Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Training Course in Panama

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course Syllabus in Panama

Basics of Six Sigma

Six Sigma Projects & Organizational Goals

Analysis, Projects, Graphical Representations

5 Why Analysis

Histogram Construction

Scatter Diagram

Dispersion type C & E Diagram, Pareto Chart

X – R Chart, X and R Chart Terms

Six Sigma Project Charter

Tree Diagram, Prioritization Matrix

Run Chart, Tree Diagram

Matrix Diagram, POPC Chart

How to Pass Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Examination in Panama

A Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification in Panama is for professionals who want to start working in the Quality Management process in an organization. A Yellow Belt Certified professional can work as entry-level representatives and participate in the Six Sigma projects as subject matter experts. These professionals play a major role in the small business processes that impact the overall objectives of an organization.
There are no such required criteria to get a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification. Any individual seeking to work in the quality and process management field in an organization can opt for this certification. Also, any professional who wants to improve their current position and get a raise in pay can choose to get Yellow Belt certified.
A Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification in Panama will enable you to take on the role of subject matter experts or as team members, assisting the Green and Black Belt Certified professionals in the various Six Sigma projects within an organization. The course provides all the basics as well as the new tools that are required to get success in the business process. A certification can help you achieve the promotion that you wanted and demand a better salary.
On average, a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certified professional can expect a salary of $60,000- $80,000. With years of experience and the next levels of certifications, individuals can demand a salary hike up to $100,000 plus. Globally, Lean Six Sigma certified professionals are usually highly paid professionals.
Professionals who want to start their career in Quality Management should enroll in the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification training course. Six Sigma Certified professionals are highly valued in many industries like IT, manufacturing, finance, banking, marketing, and many more. Some of the job positions where a Yellow Belt certification training can become useful are Business Process Analyst, Management Consultant, Project Specialist, Supply Chain Analyst, Process Improvement Engineer, etc.
The course module for the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Training in Panama is designed by highly qualified subject matter experts. The mock tests prepare individuals in the best possible manner to implement the six sigma methodologies. Whether it’s in the classroom or the live online format, the experienced instructors provide you with extensive case studies and industry best practices to understand all the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma.
It is a two-day interactive course that is available in the instructor-led live online classroom format or as group training across all cities in Panama.
During the course of the training, candidates will be provided with study materials and mock tests prepared by experienced subject matter experts (SMEs).
The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course adheres to TUV-SUD standards, after the successful completion of the course candidates will receive a TUV-SUD official Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate.
Apart from getting a chance to get ahead in the hiring process and landing the best possible job, Yellow Belt professionals can choose to move up in the Six Sigma Certification training. They can go on to pursue the Green Belt and then the Black Belt certification, which is the expert level in the Six Sigma methodologies.

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