CISSP Certification Salaries in 2024.


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Salaries That A CISSP Certification Can Fetch

No particular salary is enough for evaluating the efficacy and intelligence of a CISSP Certification holder. A certified individual has no comparison with anyone in streamlining the intricacies of data security. This certification is not only the stepping stone for soaring heights in information security domains but remunerative, as well. High salaries await CISSP-certified professionals in respective industries, especially in 2024. Here, is proof of it in the form of the results of a few recent but reliable salary surveys.

CISSP Certification Salary

CISSP Certification salary variations in different locations in the United States.

Location CISSP Average Salary
Alaska USD 140,368
California USD 141,304 - 158,485
Connecticut USD 140,813 - 144,432
New York USD 142,071
Washington USD 144,061
Austin USD 113,126
Baltimore USD 103,944
San Francisco USD 116,073
Chicago USD 119,887
Denver USD 112,206

Individuals must also take a look at the salaries for different job positions, especially after attaining CISSP Certification:

Job Title Salary in USD
IT security architect USD 134,174
Information security manager USD 123,063
Chief information security officer USD 192,500
Cyber security engineer USD 200,000
Cyber security analyst USD 160,000
Application security engineer USD 180,000
Penetration tester USD 130,000
Network security engineer USD 185,000
Global information security director USD 200,000
Director of security USD 178,333
Lead software security engineer USD 233,333

Working abroad isn’t just a fancy for many CISSPs but it certainly has an impact on the remuneration one receives. A recent salary survey of the major global CISSP job markets is proof of it.

Country Salaries
USA USD 117,383
Canada USD 100,681
Australia USD 148,326
United Kingdom USD 117,869

CISSP Certification is an entry ticket to those organizations that one has dreamt to be a part of. Apart from the satisfaction of the most desired workplace, certified professionals also receive alluring salary packages. Here is a list of a few prestigious enterprises and their corresponding salaries in 2021.

Company Salaries
Visa USD 104,752
Google USD 144,879
Wells Fargo USD 113,269
Booz Hamilton USD 114,528

Given below is a salary variation for cybersecurity professionals based in the United States. This 2021 survey implies the impact of experience on one’s remuneration. It is needless to say that a CISSP Certification equals proficiency attained through experience. Besides, only an experienced individual is eligible to apply for this certification.

Career level Salaries
Experienced USD 105,825
Mid-level USD 102,591
Entry-level USD 93,318

Salaries may also vary from one industry to another. Legal services, telecommunications, eCommerce, retailing, healthcare, software, hardware, financial, and supply chain to name a few.

The good news for candidates is that CISSP Certification holders receive 16 percent more salary than any other IT professional. Only 13% of IT jobs fall in the purview of cybersecurity but still, these positions remain vacant for a considerably longer time. So, there is abundant scope for CISSP-certified individuals to make the most of it.

The list of factors that influence the salary of cybersecurity professionals owning CISSP include:

Geographic locations

As is evident in the aforementioned salary tables, location plays a significant role. In 2021, CISSP Certification holders in Seattle earned 19% higher compared to the nation’s average salary for CISSP.

Portfolio update

Experience does count in fetching a relatively high salary as a cybersecurity professional. This is the reason why recruiters look for individuals with CISSP Certification. Certified individuals not only possess previous work experience in the same domain but are far more adept. Updating the work portfolio is essential to prove one’s efficacy to the employer. This is also a vital factor in enhancing salary.

Job designation

As discussed earlier, remunerations differ for individual cybersecurity job profiles though the variations are subtle. Each of these designations commands prestige and lucrative pay packages. So, professionals should make their choices based on their respective inclinations in particular areas of cybersecurity.

Advanced skills

One can boost one’s salary by opting for the most relevant cybersecurity jobs encompassing the latest skills. Web application security, cloud security, and threat intelligence are a few examples that draw a higher remuneration. CISSP Certification makes an individual a perfect fit for such popular job profiles.

Company size

The names that are counted in the lists of reputed organizations in terms of CISSP Certification salary offer higher pay. Salaries for the above-mentioned IT security roles begin from USD 103,071 in these enterprises. Medium and small-sized organizations report starting salaries of around USD 90,626. Certified individuals need not have to go out of their comfort zones to handle the job challenges accompanying high-paying organizations.

Right location

Landing a job in the right location is another crucial factor impacting one’s salary. For instance, some cities or states in the United States offer higher remuneration than others. Individuals should also keep in mind that the better-pay location’s living costs aren’t exceeding their salaries.

Non-technical qualities

Leadership skills, passion for learning, collaborative approach, hyper-critical thinking, and determination also improve CISSP salary. Besides, one must be consultative, insightful, inquisitive, and analytical.

Technical specialties

Candidates possessing some or all of the listed skills command higher salaries than others. A CISSP Certification would enable one with all the knowledge and expertise required in the following:

  • Intrusion detection
  • Data protection management
  • SIEM management
  • Compliance management
  • Auditing
  • Handling and responding to security incidents
  • Skills in firewalls and digital forensics
  • Advanced malware protection
  • Access and identity management
  • Management of mobile device

Educational background

CISSP Certification is a feather in one’s cap for a salary hike. It lets one specialize in these:

  • Privacy of information systems
  • Cybersecurity fundamentals
  • Data recovery
  • Internet security
  • Cryptography
  • Computer forensics

CISSP Certification covers everything that one needs to grab the attention of employers. They would rather wait for such certified professionals than fill up the vacant positions in a hurry. To retain these individuals organizations can even rework and increase the already fixed salaries of these job roles.

Training makes the management of data privacy issues smoother through the application of relevant procedures. Forensic investigation and interpretation of security incidents is one of the most valuable things learned from this course. Individuals become adept at developing secure software modules. They learn the standard measures of sustaining the integrity of cyber security systems. These are, data backups, unobstructed power supplies, file permissions usage, and cryptographic checksums.

Cyber attacks are varying in nature and to acquire full-fledged knowledge about each of them is daunting. This is the reason that certified individuals are offered alluring remunerations across industries. The daily digital activity wouldn’t be as hassle-free without their contributions. They are equally conversant with both passive and active attacks which entrusts them with the responsibility of initiating preventive measures. This training program leaves no stone unturned to eliminate cyber terrorism.

A 2019 survey report reveals the variations in the salaries of CISSP-certified and non-certified professionals across the American continent. North America and Latin America accounted for 9 and 12 percent raise respectively, in the salaries of certified individuals. In Africa, the Middle East, and Europe CISSP Certification holders receive an 8 percent higher remuneration than their non-certified counterparts.

The fearful prediction of cybercrime resolution expenses taking a toll on the world economy is the main cause. Besides, organizations do not desire to lag behind others in the industry as a consequence of unnecessary cyberattacks. Therefore, they are more in search of adept professionals who can prevent it. These skillful people are none other than those possessing CISSP Certification.

The average salary for CISSP is alluring to the extent that it ranks IT security as the third-most high-paying career. These talented professionals are above par with other ranks or employees in this domain. So, enterprises go to any lengths to rope them in with attractive remuneration for their service.

2021 survey shows that locations like Washington, New York, California, or Alaska offer USD 18,000 more to CISSP-certified individuals. Other cities or states in the United States offer comparatively lesser salaries. This is proof of location-wise remuneration differences.

Different IT security job profiles command different salaries though the difference is subtle. Naturally, one who owns CISSP Certification receives a higher remuneration but that too varies from one job designation to another.

2023 has witnessed the average salary for CISSP range between USD 120,000 and USD 185,000. With a CISSP Certification, one is at an advantage of selecting from job profiles based on payscale. He/she can even command more remuneration for the same.

Whether certified or non-certified, salaries tend to increase with one’s experience in the domain concerned. The CISSP Certification process already equips a professional with adequate experience to reach the seniority level in no time.

As per a survey report, CISSP salary in North America escalated by 10% in 2020. This changed the salary ranking drastically from 10th in 2019 to 5th in 2020. If such is the rate of increase then it is the right time for individuals to become CISSP-certified.

CISSP Certification holders are mostly offered the posts of executives, directors, senior managers, specialists, and managers. Apart from their qualification, the challenges involved in these job profiles are also responsible for their lucrative pay packages.

Reports reveal that 72.1% of CISSP-certified individuals have a prior work experience of 10 years if not more. A total of 20 years’ cybersecurity experience to receive the senior-level salary becomes easy to attain for a certified employee.

Forensic investigation and interpretation of security incidents is one of the most valuable qualities of CISSP professionals. This makes them eligible for receiving an impressive salary.

The motives of cyber hackers can be classified into social, political, and economic. Certified professionals possess this understanding which fetches them higher remuneration.