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What is Kaizen?

The quality control and process improvement initiatives of an organization rely on Kaizen, a Japanese quality management approach, for attaining success in meeting its desired objectives. Kaizen has a wide range of applications in various industrial domains, from manufacturing to healthcare. As a philosophy of continuous improvement, it can be applied to everything.

Kaizen Training Course is offered to professionals who want to learn about the continuous improvement methodology of Kaizen. The program helps professionals learn about the relationship between Kaizen and Lean. With the help of our highly qualified Lean Six Sigma Master, and Black Belt Certified instructors, candidates of this Kaizen Course will learn about all the Kaizen concepts, including various phases of a Kaizen event. Professionals will be able to use this Kaizen Training to help improve the quality and process improvement culture of their organization.

Kaizen Certification Training offered by Unichrone focuses on the process improvement methodology of Kaizen and its role in quality management. This training and certification course in Kaizen helps quality management practitioners understand the advantages of applying the Kaizen theory in the organization and its importance in the Lean methodology.Aspiring quality management and project management professionals will find Kaizen Training highly beneficial as it prepares them to incorporate the Kaizen model into their organizational operations. This one-day Kaizen Certification Training Course is available for individuals in the live online classroom format and group classroom sessions. We also provide an industry-recognized course completion Kaizen certificate that adhered to the Quality Committee Standards after completion of the Kaizen Training Course.

Key Features of Kaizen Training

Our Kaizen Certification Training Course is best suited for individuals who have a basic knowledge of the Lean methodology. However, aspiring quality and process improvement professionals can register for this training program to gain a fundamental knowledge of the Kaizen mindset. After completing this Lean Kaizen Training, candidates can implement Kaizen in the business process to achieve product delivery success.

  • 1 Day Interactive Instructor –led Online Classroom or Group Training
  • Course study materials designed by subject matter experts
  • Mock Tests to prepare in a best way
  • Highly qualified, expert & Certified Trainers with vast experience
  • Enrich with Industry best practices and case studies
  • Kaizen Training Course adhered with International Standards
  • End-to-end support via phone, mail, and chat
  • Convenient Weekday/Weekend Kaizen Training schedule
Corporate Group Training
  • Customized Training
  • Live Instructor-led
  • Onsite / Online
  • Flexible Dates
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Kaizen Certification Exam Format
Exam Name Kaizen
Exam Cost Included in Training fee
Exam Format Multiple choice questions, open book exam
Total Questions 30 Questions
Passing Score 70%
Exam Duration 60 minutes

Kaizen Certification Curriculum

  • Topics

    • · Concepts and Principles of Kaizen
    • · Kaizen Application Insight
    • · Crucial Implementation Issues and Strategies
    • · Maintaining Kaizen Implementation

  • Topics

    • · Role of Management
    • · Planning a Kaizen Continuous Improvement Programme
    • · Change Management
    • · Tailoring the Culture to Kaizen
    • · Kaizen Tools
    • · Selecting and Handling Projects
    • · Identifying Teams to Implement Kaizen
    • · The Roles of Team Members
    • · Performance Metrics
    • · Successful Kaizen Implementation

  • Topics

    • · Kaizen Quality Improvement Tools
    • · 7QC Tools and their Application
    • · Check Sheet
    • · Pareto Chart
    • · Histogram
    • · Scatter Diagram
    • · Cause and Effect Diagram
    • · Process Map
    • · Control Chart

  • Topics

    • · Kaizen Week Preparation
    • · General Kaizen Week Framework
    • · Facilitation Keys
    • · Kaizen Team Rules
    • · Kaizen Week Schedule

  • Topics

    • · Overproduction
    • · Overprocessing
    • · Waiting
    • · Motion
    • · Transportation
    • · Inventory
    • · Rework

  • Topics

    • · Kaizen Tools and Techniques
    • · Change Management
    • · Leadership
    • · Tailoring Culture
    • · Aligning Improvement Programs to Business Objectives
    • · Introduction to Value Street Mapping
    • · Selecting and Managing Projects
    • · Developing a Kaizen Roadmap
    • · Role of the Kaizen Leader
    • · Planning and Organising Effective Kaizen Events

Kaizen Certification Benefits

Higher Salary

Earn 20% more salary than non-certified professionals in the field

Greater Responsibilities

Enhance your performance with additional responsibilities in the organization

Diverse Job Roles

Broaden your scope at the organization as compared to your peers

Global Recognition

Global recognition across different domains and industries with this certificate

Versatile Opportunities

Land at your dream job in large organizations with great expertise

Sophisticated Skillsets

Validates the advanced experience, skills and knowledge gained by professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of Kaizen Training in the industry?

Kaizen Training is highly beneficial for professionals working in the quality and project management industry. The solutions created by incorporating the Kaizen method can be implemented immediately and generate long-term results. Also, Kaizen is a low-risk and cost-effective approach to attaining organizational objectives. With training and acquiring a certification in Kaizen, quality and project management practitioners can improve their organization’s product and project delivery.

Why should one register for Kaizen Training?

Individuals and professionals who register for Kaizen Training will gain a thorough understanding of the Kaizen approach to continuous improvement. They will get an in-depth comprehension of the various elements of Kaizen and its relationship with the quality management methodology of Lean. After completing the Kaizen Training, they can run a Kaizen Event and assist their organizations in incorporating the Kaizen culture into the business process.

What are the prerequisites for registering for the Kaizen Training Course?

There are no prerequisites for registering for the Kaizen Training Course.

Who should opt for this Kaizen Training and Certification Course?

Any individual or professional interested in learning about the Kaizen approach of continuous process improvement can opt for this Kaizen Training and Certification Course.

Is Kaizen Training fruitful in improving an enterprise’s product quality?

Individuals having undergone Kaizen Training are knowledgeable in every aspect of product quality improvement. Waste elimination is the key to it and identifying that waste in various processes is what they learn.

Does Kaizen Training teach the value of team effort?

Kaizen Training enables one with the wisdom of listening to and welcoming others' ideas to produce a team effort. Thus, trained individuals promote togetherness in the workplace, in a way.

Is improved communication skills an outcome of Kaizen Training?

Improved communication allows team members or departments to convey each other’s ideas or problems. This reduces the gap between one process and another that otherwise delays the product delivery.

Does Kaizen Training impart knowledge of consumer satisfaction?

It certainly does. Kaizen’s philosophy comprises waste elimination, teamwork, scrutiny of processes, and faster delivery. Each of these is the path to consumer satisfaction and an increase in sales.

Do only service-oriented industries hire Kaizen Trained individuals?

Kaizen Trained individuals have access to services, processes, and manufacturing-related industries. They are empowered to switch from one job sector to another.

Who conducts the Kaizen Examination for earning the certification?

Unichrone conducts the Kaizen Examination for earning the certification in Kaizen.

When will candidates appear for the Kaizen Examination?

Candidates will appear in the Kaizen Examination at the end of the Kaizen Training and Certification Course.

Is Kaizen Examination a boost to one’s creativity?

Kaizen's philosophy focuses on making the most of employees’ creativity through their active participation in process improvement. Thus, this examination is an opportunity to develop and test one’s creativity in the workplace.

Does Kaizen Examination enhance one’s employment opportunities?

Individuals acing the Kaizen Examination are experts in making the most of an organization’s human resources. They enhance productivity and assist the organization in building a positive work environment.

Is Kaizen Examination an evaluation of collaboration skills?

Teamwork is the core of Kaizen's philosophy. Thus, this examination is an assessment of collaboration skills for proficient team management. Transparency and cooperation between different departments is the key to productivity.

Does Kaizen Exam assess one’s expertise in maintaining workplace safety?

Kaizen Examination assesses an examinee’s command of workplace safety management. Implementation of safety measures results in cost-effectiveness by checking medical expenses otherwise caused by workplace injuries.

What does Kaizen mean in Japanese?

Kaizen is a Japanese word that translates into “change for the better” in English.

Who invented Kaizen?

The origin of Kaizen can be traced back to the post-World War II era. The continuous improvement approach of Kaizen began with Toyota Motor Corporation when Masaaki Imai worked there with Taiichi Ohno, the father of TPS (Toyota Production System). However, Kaizen was popularized in the west by Masaaki Imai through his book Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success (1986).

What is Kaizen Philosophy?

According to Masaaki Imai, also known as the Father of Kaizen, the Kaizen Philosophy is all about making small improvements every day to conquer challenges. As a philosophy, Kaizen can be applied to one’s life through self-discipline and commitment.

What is the Kaizen approach?

The Kaizen approach recommends that small enhancements made each day will help reach the desired outcomes. Thus, organizations that incorporate the Kaizen approach attain their business goals by continually refining a product by implementing unique ideas or solutions in the product development and delivery process.

What certification is received after completing the Kaizen Training and clearing the Kaizen Examination?

After completing the Kaizen Training and clearing the Kaizen Examination, we provide an industry-standards course completion certificate to candidates per the guidelines recommended by the Quality Committee.

Why are Kaizen Certification holders also known as solution finders?

Kaizen Certification holders are endowed with the skill of finding solutions while identifying errors. Therefore, it isn’t wrong to call them solution finders. They actively take part in problem-solving.

Can a Kaizen Certified individual work in organizations overseas?

Every organization seeks improvement and a Kaizen Certified individual is empowered for it. Whether the improvement is meant for the long or short term, such certified individuals always strive for it.

Why businesses are keen on recruiting professionals possessing Kaizen Certification?

Kaizen Certified professionals gently approach the existing business procedures for the better. Their motto is to make big differences through small changes, mainly by proper resource utilization.

Do Kaizen Certified professionals pay special attention to bolstering teamwork?

Yes, they do. Kaizen Certified professionals actively engage team members or departments in various business functions. They nurture a strong bonding between employees and also make them realize their importance.

Kaizen Certification Examination Procedure


Go through the intense 1 day Kaizen Certification Training offered by Unichrone. Fulfil all the requirements, specified by Microsoft before the examination.


Apply for the Kaizen Exam conducted by Unichrone. Choose the suitable date for the exam after paying the exam fees.


Get Kaizen Certificate after clearing the exam. The Certificate has lifetime validity. No renewal needed.

What our customers say

Kenneth Beard

Project Manager

Very engaging course with real world context and wonderful examples. Helped to expand my knowledge as a direct result of it.

Tom Eeartman

Head-Supplier Management

Super awesome faculty! The best part of the training was lots of real time case studies and interactive sessions. Learnt many new concepts.

Pavit Kenth

Technical Director MCI Ltd

Interesting, Focused, Real life case studies. The material was a comprehensive presentation of Lean principles and Six Sigma.

Saad Alsheddi

Head Of Operations

Really interesting, a lot of knowledge about processes, in many areas and departments, helped to understand the subjects easily.

Jernej Hercog

Manager-Engineering Services

I opted for Instructor led Online Session. The training was very well executed. It was awesome and exceeded my expectations.

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Faculty and Mentors

Our certified and highly experienced trainers are handpicked from various industries to assist aspirants with practical insights into the field, thereby providing a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals and complex terminologies




Minimum Experience


Session Expertise

Our Kaizen Training and Certification Courses are available in the live online and group classroom sessions.

This Kaizen Certification Training Course is conducted for one day across various countries.

The course completion certificate provided at the end of the Kaizen Training is valid for life.

The course objectives of this Kaizen Certification Training are as follows:
  • Understanding the basics of Kaizen and its relationship with Lean
  • Elements of Kaizen and the steps included in the Kaizen Process
  • Kaizen Blitz or Events, including the various phases of Kaizen Events

Kaizen Trained employees assist an enterprise in reducing the timeline between a consumer’s order and payment. The credit goes to their efficiency in operation by curbing waste.

Unnecessary transportation, waiting, inventory, overproduction, defects, rework, and non-utilization of resources. Kaizen considers these defects that obstruct the smooth sailing of an organization.


Achieve outcomes

Kaizen helps organizations calibrate their business processes to achieve the desired outcomes. With the help of our Kaizen Training Course, you can support your organization in its continuous improvement efforts.


Gradual advancement

Use our Kaizen Training and Certification Course to make gradual advancements in the business process. Help your organization attain its objectives by making small incremental changes that contribute to long-term value addition.


Continuous Improvement

Kaizen is an excellent approach to continuous improvement. Using our training and certification course in Kaizen, you can commit to continuous improvement by implementing small gradual changes in your life.


Visualize your achievements

With Kaizen Certification, you can validate your knowledge and skills in applying Kaizen in real-life situations. It will help you visualize your achievements and gain recognition for your commitment to quality.

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