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Nurture your Problem-Solving skill with Design Thinking Training

Design Thinking is a mindset to problem-solving and innovation anchored around human-centered design. It promotes businesses to focus on the needs of the customers. Employers respect individuals with such advanced skills. Since they contribute to innovation, problem-solving, and driving customer-centric initiatives. Design Thinking principles are relevant across industries and cultures. Having a Design Thinking Certificate is a valuable asset for professionals to enhance their professional portfolio. This raises their income and opens up new employment alternatives.

Design Thinking Training in Madagascar

Design Thinking Certification Training in Madagascar equips aspirants with a comprehensive toolkit for approaching complex problems, from empathizing with users to prototyping solutions. These skills are transferable to a variety of industries and jobs. Individuals interested in entrepreneurship can opt to attend the course. Design Thinking Certificate Course in Madagascar gives them the skills to recognize and meet client demands. The training provides people and teams with a potent approach to problem-solving. This helps them produce original ideas and fosters a spirit of cooperation, empathy, and ongoing progress. Participants attending the Design Thinking Course in Madagascar have a better knowledge of the design thinking methodology. Furthermore, they know how to use its tools and strategies, to address challenging issues.

Key Features of Design Thinking Training in Madagascar

Professionals looking to gain a better understanding of design thinking can opt for Design Thinking Course in Madagascar. The course helps individuals understand the importance of the Design Thinking process. It covers the stages of Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test of Design Thinking. Additionally, this course trains professionals to optimally use the process as per organization needs. Experienced instructors will guide individuals during the course. Participants can enroll for live online or in-class format in Madagascar. They further gain hands-on experience to apply design thinking concepts in real scenarios.

  • 3 Day Interactive Classroom or Group Training in Madagascar
  • Course study materials designed by subject matter experts
  • Involves prepare in a best way
  • Highly qualified, expert & trainers with vast experience
  • Physical Copy of the book with case studies
  • Enrich with Industry best practices and case studies
  • Design Thining course adhered with International standards
  • Convenient Weekday/Weekend Design Thinking schedule in Madagascar
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Design Thinking Exam Format
Exam Name Design Thinking Course Certificate
Exam Cost Included in training fees
Exam Format Multiple Choice, Case Study
Total Questions 25
Passing Score 70%
Exam Duration 120 Mins

Design Thinking Certification Benefits

Higher Salary

With this renowned credential, aspirants earn higher salary packages when compared to non-certified professionals in the field

Individual accomplishments

Aspirants can look for higher career prospects at an early stage in their life with the most esteemed certification

Gain credibility

Owning the certification makes it easier to earn the trust and respect of professionals working in the same field

Rigorous study plan

The course content is prescribed as per the exam requirements, covering the necessary topics to ace the exam in the first attempt

Diverse job roles

Attaining the certification enhances the spirit of individuals to pursue diverse job roles in the organization

Sophisticated skillset

With this certification, individuals acquire refined skills and techniques required to play their part in an organization

Design Thinking Course Curriculum

  • Topics

    • · What Is Different About Design thinking?
    • · Exercise: Design Thinking in the Workplace
    • · Design Thinking Skills
    • · Exercise: Design Thinking Skills
    • · Principles of Design Thinking
    • · Exercise: Design Thinking Principles
  • Topics

    • · The Basis for Design Thinking
    • · Design Thinking Frameworks
    • · Exercise: Build a Design Thinking Framework
    • · The Design Thinking Team What Constitutes a Design Thinking Team? Exercise: Create a Design Thinking Team
    • · Design Thinking Workshops and Meetings Characteristics Types of Workshops
  • Topics

    • · Apply the Design Thinking Frameworks
    • · Class Exercise: Review the Case Study
    • · Empathize with the Customers and/or Users Exercise: Engage the Customer /User
    • · Define the Problem Exercise: Review and Follow-Up Exercise: Define the Point of View
    • · Ideate Exercise: Develop Potential Solutions Exercise: Feedback on the Solutions
    • · Prototype Alternate Solutions Exercise: Create a Prototype of the Solution Exercise: Review the Prototype and Gain Feedback
    • · Test the Solutions Exercise: Prepare Test of the Prototype and Solution
  • Topics

    • · Listening and Empathizing Techniques Engagement Exercise: Ask the Right Questions Observation Exercise: Setting Up the Observation Showing Empathy
    • · Define and Ideation Techniques Unpacking Exercise: Unpack to the Wall Personas Exercise: Create Personas for the Case Study Pattern Recognition and Connecting the Dots
    • · Prototype and Test Techniques Types of Prototypes Exercise: Revise Franken Prototype to Refined Prototype Forms of Testing in Design Thinking Exercise: Prepare and A / B Test of the Prototype
    • · Statistics searches
  • Topics

    • · General Design Thinking Practices Use of Diagrams and Maps in Design Thinking Exercise: Create an Empathy Map Exercise: Revisit the Wall Exercise; Create an Affinity Diagram Exercise: Create a Mind Map Exercise: Create a Journey Map
    • · Story Telling Techniques Story Telling Throughout the Design Thinking Process Improvisation Exercise: Tell a Story Scenarios Exercise: Create a Set of Scenarios for the Case Study K-Scripts Exercise: Create a Set of K-Scripts for the Case Study Exercise: Perform Role Playing of Scenarios for the Case Study
  • Topics

    • · Cautions and Pitfalls Assumptions Exercise: Assumptions Pitfalls and Cautions in Design Thinking Workgroups
    • · Final Words and Best Practices Best Practices Exercise: Best Practices Exercise: Take the Practices Back to the Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should one get training and certification in Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is an innovative new approach to maximizing user involvement while designing and testing prototypes. The course will help individuals understand the importance of Design Thinking in modern workplaces and driving productivity. This will validate an individual's knowledge in Design Thinking and their skills in using various tools of Design Thinking as well.

Who should opt for training and certification in Design Thinking?

Individuals who want to improve their organization’s business processes through the creation of innovative solutions like Entrepreneurs, Functional Heads, Agile Coaches, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Quality Managers, etc. should opt for training and certification in Design Thinking.

What are the prerequisites for registering for the Design Thinking Course in Madagascar?

There are no prerequisites for registering for the Design Thinking Course in Madagascar.

What is the duration of the Design Thinking Course in Madagascar?

The Design Thinking Course in Madagascar is a 3-day interactive training and certification course that candidates can attend according to their convenience.

What is the mode of instruction for the Design Thinking Training and Certification Course in Madagascar?

Our Design Thinking Training and Certification Course is available in the interactive and engaging group classroom format across all major cities in Madagascar.

Does the Design Thinking Course in Madagascar include practical labs?

Yes. Our Design Thinking Course in Madagascar includes practical labs that have activities related to all the five stages of Design Thinking and hands-on experience in using Design Thinking Tools.

What is user journey mapping in design thinking?

A user journey map is a visual representation of the customer experience. It is used by design teams to assess how well customer experiences meet consumer needs and to find areas of design that needed to be improved.

What is human-centered design thinking?

Human-Centered Design Thinking is an approach that focuses on improving existing products or processes to meet the needs of customers.

Why is Design Thinking important as an entrepreneurial skill?

Design Thinking is important as an entrepreneurial skill since it helps in creating different innovative solutions to problems. Even if one strategy fails to address the problem, an organization can try another method to resolve it.

Why is empathy important in design thinking?

Empathy is the first stage in Design Thinking since it assists the organization in identifying customer needs and requirements, which then assists in the finding of solutions to problems.

Which company uses design thinking?

Toyota, Apple, IKEA, Microsoft, Netflix, Samsung, Bank of America, PepsiCo, Oral B, and Nike.

Is design thinking only for designers?

No, Design thinking can be used by employees, freelancers, and executives who want to integrate design thinking into the organization, product, or service to find innovative new solutions to problems.

Why do the businesses need Design Thinking?

The following are the benefits of using Design Thinking in an organization:

  • Identify the Right Problem
  • Stay ahead of the Competition
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Team Collaboration and innovation
  • Get more opportunities

Is there an exam at the end of the Design Thinking Course in Madagascar?

Yes. We conduct an exam at the end of the Design Thinking Course in Madagascar.

What other activities are included in this Design Thinking Course as part of the Design Thinking Exam?

Our Design Thinking Course in Madagascar also include group project activities and workshop as part of the Design Thinking Exam.

Who conducts the Design Thinking Exam in Madagascar?

Unichrone conducts the Design Thinking Exam at the end of training sessions in Madagascar.

What is the format of the Design Thinking Exam?

Design Thinking Exam consists of 25 multiple choice questions with a time duration of 120 minutes.

What is the passing score for the Design Thinking Exam?

The passing score for the Design Thinking Exam is 70%.

Can I retake the Design Thinking Exam in Madagascar?

Yes, candidates can retake the Design Thinking Exam by paying an additional exam fee in Madagascar.

What is the cost of the Design Thinking Exam?

There is no separate fee for the Design Thinking Exam, it is included in the Design Thinking Exam Training fee.

What book should I refer to while preparing for Design Thinking Exam?

Candidates can refer to Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation by Tim Brown and The Art Of Innovation: Lessons in Creativity from IDEO, America's Leading Design Firm by Tom Kelley for preparing Design Thinking Exam.

What does Design Thinking mean?

Design Thinking is a human-centered process of creating innovative new solutions to problems through brainstorming and promoting out-of-the-box thinking.

What is the objective of Design Thinking?

The main objective of Design Thinking is to improve the business efficiency of organizations by understanding their customer's requirements.

What are the five stages of Design Thinking?

The five stages of Design Thinking are:

  • Empathize
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • Test

What certification will be provided after completing the Design Thinking Course in Madagascar?

After successfully completing our 3-day Design Thinking Course in Madagascar, we provide candidates with an industry-standard course completion certificate.

When will this course completion certificate be provided?

After completing the course and submitting the project within the stipulated time, candidates will receive their certificates within 10 days.

When should I renew my Design Thinking Certificate?

Candidates are not required to renew the Design Thinking Certificate, it is valid for a lifetime.

How to earn a Design Thinking Certificate?

  • Enroll in Design Thinking Training provided by Unichrone in Madagascar.
  • Attend 3 days of interactive Training and attempt the exam conducted at the end of the training
  • Pass the Design Thinking Exam with the required percentage and obtain a Design Thinking
  • Certificate in Madagascar.

How does Design Thinking differ from Traditional Thinking?

Traditional Thinking is a linear and structured way of solving a problem. It relies on a set of data and facts to find solutions to the problems. On the other hand, Design Thinking uses continuous feedback from customers to find solutions.

Is Agile and Design Thinking the same?

Agile is a methodology that is used by an organization to find solutions to predefined problems of the customers. whereas, Design Thinking is an approach for identifying problems and proposing solutions.

What is the career path for Design Thinking Certificate holders?

Design Thinking Certificate holders can opt for job roles such as Strategist, Brand Experience Design, Design Researcher, User Experience (UX) Designer, Head of Product Design, and Service Designer.

Is the Design Thinking Certificate worth it?

Design Thinking is a globally recognized credential. It helps professionals to get higher positions in an organization with an average annual salary of USD 75,000 as per payscale.

Which industries use design thinking?

Industries such as Health Care and Medicine, Education, Public sector, Food, and Beverage, Entertainment, Banking, Information Technology, and Automotive use design thinking.

Design Thinking Examination Procedure


Attend intense 3 day Design Thinking Training offered by Unichrone. Fulfil all the requirements before the examination.


Apply for the Design Thinking Exam, conducted by Unichrone, whilst filling up all necessary details. Choose the suitable date for the exam.


Get certified Design Thinking after clearing the exam. You will receive an email confirming the status.

What our customers say

Kenneth Beard

Project Manager

Very engaging course with real world context and wonderful examples. Helped to expand my knowledge as a direct result of it.

Tom Eeartman

Head-Supplier Management

Super awesome faculty! The best part of the training was lots of real time case studies and interactive sessions. Learnt many new concepts.

Pavit Kenth

Technical Director MCI Ltd

Interesting, Focused, Real life case studies. The material was a comprehensive presentation of Lean principles and Six Sigma.

Saad Alsheddi

Head Of Operations

Really interesting, a lot of knowledge about processes, in many areas and departments, helped to understand the subjects easily.

Jernej Hercog

Manager-Engineering Services

I opted for Instructor led Online Session. The training was very well executed. It was awesome and exceeded my expectations.

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Faculty and Mentors

Our certified and highly experienced trainers are handpicked from various industries to assist aspirants with practical insights into the field, thereby providing a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals and complex terminologies




Minimum Experience


Session Expertise

Design Thinking Training instills a human-centric approach in the individual for planning and executing business processes. This automatically leads to improvement at each step thereby, producing outstanding results.

Individuals who have attained Design Thinking Certification in Madagascar are capable of finding multiple solutions to a problem. They are empowered to research and test ideas for selecting the ones that are most relevant to a process.

Individuals atttending Design Thinking Training in Madagascar get acquainted with solutions they might have never imagined. They break free from the prejudice that certain issues in operational procedures are devoid of any solution.

The Design Thinking Certification has lifetime validity.

Individuals receive Design Thinking Certification after clearing their exam conducted by Unichrone.

There is no specific origin date for design thinking; it has developed over time. However it significantly gained recognition in the 2000s, and it has been gaining popularity throughout the years.

Yes. Our Design Thinking Course in Madagascar includes practical labs that have activities related to all the five stages of Design Thinking and hands-on experience in using Design Thinking Tools.

No. There is no separate fee for the Design Thinking Exam conducted by Unichrone as it is included in the training course fee.

This effect of Design Thinking Training helps individuals in their professional and personal lives, as well. The ability to predict unexpected problems reduces almost half of the effort that goes into developing the final product/service.

Individuals possessing Design Thinking Certifications can guide developers in the right direction. Their incredible capacity of discovering solutions at every stage boosts the confidence of the rest of the team.

Design Thinking Training is revolutionary in making the individual think of problems not thought of before. They become unbelievably farsighted to make the right decisions and execute them efficiently.

Design thinking is used in educational institutions to construct cutting-edge learning environments, effective curriculum, and engaging educational technology solutions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Crack the Design Thinking Exam in Madagascar

Design Thinking is the secret sauce to constant innovation that is faced by an entrepreneur or employee. This methodology has proved useful for individuals irrespective of their professional ranks. Employees possessing design thinking skills stand out from the rest and survive the increasing competition in the job market. Professionals must obtain a Design Thinking Certification in Madagascar to validate their potential in resolving business issues.

What is the Design Thinking Exam?

A candidate’s creativity in approaching organizational problems is assessed by the Design Thinking Exam. It is a 2-hour exam with 25 questions to be solved. One has to score a minimum of 70% to pass the exam. Design Thinking is not a mere process but an ideology for solving complex problems with a customer-centric approach. This exam analyzes if the candidate has developed a designer’s thought process. It also demonstrates an individual’s ability to make the ideas tangible in the form of testable processes or products.

Is it Important to Take Up Design Thinking Training?

Design Thinking Training is the first step that has to be taken prior to appearing for the exam. Through this training course, the mind becomes capable of tackling the most challenging situations. The candidate gains full-fledged knowledge of the crucial Design Thinking principles. There are several advantages to taking up the training program, which is as follows:

Innovative Approach

Candidates learn an iterative approach and get rid of such prejudices that certain problems cannot be corrected at all. Individuals who have attended Design Thinking Training reach the solution to a problem in the quickest possible manner.

Multiple Solutions

The thinking range broadens and instead of a single answer, multiple options appear to the individual. These trained professionals discard the linear approach of thinking and focus on multiple possibilities.

Problem Prediction

Design Thinking Training in Madagascar imparts far-sightedness to the candidate in terms of thinking. During the training program, the candidates learn to deeply observe the behavioral pattern of consumers regarding a service/product.

By gaining command over the Design Thinking principles, one is able to apply them in foreseeing issues that the consumers still haven’t faced. Thus, they keep that service/product brand ahead of others by enforcing the processes perceived as solutions to unseen problems.

Assessment Skills

Candidates get trained to conduct continuous testing of their ideas to reach the final solution. They are always on the way to creating something new. This is the trait that is demanded of an ideal employee by recruiters.

Customer Satisfaction

Trained Design Thinking professionals function solely to meet customer satisfaction in the best possible way. Thus, they fetch credibility to the organization they work for. This results in the growth of the enterprise’s consumer base and consequently impacts its sales.

Professional Growth

After acquiring the aforementioned competencies, a candidate will definitely be sought after by leading organizations across the globe. Besides, the Design Thinking capabilities do not restrict one’s career to a particular industry or designation. A training course keeps the candidate at an exclusive advantage in switching job roles as per his desire. Organizations rely very much on these individuals for improving their ROI.

How to Ace the Design Thinking Exam?

Cracking the Design Thinking Exam in Madagascar is no rocket science. One needs to make smart moves in going about it. Given below are a handful of tips very significant for clearing the exam on the first attempt.

Undergoing Training

Enrolling in a Design Thinking Training program is the first smart move for the examinee to make. This should be done foremost to approach the exam preparation just the right way. Simply self-paced learning won’t do any good in passing the exam with flying colors.

Interactive Education

The motive behind undertaking Design Thinking Training is to become adept at applying its concepts in real-life situations. This knowledge can only be garnered by interacting with like-minded professionals in the classroom. Working on the projects of the course syllabus builds the candidates’ experience too.

Practical Knowledge

Instructors in classroom/live training sessions are living educational resources. They are none other than industry experts with present or past experience in this field. The trainers are enriching their knowledge by educating others and staying updated with new additions to Design Thinking. Thus, the course attendees get the golden opportunity of earning in-depth practical knowledge from their instructors.

Simulation Tests

Simulation tests form an integral part of a Design Thinking Training program. These are most beneficial in teaching time management to the candidates, and boosting their confidence. The mock exams are chances to perfect one’s rate of correct answering and analyzing the questions within a limited time.

To strictly follow the exam tips discussed above, one only needs to opt for the Design Thinking Training program. This course covers every bit of knowledge and expertise an individual must acquire to score high marks. The skills attained through the training course are valuable assets for an IT professional.

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Model innovative solutions

Use our interactive and blended model of instructions for our Design Thinking Training Course to get comprehensive knowledge about the concept of Design Thinking. Learn to carve out and model innovative solutions to problems faced by your organization.


Create new ideas

Our Design Thinking Training and Certification Course in Madagascar is created keeping the latest industry trends in mind. Get an in-depth understanding of the Design Thinking concept and create new ideas to improve business productivity.


Gain knowledge in Design Thinking

With the help of our training and certification course in Design Thinking, gain knowledge and skills that can be used in practice. Improve your proficiency by earning the valuable Design Thinking Certification.


Prove your skills in Design Thinking

Earn the industry-recognized Design Thinking credential to prove your skills in Design Thinking and get better incentives. Fulfill your career goals and achieve your desired life objectives.

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