CISSP Certification Training Course in Liechtenstein

CISSP Certification Training Syllabus as per 2021

With advancements in technology, the ISC² has announced the details regarding changes in the syllabus of the CISSP Training Certification Course. The changes have been incorporated after a survey was conducted among the CISSPs to determine which topics have been missing from the blueprint of domains and sub-domains and on issues that are currently faced by cybersecurity professionals. This is one of the meticulously conducted processes by ISC² to update the credential exams. Effective from May 2021, participants are required to go through the refreshed exam outlines that would be available on the ISC² website. Although the number of domains and the domain names remains unchanged, weights for each domain have been changed. This will enable the participants to decide which skills they would want to master before taking up the exam.

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CISSP Certification Training Course Syllabus in Liechtenstein

Domain 1: Security and Risk Management

Domain 2: Asset Security

Domain 3: Security Architecture and Engineering

Domain 4: Communication and Network Security

Domain 5: Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Domain 6: Security Assessment and Testing

Domain 7: Security Operations

Domain 8: Software Development Security

How to Pass CISSP Certification Examination in Liechtenstein

With a CISSP Certification in Liechtenstein, a participant can boost his career in the field of cybersecurity and automatically be termed as a member of the ISC² membership program. The proven expertise enables the participant to broaden his array of peer-to-peer networking opportunities and lay hands on a wide range of exclusive resources.
As per the ISC² norms, participants are required to have 5 years of cumulative work experience in 2 or more of the 8 domains listed in the CISSP. A four-year college degree or other equivalent or a credential from ISC² approved list will account for only one year of required experience.
The latest format of the CISSP exam includes 100-150 questions of multiple choice and the duration for the Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) method of exam is 3 hours, available only in English. The CISSP linear examination process will have 250 questions of multiple choice and advanced innovative items and the duration of the exam would be for 6 hours, available in selected foreign languages.
The job of CISSP certified professional is one of the top 15 highest paying jobs in the world. Certified Information Security professionals are paid 25% more salary than their non-certified counterparts. The average salary might range from $78,788 and $119,184.
In case a participant fails in the first attempt of the CISSP exam, he/she will be allowed to take a maximum of 3 more attempts in a 12-month time period subject to terms and conditions as prescribed by ISC².
Once participants have cleared the exam, they will be awarded with the certification of completion along with 30 CPE’s completion certificate from Unichrone.
This CISSP Certification Training Course is most preferred by those who have achieved or working towards achieving the positions of Network Architect, Security Architect, Security Auditor, Security Manager, Security Consultant, Senior Security Engineer, Chief Security Officer, and Chief Information Security Officer.
It is not easy to crack the certification exam of CISSP. As a result, those who qualify will be deemed to be most trusted professionals by businesses wanting to hire certified professionals. Such professionals will be entitled to apply the principles, standards and concepts in designing the most efficient security systems for smooth functioning of businesses within the invisible emanation of cybersecurity.
The cost of CISSP exam, conducted by ISC2 is $699.
To become a member of ISC2, an applicant has to first pass at least one of the six certification exams. After clear the exam, the applicant has to submit his endorsement application. On approval of the endorsement, payment of Annual Maintenance Fee has to be made.
Every certified professional has to obtain and renew their certification by obtaining a total of 120 CPEs on the third anniversary of passing the CISSP exam. Apart from earning CPEs, CISSP certification holders have to pay $125 as annual maintenance fee to the ISC2 every year.
An individual who already possesses certain amount of knowledge in the field of Information Security might have to dedicate 50-60 hours of preparation time approximately before taking up the exam.

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