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What are all possible costs associated with obtaining CGEIT Certificate?

Several regulations apply to businesses today, including those that address disaster recovery, data retention, financial accountability, and the protection of personal information. Additionally, they are under pressure from consumers, stakeholders, and shareholders. Therefore, organizations create a formal IT governance program that offers a framework of best practices and controls to guarantee they comply with internal and external regulations. However, it is difficult to choose the right IT governance structure and successfully implement it. Hence, the business hires someone to do these tasks, and that someone typically possesses a CGEIT Certification .

Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT), a vendor-neutral certification assesses, verifies, and accredits an individual's IT governance skills, insights, and practical experience. It is pursued by individuals having advisory, management, and assurance of IT governance roles and duties within an organization.

Why it is recommended to obtain CGEIT Certificate?

  • CGEIT is one of the most demanding and advanced IT governance certifications in the world. It greatly helps professionals who are in the late career stage to advance into a higher leadership position. Moreover, it is intended for IT professionals, IT team managers, and executives who want to integrate their technical expertise.
  • It shows prospective employers that CGEIT Certified professionals have the understanding and experience to support their business strategies and objectives while minimizing risk.
  • Governance field has fewer qualified workers to fill these open positions. Consequently, earning a CGEIT is the ideal method to further the career and enter an area that is both rewarding and lucrative.
  • CGEIT provides an opportunity for professional networking and interaction with other certified professionals. This helps them to gain more knowledge of the latest IT governance structures. Furthermore, it also helps them to enhance their job opportunities.

How much it costs to obtain CGEIT Certificate?

Every candidate solely takes the exam cost into account while obtaining CGEIT Certificate. However, getting the certificate comes with a lot of additional unstated expenses. It is crucial to be aware of all the fees involved in earning this certificate so that they may properly plan for them. Additionally, understanding the cost of certification aids in estimating the return on investment for the CGEIT Certificate.

What are the mandatory costs associated with CGEIT Certificate?

Exam Registration FeeCGEIT Exam registration fees are based on the membership status of candidates at the time of exam registration. Candidates should pay USD 575 for members and USD 760 for non-members. These exam fees are neither transferrable nor refundable. Professionals have a 12-month qualifying period after registering to take the exam. They forfeit the exam fee if they are unable to take the exam during their period of eligibility.

Application Processing FeeThe application processing fee is mandatory and aspirants have to pay this fee while applying for the CGEIT Certificate. They can only apply for the certificate after passing the exam and accumulating work experience set by ISACA. The application processing fee for both ISACA and non-ISACA members is USD 50.

Annual Maintenance FeeThe CGEIT Certification maintenance fee of USD 45 for members and USD 85 for non-members is required by professionals due to the three-year certificate's validity. Professionals will pay USD 25 for members and USD 50 for non-members if they hold their third or fourth ISACA certification. However, first two certifications will continue to be priced at USD 45 and 85, respectively. The initial maintenance fee is payable by the first of the year after the certification of the candidate.

What are the additional expenses associated with CGEIT Certification?

ISACA Membership: ISACA membership is not mandatory, yet obtaining it has a number of advantages. ISACA members can save on CGEIT Certification fees, and access to professional networking, volunteer opportunities, and online forums. There are three types of ISACA membership:

  • Professional membership: Professionals in the IT audit, information security risk, and IT governance domains can join this membership. They have to pay USD 135 as basic dues, USD 10 as a new member fee to join online, or USD 30 if paid via mail or fax and chapter dues (chapter dues vary based on where individuals live/work and are determined at checkout).
  • Recent graduate membership: This membership is available to those who have just graduated from a college or university within the preceding two years. They must pay 68 USD as basic fees and chapter dues.
  • Student membership: Student membership is open to students enrolled in accredited undergraduate and graduate programs. In order to join this membership, candidates should pay USD 25 as basic dues and chapter dues.

Study Materials: CGEIT aspirants can refer to CGEIT Review Manual, 8th Edition which cost USD 139 for non-members and USD 109 for members. This manual helps candidates in preparing for the CGEIT Exam. They can also use other books, which may cost between USD 60 and USD 895.

CGEIT Training: CGEIT Training is mandatory. However, those who engage in training are entitled to acquire a thorough grasp of the processes involved in designing enterprise IT. Real-world examples help learners gain ideas and approaches while also giving them insight into the field. Additionally, it assists trainees in comprehending the CGEIT Exam domains, which enables them to ace the exam on their first try.

The cost of CGEIT Training varies based on the nation, the training provider, and course type. The training in various nations is depicted in the following table.

Country Cost in Local Currency
USA USD 1200- 1600
Singapore SGD 1724 - 2299
Germany EUR 1225 - 1634
Canada CAD 1653 - 2204
United Kingdom GBP 1082 - 1443
Saudi Arabia SAR 4508 - 6011
Japan JPY 173911- 231881
Malaysia MYR 5581 - 7441

CGEIT Certificate is worth the investment. It raises a holder's market worth by demonstrating competence and industry expertise. Additionally, it gives them an opportunity to stand out from their counterparts and access a network of like-minded business professionals.

Certified professionals can delineate cyber attacks as insider, external, unstructured, or structured cyber attacks. They assess the observance of methods to safeguard compromised PII data. This data type is related to crucial details of bank accounts, licenses, SSN, etc. The training program makes aspirants adept at figuring out identity-theft computer intruders. They are intent on committing fraud by stealing personal information. Such professionals detect the vulnerable settings of applications sharing peer-to-peer files.

Training makes the management of data privacy issues smoother through the application of relevant procedures. Forensic investigation and interpretation of security incidents is one of the most valuable things learned from this course. Individuals become adept at developing secure software modules. They learn the standard measures of sustaining the integrity of cyber security systems. These are, data backups, unobstructed power supplies, file permissions usage, and cryptographic checksums.

Obtaining CGEIT Certificate is quite challenging since candidates have to pass the written exam and obtain work experience within a limited time period. Candidates cannot alter the exam fee as it is predetermined, but they can save money by enrolling in a training course that is reasonably priced.

The CGEIT Exam fee, application fee, and maintenance costs must be paid by candidates which is set by ISACA. However, by choosing moderately priced ones, they are able to save money on training and study materials.

ISACA members can benefit from access, savings, and knowledge that help them succeed in IT governance. Exam fees are discounted for members, and they also get access to online forums, professional networking, and volunteer opportunities, along with professional and industry advocacy. Throughout their entire career, these advantages aid in their professional and personal growth.

No, CGEIT Exam is fixed and predetermined by ISACA, so it does not vary from person to person. Candidates should pay USD 575 if they are ISACA members and USD 760 if they are non-members.

CGEIT Training helps in gaining knowledge in the processes involved in designing enterprise IT. They also gain hands-on experience in applying this knowledge in real life. Additionally, it also aids students in understanding the CGEIT Exam domains, enabling them to pass the exam.

Aspirants can use CGEIT Review Manual, 8th Edition to prepare for the CGEIT Exam. However, they can refer to other both official and non-ISACA guides to prepare.

For professional membership, candidates have to pay USD 135 as basic dues, USD 10 as a new member fee to join online, and chapter dues. Recent graduate membership costs USD 68 as basic fees plus chapter dues. On the other hand, for student membership, they have to pay USD 25 basic dues and chapter dues.

CGEIT Certification Training cost is determined based on the nation, the training provider, and course type. Typically it cost around USD 1200- 1600.

After passing the CGEIT Exam and obtaining the prevalent work experience, candidates should apply for CGEIT Certificate by paying USD 50 as a one-time application fee.

The CGEIT certification is one of the most difficult and sophisticated in the world of IT governance. It demonstrates to prospective employers that employees have the knowledge and expertise to support their strategy and objectives while reducing risk.

Certified professionals can delineate cyber attacks as insider, external, unstructured, or structured cyber attacks.

The certification cost is insignificant in comparison to the gain of aspirants. They learn the standard measures of sustaining the integrity of cyber security systems.