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AWS Developer Associate Certification

AWS is one of the fastest-growing cloud computing services in the world. It is used by organizations across all industries to host their applications securely and reliably for their various business processes. Our AWS Developer Associate Training helps cloud professionals to validate their skills and knowledge of AWS through hands-on training and certification. AWS Developer Associates are one of the highest-paid cloud professionals across all industries and have good career potential.

AWS Developer Architect Certification Training in Mombasa Kenya

The AWS Developer Associate Training Course in Mombasa from Unichrone offers individuals starting their careers in Cloud Computing an in-depth understanding of AWS services. Our course includes practical lab and extensive case studies to help cloud and IT professionals design, develop, and deploy cloud-based applications. The course module for the AWS Developer Training Course covers all fundamentals of core AWS services and its various cloud computing features. After completing the course professionals will be able to build applications in the AWS cloud platform, debug and troubleshoot problems in the system efficiently. Our highly qualified and certified trainers guide professionals through an interactive training course.

Key Features of AWS Developer Certification Training in Mombasa

Our AWS Developer Associate Training will help individuals in the preparation procedure for the AWS Developer Associate Certification Examination conducted by AWS. The course study guide and practice test provided in the training will help professionals to clear their certification exam conducted by Amazon in the first attempt.

  • 4 Day Interactive Instructor –led Online Classroom or Group Training in Mombasa Kenya
  • Course study materials designed by subject matter experts
  • Mock Tests to prepare in a best way
  • Highly qualified & expert Master Belt trainers with vast experience
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Get 25 hours CPE certificate
  • Enrich with Industry best practices and case studies
  • AWS Developer Associate Course adhered with International standards
  • End-to-end support via phone, mail, and chat
  • Convenient Weekday/Weekend AWS Developer Associate Training Course schedule in Mombasa Kenya
Corporate Group Training
  • Customized Training
  • Live Instructor-led
  • Onsite/Online
  • Flexible Dates
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AWS Developer Associate Exam Format
Exam Name AWS Developer Associate
Exam Cost 150 USD (Practice exam: 20 USD)
Exam Format Multiple Choice or Multiple responses-
Total Questions 65 Questions
Passing Score 70% minimum marks
Exam Duration 130 Minutes
AWS Test Center in Greece Pearsonvue Test Center

AWS Developer Associate Certification Benefits

Higher Salary

With this renowned credential, aspirants earn higher salary packages when compared to non-certified professionals in the field

Individual accomplishments

Aspirants can look for higher career prospects at an early stage in their life with the most esteemed certification

Gain credibility

Owning the certification makes it easier to earn the trust and respect of professionals working in the same field

Rigorous study plan

The course content is prescribed as per the exam requirements, covering the necessary topics to ace the exam in the first attempt

Diverse job roles

Attaining the certification enhances the spirit of individuals to pursue diverse job roles in the organization

Sophisticated skillset

With this certification, individuals acquire refined skills and techniques required to play their part in an organization

AWS Developer Associate Course Curriculum

  • Topics

    • · What is Cloud Computing
    • · AWS Fundamentals
    • · AWS Platform & Services
    • · AWS Regions & Availability Zones

  • Topics

    • · Setup of AWS Account
    • · Setup Boto3 for Python SDK
    • · Setup of .Net SDK with Visual Studio-Optional
    • · IAM Principles
    • · Creating Users
    • · Roles
    • · Enabling Credentials
    • · Access Keys & Secret Keys
    • · Security & Policies
    • · Exam Essentials

    Lab Exercise

    • · Create IAM Role
    • · Users
    • · Access/Secret Key
    • · Policies

  • Topics

    • · EC2 Types
    • · Launching EC2 Instances using Python Boto3 or .Net SDK
    • · EBS Volumes & Types
    • · EBS Encryption
    • · Creating AMIs
    • · Launching AMI using snapshots
    • · Summary of EC2 Services
    • · Incident Management
    • · Exam Essentials

    Lab Exercise

    • · Launch EC2 instance (Linux) with Standard SSD Provisioned
    • · Launch EC2 Instance using SDKs (boto3 or .net)

  • Topics

    • · Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Basics
    • · Subnets
    • · Route Tables
    • · Security Groups (ACLs & NACL)
    • · Internet Gateways
    • · Bastion Host/NAT Instances
    • · NAT Gateways
    • · EIP & ENIs
    • · VPG, CGW, VPN
    • · VPC Peering
    • · AWS Direct Connect
    • · Exam Essentials

    Lab Exercise

    • · Create VPC
    • · Public, Private Subnets and Route Tables
    • · Launch instances in Private & Public Subnets
    • · Launch a Bastion Host/NAT Instance
    • · Create NAT Gateway and associate it with EC2 instances

  • Topics

    • · SNS Overview
    • · SNS Messages
    • · SNS APIs and Errors
    • · SQS Overview
    • · SQS Polling and Messaging
    • · SQS Messages
    • · SQS API Actions
    • · SWF Overview
    • · Exam Essentials

    Lab Exercise

    • · Creating a SQS and using SNS
    • · Creating Queues using boto3 sdk

  • Topics

    • · Object Vs Block Storage
    • · S3 Basics
    • · Bucket Policies & Access Control Lists
    • · S3 Advanced Features
    • · Versioning
    • · Cross Region Replication
    • · CORS
    • · Transfer Acceleration
    • · Multipart Upload
    • · LifeCycle Policies
    • · AWS Glacier, Archives
    • · Vaults, AWS Cloud Front (CDN)

    Lab Exercise

    • · Create your own S3 Bucket and use of bucket policies and control lists using Console
    • · Using Boto3 or .Net SDK for creating Buckets and Objects
    • · Launch instances in Private & Public Subnets
    • · Enabling Cross Region Replication and Lifecycle policies on buckets

  • Topics

    • · AWS RDS
    • · Read Replica
    • · Snapshots
    • · Restoring Snapshots
    • · Multi-AZ Deployment
    • · DynamoDb Overview
    • · Throughput model of Dynamodb service
    • · LSI and GSI Concepts
    • · Conditional Writes, Idempotency and Atomic Counters
    • · Errors and various Limits in DynamoDB

    Lab Exercise

    • · Creating an RDS instance, creating snapshots, read replicas and launching new instance
    • · DynamoDb table creation and working with Queries using SDK

  • Topics

    • · Infrastructure as Code using Cloud Formation
    • · Cloud formation – Create a new stack
    • · Create and deploy sample template in JSON format
    • · Lambda Deployment and Provisioning
    • · AWS ElasticBeanStalk Overview

    Lab Exercise

    • · CloudFormation templates to build VPC and Application Stack
    • · Working with EBS to build a LAMP Stack
    • · Configuring with OpsWorks

  • Topics

    • · CloudWatch Introduction
    • · EC2 Status Troubleshooting
    • · Create A Cloud Watch Role
    • · Monitoring EC2 With Custom Metrics
    • · Monitoring EBSMonitoring RDS
    • · Monitoring ELB
    • · Monitoring Elasticache
    • · Monitoring RDS
    • · Centralized Monitoring Servers
    • · Consolidated Billing
    • · Billing & Alerts
    • · Cost optimization

    Lab Exercise

    • · EC2 Monitoring (Detailed and Standard) using Cloudwatch Metrics
    • · Creating a customer metric in cloudwatch
    • · Creating Billing Alerts and Resource management

  • Topics

    • · Api Gateway Essentials
    • · Gateway deployment and various stages
    • · Gateway Throttling, Caching
    • · Gateway errors
    • · Monitoring API Gateways
    • · Step Function Types and transitions

    Lab Exercise

    • · API Gateway basic lab demo

  • Topics

    • · AWS Code Commit
    • · AWS Code Build
    • · AWS Code Deploy
    • · AWS Code Pipeline
    • · AWS Code Star
    • · X-Ray

    Lab Exercise

    • · Demo on Code Pipeline

Training Schedule and Fees

Interactive Live Online Sessions (Instructor-led)
Public Classroom Training in Mombasa Please check availability with our staff before enroling for Classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of AWS Developer Associate Training in Mombasa?

The AWS services are vital for the cloud computing process of any organization aiming to take their businesses on the cloud. They are fast, secure, and reliable. AWS helps businesses to grow and requires highly trained professionals to manage their applications.

What is the advantage of AWS Developer Associate Training in Mombasa?

AWS requires trained and certified professionals to build cloud-based applications to help the business process. AWS Developer Associates are knowledgeable in all AWS services and are trained in developing and deploying applications in cloud infrastructures.

Who should enroll for the AWS Developer Associate Training Course in Mombasa?

  • Individuals who are interested to start their career in Cloud Computing can register for our AWS Developer Associate Training in Mombasa Congo.
  • IT and cloud professionals who want to learn more about AWS and build cloud-based applications will find this training course very helpful.

What is included in the AWS Developer Associate Training Course?

Our AWS Developer Associate Training Course in Mombasa includes the following:

  • Fundamentals of AWS services and its cloud computing architecture
  • Understanding security, computing, and networking services in AWS
  • Course study guides and practical lab sessions
  • Practice tests for better certification examination preparation
  • Interactive mode of learning and hands-on experience

What are the benefits of Unichrone’s AWS Developer Associate Training Course?

Unichrone’s AWS Developer Associate Training Course provides the following advantages:

  • Detailed understanding of core AWS services
  • Fundamentals of cloud computing, security, storage, networking services
  • Design, Develop and Deploy cloud-based applications
  • Use APIs, AWS CLI, and SDKs to build applications
  • Using the CI/CD pipeline to deploy applications on AWS/li>

Does undertaking AWS Developer Associate Training in Mombasa really pay off?

Cloud computing has given a new dimension to software development that is still evolving. Thus, attending AWS Developer Associate Training proves beneficial for exploring new IT designations to emerge in near future.

Is AWS Developer Associate Training fruitful for landing a job in the IT sector?

By undergoing AWS Developer Associate Training, individuals are able to prove their code writing skills. The training course imparts expertise in taking cloud initiatives to assist the concerned organization in its business operations.

Why is AWS Developer Associate Training valued by the recruiters?

Individuals who have taken up AWS Developer Associate Training are noticed more by the recruiters. AWS is one of the leading names in the cloud-computing industry based on the advancement of its features.

How does one benefit personally and professionally by going through AWS Developer Associate Training in Mombasa?

The candidate going through AWS Developer Associate Training gathers insight into cloud functions. They acquire full-fledged knowledge of cloud computing’s internal processes. Thus, they are able to provide the best performance in managing the IT faculties of a business.

Is AWS Developer Associate Training necessary for identifying the AWS architecture?

Individuals must undergo AWS Developer Associate Training to become knowledgeable about the AWS architecture. This will help them to prepare cloud-based programs accurately for meeting the end objectives of an organization.

How can organizations speed up by offering AWS Developer Associate Training to their employees?

After going through AWS Developer Associate Training, employees will become fit for handling cloud-based solutions. This will ease the workload and help organizations speed up their business processes.

Is AWS Developer Associate Training a must for data professionals?

Data storage is one of the prominent services that cloud computing has to offer. Those working in the domain of data analytics find AWS Developer Associate Training very useful. Software creation and other intricacies of data management in the cloud are learned through this training.

Can one become an organization’s asset after having gone through AWS Developer Associate Training?

Individuals who have undergone AWS Developer Associate Training are highly valued by their employer organizations. These trained professionals are responsible for providing reliable and easy access to cloud services.

What are the knowledge areas that the AWS Developer Associate Exam covers?

The AWS Developer Associate Exam covers the following knowledge areas:

  • Knowledge of AWS architecture and core AWS services
  • AWS Shared Responsibility Model, application lifecycle management, and use of containers in the development process
  • Skills in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications using AWS
  • Identify key features of AWS services, author, maintain, and debug code modules on AWS

What is the examination pattern for the AWS Developer Associate Exam in Mombasa?

The AWS Developer Associate Exam in Mombasa is an online proctored exam that needs to be completed in 130 minutes. It has 65 multiple-choice and multiple response questions. Candidates can take the exam at their nearest Pearson Vue Test Center.

How to prepare for the AWS Developer Associate Exam in Mombasa ?

Thorough knowledge of AWS intricacies alongside their practical applications must be acquired by the candidate. Thus, he/she is required to attend educational training as is provided by Unichrone.

Which abilities of the candidate are recognized through the AWS Developer Associate Exam?

AWS Developer Associate Exam assesses an individual's command over the different components of AWS. Expertise in creating necessary cloud-based applications as per organizational requirements is evaluated through this exam.

What is the objective of the AWS Developer Associate Certification?

After passing the AWS Developer Associate Certification Examination, candidates will receive the AWS Certified: Developer Associate certification. This certification validates a professional’s knowledge of the AWS architecture and demonstrates their ability to write and deploy cloud-based applications.

Does this AWS Developer Associate Training Course in Mombasa provide a course completion certificate?

Yes. We provide a course completion certificate to candidates after successfully completing the AWS Developer Associate Training Course in Mombasa.

What makes an AWS Developer Associate Certification so much valued by modern-day corporations?

AWS Developer Associate Certification empowers an individual to initiate the cloud computing tasks within an organization. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the public cloud platform that can be used by several enterprises simultaneously.

Why are AWS Developer Associate Certified individuals sought after by organizations?

Individuals accredited with an AWS Developer Associate Certification are adept at providing an organization with every possible IT service. NoSQL, storage, database, computing, and networking services just to name a few.

Can one contribute to the employer organization after earning an AWS Developer Associate Certification in Mombasa?

AWS Developer Associate Certification holders take care of crucial IT requirements of a business. They are responsible for managing data storage, code writing, content delivery, and other related tasks. As a result, the other faculties of the organization can concentrate on the core areas of business.

How does an AWS Developer Associate Certification improve the performance of an organization?

Individuals possessing an AWS Developer Associate Certification help businesses reach their target audience. They create cloud-based applications for mobile gadgets and keep those updated as per the changes in AWS.

Why do organizations employ AWS Developer Associate Certification holders for reaching out to their target audience?

Only those holding the AWS Developer Associate Certification can supervise the configuration of cloud-based mobile applications. They are in charge of updating and overseeing user authentication and push notifications of these applications.

Is it essential to acquire an AWS Developer Associate Certification in Mombasa to explore the cloud-computing world?

Amazon Web Services' cloud-computing platform comprises several specializations. Each of these specializations opens the door to endless opportunities. AWS Developer Certification is one such specialization that endows an individual with AWS-related competencies.

Does an AWS Developer Associate Certification help in business continuity management?

Organizations employing AWS Developer Associates can stay rest assured of an uninterrupted IT infrastructure. At times of unwanted disruption, these professionals are capable of migrating the IT infrastructure with the least possible downtime. As a result, no major loss is faced by the organization.

How do employees with an AWS Developer Associate Certification minimize the organizational expenses?

Organizations benefit in terms of IT expenses by hiring individuals possessing the AWS Developer Associate. They are experts in developing cost-oriented application software within the AWS platform. This assures high quality at a reasonable price to the organizations that are the end-users.

Why do organizations rely on individuals holding an AWS Developer Associate Certification?

AWS Developer Associate Certification authenticates the incorporation of industry best practices in IT services. Naturally, organizations depend on such accredited professionals for the maintenance of their IT infrastructures.

Why are AWS Developer Associates indispensable to organizations making use of cloud computing services?

Without professionals bearing an AWS Developer Associate Certification, no organization can thrive on cloud services. They are the ones who determine, develop and authorize the cloud-based application designs.

AWS Developer Associate Examination Procedure


Attend intense 4 day AWS Developer Training offered by Unichrone. Fulfil all the requirements specified by the Amazon before the examination.


Apply for the AWS Developer Exam, conducted by Amazon, whilst filling up all necessary details. Choose the suitable date for the exam after paying the exam fees.


Get certified AWS Developer after clearing the exam. You will receive an email confirming the status.

What our customers say

Kenneth Beard

Project Manager

Very engaging course with real world context and wonderful examples. Helped to expand my knowledge as a direct result of it.

Tom Eeartman

Head-Supplier Management

Super awesome faculty! The best part of the training was lots of real time case studies and interactive sessions. Learnt many new concepts.

Pavit Kenth

Technical Director MCI Ltd

Interesting, Focused, Real life case studies. The material was a comprehensive presentation of Lean principles and Six Sigma.

Saad Alsheddi

Head Of Operations

Really interesting, a lot of knowledge about processes, in many areas and departments, helped to understand the subjects easily.

Jernej Hercog

Manager-Engineering Services

I opted for Instructor led Online Session. The training was very well executed. It was awesome and exceeded my expectations.

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Reassure your business

Use our training and certification course in AWS Developer Associate to get a detailed understanding of AWS Architecture. Learn all about the cloud computing services of AWS and build reliable applications to guarantee the success of your business.


Carry out the objectives

Get hands-on experience in designing and deploying cloud-based applications to carry out the objectives of your business organization using our AWS Developer Associate Certification Training in Mombasa Kenya. Solve the problems faced by your business and shift the operations in a positive direction.


Become qualified

Our AWS Developer Associate Certification Training Course in Mombasa also prepares candidates for the certification examination conducted by AWS. We provide study guides and mock tests to help you prepare for the assessment in the best possible manner and become a qualified cloud professional.


Affirm your knowledge

Becoming a Certified Developer-Associate by earning the industry-recognized credential will affirm your knowledge of the AWS cloud computing architecture. It will also help you earn better than your non-certified counterparts in the cloud computing industry.

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