CISM Certification Costs in 2024.


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What are all of the possible costs associated with becoming CISM certified?

The Certified Information Security Manager, or CISM, Certification is a great asset for IT professionals, especially data security professionals, who wish to advance their careers in management. Individuals with CISM Certification are given the responsibility of managing the information security of an organization. It also entails creating and enhancing operational information security procedures and practices. These certified professionals also showcase that they are aware of the link between an information security program and the organizational aims and objectives.

CISM Certificate not only helps individuals understand IT operations but also makes them a much more attractive candidate in job searches. Being aware of the details of the certification cost is the first step toward the CISM Certificate journey. So if you are planning to get CISM Certificate, you should know what you’re getting into in terms of cost, before you begin preparing for the CISM Exam.

What are the costs associated with CISM Certificate?

Depending on membership status and personal preferences for study materials and training options, the cost to earn and maintain CISM Certification varies. Here is a breakdown of costs associated with getting a CISM Certificate.

What is the cost of enrolling in the CISM Exam?

Candidates enrolling in the CISM Exam have to pay an exam fee of USD 575 for ISACA members and USD 760 for non-members. Following initial enrolment, applicants must pay the exam cost and take the exam during the twelve month eligibility term. If candidates do not schedule the exam or miss it during this time, they forfeit the money and must pay again if they want to continue ahead. Eligibility cannot be delayed or prolonged under any circumstances.

Once candidates passed the exam and accumulated enough work experience to qualify, aspirants should apply for their CISM certification. During this process, they are required to pay USD 50 one-time application processing fee.

How much does maintaining a CISM Certification cost?

Candidates should earn CPE and pay an annual maintenance fee to maintain their CISM Certificate for every three-year reporting cycle. They need to pay an annual maintenance fee of USD 45 for ISACA members and USD 85 for non-members.

However, if an individual has more than two ISACA qualifications, the maintenance fees for any additional ones will be reduced to USD 25 for members and USD 50 for non-members. If these requirements are not fulfilled, the certificate will be deemed invalid, and applicants will need to retake the exam and pay the standard fee.

After a candidate becomes certified, he/she will be required to pay his/her first maintenance fee by 1 January of the following calendar year. For instance, if an individual received certification at any point in 2022, his/her first maintenance fee will be due on January 1 of 2023, renewing the certification for the entire 2023 calendar year.

How much does it cost to become an ISACA member?

Becoming ISACA Member is not mandatory. However, applicants can save money by being an ISACA member on study materials, exam registration fees, and annual maintenance fees. In order to hold ISACA membership, professionals should pay USD 135 for basic dues, USD 10 new member fee to join online, and chapter dues (chapter dues vary based on where individuals live/work and are determined at checkout).

How much does it cost to prepare for the CISM Exam?

Training cost: Candidates may enroll in the CISM Training course to prepare for the exam. Training helps them in gaining in-depth insights into CISM Exam domains. They also get a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and terminologies related to information security. Moreover, they gain practical knowledge of the field and apply the latest techniques in devising a security program. The cost of training ranges between USD 1600 and USD 2200, depending on geographical location, training medium, and resources. The cost variation of CISM Certification in different nations is shown in the table below.

Country Training Cost
United States USD 1600- 2200
Singapore SGD 2235 - 3073
Germany EUR 1579 - 2171
Canada CAD 2078 - 2858
United Kingdom GBP 1371 - 1885
Saudi Arabia SAR 6012- 8267
Japan JPY 228532- 314232
Malaysia MYR 7205 - 9907

Study material: Some candidates may invest in the official CISM study materials to prepare for the exam. ISACA’s official review manual costs USD 135 and the CISM All-in-One Exam Guide costs USD 40. There are also plenty of unofficial guides available which they can also use for preparation.

Why should candidates invest in CISM Certificates?

Upgrade skill with CISM: It can be difficult to stay up-to-date with governance requirements and risk management policies in an information technology world that changes so rapidly. CISM Certificate is an ideal tool for IT workers who wish to understand how to set up a program around information security governance and management. Since CISM is about managerial knowledge and responsibilities, preparing for CISM may assist professionals learn to develop, manage, and maintain a robust security infrastructure.

Advance the career with CISM:Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that damages brought on by cybercrime would reach $6 trillion globally in 2021 and $10.5 trillion by 2025. Qualified cybersecurity professionals will likely be in continual demand as the cost of cybercrime rises. Therefore, acquiring a CISM Certificate qualifies applicants to fill such cybersecurity positions within the organization.

Increase networking skills with CISM: ISACA membership is open to professionals who hold CISM Certifications. This community has subject matter experts with years of experience in a variety of professions. Therefore, Individuals can always their superiors for help if they find themselves in a problem. This would surely help them improve their networking skills. Moreover, they may use these to improve job opportunities and increase revenue for the company.

Is it worthwhile to get CISM Certification given the difficulty and number of hoops involved? Undoubtedly, the answer is yes. Candidates make a profit that exceeds the cost of CISM Certification. It is a phenomenal way to exhibit one's knowledge and professionalism in managerial roles and earn a greater salary in such positions.

The CISM Exam questions are challenging, and the CAT testing makes it harder for candidates to pass the Exam. Therefore, it is encouraged to undergo certification training to gain knowledge in CISM Exam domains.

Professionals obtaining CISM Certificates should incur exam fees, certification maintenance fees, training fees, and study materials.

No, the CISM Exam fee is mandatory. Candidates have to pay an exam fee of USD 575 for ISACA members and USD 760 for non-members.

Candidates are required to pay USD 50 one-time application processing fee for obtaining CISM Certificate. They also have to pay an annual renewal fee of USD 45 for ISACA members and USD 85 for non-members to maintain it.

No, investing money in CISM Exam study material depends on the individual’s personal preference. It would result in a 35% price increase for the CISM certification. Spending money on study resources is an option for candidates who wish to learn more about the CISM Exam domains.

ISACA regularly updates its training curriculum to reflect the most recent requirements. For instance, it gave security programs and incident management more prominence to keep up with changing demands while reducing the weight attributed to governance and risk management. This makes CISM a certification that will add value to any technological resume.

IT professionals who wish to start working in managerial roles and move away from the technical aspects of their jobs might choose CISM. Additionally, it's a great credential for seasoned program managers looking to specialize in the IT industry.

CISM integrates the implementation of information security with IT auditing. It upholds security policies and assesses strategies and methods in line with business requirements.

Yes, since the demand for CISM Certificates is increasing, it is expected that certification costs will increase by 25 percent in the future.

No, ISACA membership is not necessary for obtaining CISM Certificate. However, being a member help to save money on study materials, training courses, exam registration fees, and annual maintenance fees.