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  • 3 Days
  • Online Examination
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What is the Importance of Operational Excellence in Quality Improvement?

Operational Excellence or OPEX is an important aspect of the process and quality improvement in an organization and plays a vital part in achieving the desired objectives of the organization. Through OPEX, a professional can identify, analyze, evaluate, and rectify the various problems in a process that hinders the overall performance of a business. Understanding the different parts of the operation, applying the tools required to interpret the problems, and then finding the solutions that ultimately help in achieving the best results is the main objective of OPEX.

Operational/Process Improvement Training Course in Gibraltar

Unichrone offers industry-recognized training and certification in Operational Excellence across multiple cities in the Gibraltar. Our course of Operational Excellence Training involves the use of Lean management tools, Six Sigma principles, DMAIC methodologies, KAIZEN, PCP, etc. to help professionals understand the main cause of problems in the process improvement and drive IT operational excellence. An Operational Excellence Professional (OEP) can enhance the process of an organization in the most productive way, thus helping the business gain profits while minimizing waste. These professionals help their organization strive for operational improvement and increase business efficiency.

Key Features of Operational Excellence Certification Training in Gibraltar

We provide study materials and case studies to help professionals understand the importance of OPEX and its role in helping businesses attain their goals. Highly qualified and certified instructors guide professionals to make them better at their work and help their organization. Operational Excellence Training and Certification Course are very beneficial for professionals working in IT, manufacturing, hospitality, services industries, etc. Our interactive Operational Excellence Training in Gibraltar will help professionals achieve career growth and help their organization achieve success.

  • 3 Day Interactive Instructor –led Online Classroom or Group Training
  • Instructed by Certified and Experienced Operational Excellence Champions
  • Extensive Case Studies and Industry Best Practices used
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Operational Excellence Course adhered with International Standards
  • Mock Tests to prepare in a best way
  • Get deep dive of the subjects with expert instructor
  • Convenient Weekday/Weekend Operational Excellence schedule
Corporate Group Training
  • Customized Training
  • Live Instructor-led
  • Onsite / Online
  • Flexible Dates
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Operational Excellence Exam Format
Exam Name Operational Excellence
Exam Cost Included in the Training fees
Exam Format Open Book-Online-Multiple Choice
Total Questions 30 Questions
Passing Score 70%
Exam Duration 90 Minutes

Operational Excellence Certification Benefits

Higher Salary

With this renowned credential, aspirants earn higher salary packages when compared to non-certified professionals in the field

Individual accomplishments

Aspirants can look for higher career prospects at an early stage in their life with the most esteemed certification

Gain credibility

Owning the certification makes it easier to earn the trust and respect of professionals working in the same field

Rigorous study plan

The course content is prescribed as per the exam requirements, covering the necessary topics to ace the exam in the first attempt

Diverse job roles

Attaining the certification enhances the spirit of individuals to pursue diverse job roles in the organization

Sophisticated skillset

With this certification, individuals acquire refined skills and techniques required to play their part in an organization

Operational Excellence Training Course Curriculum

  • Topics

    • · LEAN Principles
    • · 5S
    • · The Toyota 3M Model
    • · Poka-Yoke / Mistake-Proofing
    • · KANBAN
    • · Push-Pull System / Strategy
    • · Standardized Work
    • · JIDOKA
    • · Just-In-Time

  • Topics

    • · Visual Control or Management
    • · Continuous Flow
    • · Heijunka
    • · Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)

  • Topics

    • · Meaning & Background of KAIZEN
    • · Meaning & Background of KAIZEN Blitz

  • Topics

    • · Primary Project Metrics
    • · LEAD Time
    • · Cycle Time
    • · Turnaround Time (TAT)
    • · Process Cycle Efficiency (PCE)
    • · Yield
    • · Impact of Hidden Factories on Project Metrics

  • Topics

    • · Voice of the Customer (VOC)
    • · Critical-To-Quality (CTQ)
    • · Project Charter
    • · Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO)
    • · S-I-P-O-C & C-O-P-I-S
    • · Process Mapping & Flowcharting

  • Topics

    • · Data Types
    • · Operational Definition Worksheet (ODW) for base lining
    • · Data Collection Plan / Form (DCP / DCF)
    • · Process Capability Indices (PCI)

  • Topics

    • · Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
    • · 5-WHY Analysis
    • · Fault-tree Analysis (FTA)
    • · Corrective Action-Preventive Action (CAPA)
    • · Pareto Chart
    • · Run Chart
    • · Histogram
    • · Box Plot

  • Topics

    • · Techniques for generating creative solution ideas
    • · Tree Diagram
    • · Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)
    • · Statistical Process Control (SPC)

  • Topics

    • · Introduction to Control Charts
    • · Control Chart Selection
    • · Control Chart for Discrete Data
    • · Process Management Charts
    • · Process Control Plan (PCP)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Operational Excellence Training needed?

Operational Excellence forms the most important factor in an organization’s aim to achieve the success which is sustainable as well as fulfills the end customers’ requirements efficiently. A trained Operational Excellence professional uses several tools and methodologies to improve the quality and process of the business steadily and adds value to the organization they are working in.

What are the advantages of the Operational Excellence Training course in the Gibraltar?

  • Every organization needs to have an Operational Excellence trained professional who can identify problems that are affecting the growth and productivity of the organization.
  • An Operational Excellence Trained Professional can then use methodologies like Lean tools, Six Sigma methods, KAIZEN, etc. to help their organization drive continuous improvement throughout the organization.
  • Our training and certification course in Operational Excellence in the Gibraltar will help professionals understand the basics of Operational Excellence as well as how to implement them in the real world.

Who should enroll for the Operational Excellence Training Course?

Any professional aiming to drive the process management and achieve the objectives of the organization they work for can choose to get trained in Operational Excellence. Whether you are a junior, middle, or senior-level manager or engineer, having an Operational Excellence trained certificate will help you get the job and demand a better salary.

What is the course outline for the Operational Excellence Training in Gibraltar?

Unichrone’s course outline for Operational Excellence Training in the Gibraltar provides the following:

  • Introduction to Operational Excellence
  • Introduction to Lean management and DMAIC, KAIZEN
  • Uses in Quality and process management
  • Implementation of OPEX in achieving organizational objectives

Who conducts the Operational Excellence Examination in the Gibraltar?

Unichrone conducts the Operational Excellence Examination in the Gibraltar.

What is the examination pattern to earn the Operational Excellence Certification?

The Operational Excellence Certification Examination is a 1 and half hours long examination that consists of 30 multiple-choice questions.

What is the passing percentage of the Operational Excellence Certification Examination?

The passing percentage of the Operational Excellence Certification Examination is 70%.

What is the meaning of Operational Excellence?

Operational Excellence or OPEX is an essential factor in deriving sustainable profits from a business that focuses directly on the consumer’s needs. It involves every employee of an organization to work efficiently to fulfill the requirements of the end-user, thus attaining the organization’s objectives.

What is the most important objective of Operational Excellence?

Every business in today’s world needs to compete against each other to get results in a market that is changing every second. To get maximum results out of the business processes, organizations are hiring Operational Excellence professionals who will help them achieve their objectives in a way that derives profit while keeping the cost and waste very low. The most important objective of OPEX is to instill a culture of value in all the processes of the organization.

Which industries require Operational Excellence Certified professionals?

Operational Excellence finds its uses in many industries across the world like the IT, HR, Banking, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Marketing industries.

What certification is received after passing the Operational Excellence Certification Examination in the Gibraltar?

After successfully completing the training course and assessment of the Operational Excellence Certification Examination, we provide candidates with an industry-standard course completion certificate.

Operational Excellence Examination Procedure


Go through the intense 3 day Opex Training offered by Unichrone. There are no pre-requisites to register for training and certification in OPEX.


Apply for the Operational Excellence Exam, whilst filling up all necessary details. Choose the suitable date for the exam.


Become a Certified Operational Excellence professional after clearing the exam.

What our customers say

Kenneth Beard

Project Manager

Very engaging course with real world context and wonderful examples. Helped to expand my knowledge as a direct result of it.

Tom Eeartman

Head-Supplier Management

Super awesome faculty! The best part of the training was lots of real time case studies and interactive sessions. Learnt many new concepts.

Pavit Kenth

Technical Director MCI Ltd

Interesting, Focused, Real life case studies. The material was a comprehensive presentation of Lean principles and Six Sigma.

Saad Alsheddi

Head Of Operations

Really interesting, a lot of knowledge about processes, in many areas and departments, helped to understand the subjects easily.

Jernej Hercog

Manager-Engineering Services

I opted for Instructor led Online Session. The training was very well executed. It was awesome and exceeded my expectations.

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Faculty and Mentors

Our certified and highly experienced trainers are handpicked from various industries to assist aspirants with practical insights into the field, thereby providing a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals and complex terminologies




Minimum Experience


Session Expertise

Our Operational Excellence Training Course is a three-day interactive live online and group classroom training available across multiple cities in the Gibraltar.

No. There is no separate fee for the Operational Excellence Examination conducted by Unichrone.

There are no such prerequisites for enrolling for the Operational Excellence Training course in the Gibraltar, however, this certification is highly beneficial for professionals already involved in the quality and process management sector of an organization and feel the need to improve their career prospects further.

The Operational Excellence Certification is valid for life and does not need to be renewed.


Drive the productivity

Operational Excellence Professionals or OEPs guide organizations in the right direction and help them optimize their overall productivity. Utilize our Operational Excellence Training and Certification Course to take in the knowledge and learn the skills required for increasing business efficiency.


Develop the organization

OEPs are proficient and knowledgeable in identifying wasteful steps in the business process. They develop strategies to improve and shape the productivity of the organization.


Attain the objectives

With this Operational Excellence certification and training course in Gibraltar, quality management professionals can attain their objectives and certain their careers.


Renew your career path

OPEX and OEPs are in much demand in recent times with organizations around the world hiring these professionals to revamp their business development processes. It also gives these professionals the opportunity to renew their careers.

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