exam is conducted at the end of the training session.

What is Angular?

Angular is the platform available for individuals to develop mobile and desktop web applications. The Angular framework helps professionals to create efficient and sophisticated single-page web applications for clients using HTML and TypeScript.

What is the need of Angular 5 Certification?

The Angular 5 Certification is recognized internationally. Individuals owning this certification gain recognition from businesses operating in various industries. Angular Certified individuals are capable of demonstrating their skills in developing applications in a dynamic manner. In addition, certified Angular professionals earn higher salary packages when compared to their non-certified counterparts.

Who can pursue Angular 5 Certification?

IT professionals, front-end developers, UI/UX developers and individuals willing to pursue a career in this field can pursue Angular Certification.

Are there any prerequisites for pursuing the certification of Angular 5?

No, there are no prerequisites for pursuing the certification of Angular 5.

Angular 5 Examination Procedure


Attend intense 2 day Angular 5 Training offered by Unichrone. Fulfil all the requirements specified before the examination.


Apply for the Angular 5 Certification Exam, conducted by Unichrone. Choose the suitable date for the exam.


Get certified in Angular 5 after clearing the exam. You will receive an email confirming the status.

What our customers say

Kenneth Beard

Project Manager

Very engaging course with real world context and wonderful examples. Helped to expand my knowledge as a direct result of it.

Tom Eeartman

Head-Supplier Management

Super awesome faculty! The best part of the training was lots of real time case studies and interactive sessions. Learnt many new concepts.

Pavit Kenth

Technical Director MCI Ltd

Interesting, Focused, Real life case studies. The material was a comprehensive presentation of Lean principles and Six Sigma.

Saad Alsheddi

Head Of Operations

Really interesting, a lot of knowledge about processes, in many areas and departments, helped to understand the subjects easily.

Jernej Hercog

Manager-Engineering Services

I opted for Instructor led Online Session. The training was very well executed. It was awesome and exceeded my expectations.

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Faculty and Mentors

Our certified and highly experienced trainers are handpicked from various industries to assist aspirants with practical insights into the field, thereby providing a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals and complex terminologies




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Session Expertise

The Angular Training covers topics such as the introduction of Angular, features of Angular, Angular modules, Angular libraries, Templating, Testing, Deployment, and Authentication.

Professionals owning Angular 5 Certification can pursue a wide range of opportunities globally. As Angular is used by professionals to develop robust web applications, several organizations look for such certified professionals to create a digital presence.

The features introduced in Angular 5 are optimized builds, incremental builds, server transfer state modules, simpler progressive web applications, material design, and router hooks.

Angular 16 is the latest version of Angular.

Angular benefits professionals in developing high-quality software with less code, less debugging time, and high scalability. It also supports unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing, helping developers ensure application stability.

The Angular 5 Certification provided by Unichrone is valid for life.

Yes. We provide practical labs and projects to help candidates gain hands-on experience in Angular JavaScript.

Angular Material is a UI component library for Angular JS developers. It is beneficial to structure the application's design. Its components aid in building visually appealing, dependable, and helpful web pages.

Two-way data binding in Angular will help users exchange data from the component to the view and from the view to the component. It will make it easier for users to create two-way communication.

The packages available for Angular development are NgBootstrap, Angular Google Maps, NgRx, NgTranslate, AngularFire, NgxTextEditor, Angular Material, Ng2 Pdf Viewer, NgxCharts, angular calendar.


Find web development solutions

Utilize our industry-recognized Angular 5 Training to find the best web development solutions. Learn about AngularJS and create fluid SPAs for your organization and businesses.


Bring flexibility

With the help of our Angular 5 Training and Certification Course, you will learn about the industry best practices and make your business more flexible. Use our course to gain valuable insights into the features of Angular JavaScript.


Get hands-on experience

We provide practical labs that help in gaining hands-on experience in using the Angular framework. Participate in projects related to Angular 5 and gain experience to use the learnings in practice.


Validate your AngularJS knowledge

Earn the valuable Angular 5 Certification and provide proof of your knowledge and skills in AngularJS. Professionals can use this credential to move their careers in the right direction and earn better than their non-certified counterparts.

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