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How much do CISA Certified professionals earn?

The demand for professionals who can manage IT concerns develops as technology becomes more prevalent in our environment. This includes those who are adept at managing the security of the tech data, which is now expanding at an alarming rate. As a result, there is the demand for CISA professionals is even higher than ever. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) is the most popular cyber certification across the globe. It is held by over 100,000 professionals worldwide. CISA can be beneficial for IT workers who undertake work in auditing, monitoring, managing, and evaluating business systems. This certification validates individuals’ knowledge and expertise in identifying critical issues and creating practices to increase the value of information systems.

Professionals benefit from CISA which is becoming more and more popular, but are businesses willing to pay six-figure wages to attract such talent? Of course, they will. Professionals will earn more with a CISA Certificate, but salary packages vary by region, experience, job title, and other factors. Let us understand the variations.

What is the average CISA Certification salary?

CISA Certification is becoming a prerequisite for professionals engaged in the auditing, monitoring, control, and assessment of Information Technology within the business operations of an organization. Most hiring managers not only favor but also look for IT auditors who have earned their CISA Certification. However, professionals spend the time and money to become CISA certified. In light of this, how much money can professionals expect to earn? Professionals with a CISA salary are paid an average of USD 108,000 annually, which is 22% more than non-certified workers.

The salary of a CISA Certification holder might vary greatly based on where he/she lives, how many years of experience he/she has, and the organization he/she works for. It also varies even based on their specific work title. Moreover, the CISA Certification makes it easier for professionals to advance faster and pursue managerial positions more quickly.

How does experience affect the variations in CISA Certified salary?

The initial salary for CISA professionals looking to enter this industry will be less than the average salary. However, IT auditors will have a better chance of climbing the corporate ladder with perseverance and excellent project execution. They have a very high likelihood of earning a six-figure salary after they have at least ten years of experience.

CISA professionals at the entry level can earn between USD 63,000 and USD 79,000 annually. With 1-3 years of experience, CISA professionals' salaries can vary from USD 75,000 to USD 100,000, representing a 19-28% raise over entry-level salary. Meanwhile, senior CISAs can expect a salary range of USD 100,000 to USD 132,000, 24-33% higher than those with 1-3 years of experience. Professionals can definitely see how CISA Certificate salary increases over time.

Experience CISA Salary range in USD
Entry level USD 63,000 - USD 79,000
Mid level USD 75,000 - USD 100,000
Senior level USD 100,000 - USD 132,000

How does location impact CISA Certified salary?

The salary for CISA specialists varies from country to country. This is a result of the demand for cybersecurity professionals and the availability of jobs in that nation. The survey indicates that the USA is the best location for CISA professionals due to the large number of employment possibilities and high average pay for cybersecurity roles. Professionals may also find the most employment opportunities in Singapore, and the greatest pay is in Luxembourg.

Country Salaries (in local currency)
USA USD 108,000
Singapore SGD 104,000
Germany EUR 76,000
Belgium EUR 74,000
Canada CAD 97,000
United Kingdom GBP 60,000
Luxembourg EUR 99,000
Saudi Arabia SAR 266,000
Japan JPY 8,000,000
Malaysia MYR 108,000
Austria EUR 63,000
Spain EUR 51,000

How does job title influence CISA Certified salary?

CISA is not just for IT auditors, certification holders can get various job roles with a CISA certification. These job roles have a significant impact on salary.

Job Title Salary Range in USD
Information Technology Auditor USD 57,000 – USD 111,000
Information Security Manager USD 93,000 - USD 154,000
Chief Information Security Officer USD 127,000- USD 253,000
Information Systems Audit Manager USD 93,000 - USD 145,000
Internal Audit Director USD 108,000 - USD 184,000
Information Security Analyst USD 64,000 - USD 127,000
Information Technology Manager USD 79,000 - USD 151,000
Information Technology Director USD 104,000 - USD 196,000
Senior Internal Auditor USD 74,000 - USD 109,000
Internal Auditing Manager USD 88,000 - USD 147,000
Cyber Security Analyst USD 69,000 - USD 136,000

How do companies impact CISA Certified salary?

The size of the organizations where people work has an impact on their salary, in addition to location, country, job title, and experience. The average annual salary for CISA experts often rises with the size of the organization.

Google: Cyber Security jobs at Google are always in high demand, so professionals need skills and knowledge to land the job. CISA professionals in google analyze and assess a company's technological infrastructure to ensure processes and systems run accurately and efficiently. CISA professionals in google make USD 115,049 per year.

Amazon: Amazon CISA professionals protect their business and customer data. These professionals are responsible for planning, scoping, executing, and reporting audits based on identified risks. CISA Certification holders in amazon can make an average salary of USD 150,650 annually.

JP Morgan Chase & Co: JPMorgan Chase & Co. is an American multinational investment bank and financial services. They hire CISA professionals to assess the internal control processes that drive our global business and identify areas of improvement to help safeguard the firm. JP Morgan offers CISA professionals an annual salary of USD 108,226.

Organizations are more willing to hire CISA professionals than non-certified ones. These professionals have exceptional skills and knowledge in IS audit policies and procedures. Moreover, organizations are even willing to pay more salaries to certified professionals. So possessing a CISA Certificate will definitely increase the individual salary.

Certified professionals can delineate cyber attacks as insider, external, unstructured, or structured cyber attacks. They assess the observance of methods to safeguard compromised PII data. This data type is related to crucial details of bank accounts, licenses, SSN, etc. The training program makes aspirants adept at figuring out identity-theft computer intruders. They are intent on committing fraud by stealing personal information. Such professionals detect the vulnerable settings of applications sharing peer-to-peer files.

Training enables individuals to become strategists who can implement cyber security measures proactively. They initiate controls and measures that have the required capacity to weigh the consequences of threats. Strategic evaluations are essential for maintaining advanced cyber security protocols. These evaluations are associated with resources, budgets, dependencies, and workflows. Certified individuals can study the mind of hackers to remain a step ahead in potential cyber risks mitigation.

CISA Certificates have the potential to increase professionals’ salaries by 22 percent. As a result, professionals earn an average salary of USD 108,000 per year.

CISA is the most popular ISACA Certification in the field of Infomration Systems Audit. It is perfect for individuals whose job responsibilities include auditing, monitoring, controlling, and assessing IT and business systems. It also has the potential to increase salary and ranks 12th in North America in average salary chart.

CISA professionals have a strong foundation in both business operations and technical IT skills. Therefore, companies think that hiring a CISA-certified IT auditor is a better and safer choice than using uncertified individuals.

Yes, CISA professionals who have the necessary expertise in the IS auditing field can earn six-figure incomes. After accumulating at least ten years of experience in this industry, CISAs can anticipate earning a salary in the range of USD 100,000 to USD 132,000 annually.

Yes, job roles have a significant impact on CISA Certification holders’ salaries. This is because each job has different roles and responsibilities in an organization.

Yes, google hires CISA professionals to analyze and assess a company's technological infrastructure to ensure processes and systems run accurately and efficiently. They also offer CISA professionals a salary of USD 115,049 per year.

According to the survey, the USA offers the most job opportunities and the highest average salary for cybersecurity positions, making it the ideal place for CISA professionals. The average yearly pay for CISA specialists in the USA is 108,000 USD.

Yes, CISA Certificate is applicable to all industries. Therefore, professionals can work in finance, information technology, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.

CISA professionals working in large organizations have opportunities to earn compared to professionals in small organizations. For example, CISA-certified professionals can earn USD 63,000 to USD 79,000 in large organisations and USD 57,000 to USD 74,000 in medium-sized organisations.

CISA is listed as the third highest-paying certification out of 15 in a survey by Global Knowledge titled "15 Top-Paying Certifications for 2014." According to a 2012 IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) report, IT auditors with a CISA certification make more money than those without one.

Certified individuals can assess the observance of methods to safeguard compromised PII data. They delineate cyber attacks as insider, external, unstructured, or structured cyber attacks. This is the reason for their heavy remuneration.

Certified individuals can study the mind of hackers to remain a step ahead in potential cyber risks mitigation. Here lies their intelligence that pays them more.