CISM Certification Salaries in 2024.






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Does CISM Certification have the potential to increase your salary?

Cyber information is essential for safeguarding privacy and accelerating business growth. It is thus in great demand. The need of the hour is to assess the risk, fix technological gaps, and develop and brainstorm information security management. Therefore, companies hire those who have the potential caliber and credibility to excel in IS audit, control, and security domains. So if you are an IT professional looking for a career switch. Then, CISM Certification is the ideal tool. It can accelerate your career as an information security professional and comes with a number of benefits. One of those benefits often includes a significant bump in salary.

A Certified CISM salary is more than anyone could have imagined. The certification validates a candidate's reputation and job experience with companies. They acquire new skills, which makes them valuable asset to the organization they work for.

Increase Your Earning Potential with CISM Certification

Due to the pandemic, the world has moved more into digitalization which increases cyber attacks. As a result, organizations have become more concerned about cybersecurity. They constantly seeking knowledgeable and skilled information security professionals. Thus, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has been increasing rapidly, even more, faster than businesses can fill open positions. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, between 2013 and 2021, the number of vacant cybersecurity roles surged by 350%, from 1 million to 3.5 million. The industry expert also believes that there will still be the same amount of unfilled positions in five years. This increasing need for security professionals impacts the average CISM Certification salary one can expect.

According to a survey, 48% of respondents stated they received a raise within a year after receiving their CISM Certificate. The annual salary range for a CISM-certified professional is between USD 87,000 and USD 153,000 on average. Candidates who are positioned at a senior level and have successfully handled challenging projects might demand a significantly higher five-figure wage or one that may even approach six figures in the market.

CISM Salary range

CISM professionals understand how information security and business work together to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the business IT network. Non-certified professionals lack this understanding, hence CISM professionals are paid more than them.

Location based CISM salary

The place in which CISM professionals work greatly impacts their salary. The average CISM Certification salaries for various nations are listed below:

Country Salaries in Local Currency
United States USD 131,000
Singapore SGD 119,000
Germany EUR 84,000
Belgium EUR 92,000
Canada CAD 115,000
Luxembourg GBP 90,000
United Kingdom GBP 62,000
Saudi Arabia SAR 312000
Japan JPY 9,000,000
Malaysia MYR 182,000
Austria EUR 60,000
Spain EUR 51,000

The title of one's job has a significant role in determining their pay. Here is an example of the typical compensation for a certified CISM professional in various positions:

Job Title Salary in USD
Information Security Manager USD 122,048
Chief Information Security Officer USD 180,305
Information Security Officer USD 117,472
Information Technology Director USD 139,462
Security Architect USD 140,291
Chief Information Officer USD 166,475
Information Security Analyst USD 94,875
Cyber Security Engineer USD 112,640
Security Consultant USD 124,577
Security Manager USD 117,522
Information Systems (IS) Manager USD 101,379

Experience based CISM Certification Salary

Experience translates into more money. CISM professionals can anticipate a higher starting pay as they get more experience. Candidates who have successfully managed complicated projects and been placed at a senior level might anticipate a substantially higher five figure compensation or one which may reach into six figures, whilst entry level roles will provide a wage at the lower end of the range.

Experience Salary in USD
Entry level USD 177,000
Mid level USD 122,048
Senior level USD 180,305
Information Technology Director CAD 2078 - 2858

Industry based CISM salary

Finance industry: Financial services offers enormous opportunities for hackers to steal information. Customers use the internet to transmit money, shop, check account balances, and pay bills. They have to bear the brunt of the damage if such information is revealed. Therefore they hire CISM professionals to assist them to mitigate company risk and setting up comprehensive security systems and policies for the future. CISM professionals in finance industries earn USD 205,176 per year.

Health care: A staggering quantity of data is managed by healthcare institutions. They are responsible for managing patient data, pharmaceutical records, prescription control, financial and billing information, patient records, and all related laws to restricted drugs. Healthcare-related businesses employ individuals with CISM Certifications to safeguard their data from threats. These professionals receive an annual salary of USD 112,000 on average.

Information technology: As technology is ever-evolving, there are always new opportunities for security breaches, and hackers are always figuring out new ways to get past firewalls. Thus, these companies require technical security. CISM certified IT specialists develop and implement policies that safeguard businesses from cyber risks. They also recognize existing security risks and forecast future threats. CISM practitioners in IT sector earn a yearly salary of USD 122,000.

Government: The government systems are the world's largest data repository and contain an enormous quantity of data. In contrast to the private sector, the government is a gold mine of information for hackers, which, if revealed, might jeopardize national security. Therefore, they require CISM specialists to protect those against hackers. CISM experts working in government receive a yearly salary of USD 82,000 on average.

Retail: Since every day, the retail sector processes billions of payments, it is linked to the financial sector. Due to the absence of industry-wide standards and regulations, and technology employed across the board, they are an ideal vector for a cyber-attack. Retail businesses recruit CISM experts to secure entire systems and train other staff members in proper practices for network architects. CISM Certified in this industry earn a yearly salary of USD 143,880.

CISM Certificate is becoming a recruiting tool for cybersecurity positions. Earning it demonstrates to employers that professionals have extensive knowledge and expertise in data security. Additionally, it shows that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to develop and manage a comprehensive information security program. As a result, companies pay them handsome salary packages in exchange for security solutions.

No, CISM Professionals’ salaries differ as per their experience. For example, entry-level CISM professionals earn USD 177,000 whereas senior-level professionals earn USD 180,305 per year.

Companies such as Apple, Amazon, eBay, IBM, Cisco, and McAfee are some of the companies that pay high salaries to CISM professionals.

Yes, CISM-certified professionals earn an average salary between USD 87,000 and USD 153,000 per year which is higher than that of non-certified professionals.

Countries such as the USA, Singapore, Germany, Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, and Saudi Arabia offers high salary to CISM professionals.

Yes, CISM Certificate has the potential to increase professionals’ salaries within one year of attaining the certificate.

Healthcare industries are responsible for managing patient data, pharmaceutical records, prescription control, financial and billing information, and patient records. As a result,they employ individuals with CISM Certification to safeguard their data from threats.

CISM-certified professionals assist organizations in making sure that information security rules are implemented and are properly maintained and monitored. Additionally, they streamline policies and risk barriers for the organization's efficient operation while simultaneously enhancing credibility and reputation.

The average annual salary for CISM practitioners in the finance sector is USD 205,176, while the average annual salary for those in the healthcare sector is USD 112,000, and the average annual salary for CISM practitioners in the IT sector is USD 122,000.

As the world has become increasingly digitalized, cyberattacks have increased. As a result, organizations require experienced professionals to safeguard their sensitive data. Professionals owning CISM Certification are knowledgeable and skilled in information security thereby, enhancing their demand across various industries.

The CISM Certificate is advantageous to both individuals as well as organizations. Individuals get the knowledge and credibility needed to identify threats to the company's data. The organization, on the other hand, benefits from recruiting people having CISM certificates.