PMP Certification Training in Juba South Sudan

PMP Certification Training in Juba South Sudan
We deliver PMP Certification Training in Juba by its most experienced PMP Certified Professional Trainer. The PMP Training in Juba will enable you to clear PMP exam with ease, and thereby, improve your employability. The PMP Certification Training in Juba South Sudan is not just interactive, but also ensures that you will be able to plan and execute minute details of any project from conception to conclusion. Project Management Certification Training Course in Juba is recognised around the world, and the project managers who acquire the PMP Certification Training Course, are highly sought-after. The PMP Prep Training covers five performance domains that are integral to each phase of a project. The PMP Certification Training Course in Juba is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and understanding the scope of a project, the costing and other essential areas of project management. As a result, candidates acquire the right skills and knowledge to manage projects efficiently and effectively in real-world situations. When enrolling for PMP Certification Training in Juba, you can opt for Live Instructor led Online Sessions or In-Classroom Training to improve your competence to appear for PMP Examination successfully. The PMP Certifcation Training Course in Juba will help you to master the principles of Project Management that are highlighted in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge - Sixth Edition, and form the basis of PMP exam in Juba. Enroll now for PMP Certification Training in Juba and give wings to your dreams of becoming a project manager.

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Key Features PMP Training in Juba

Become a Project Management Professional, our unique methodology of PMP Training in Juba will be connected with high quality PMP Preparation Materials which implement our participants to reach their goal in PMP Certification Training Program. We assign a professional PMP Trainer who creates a structured approach and takes care of the assessment of participants which helps the participants to achieve the desired results in PMP Examination.

4 Day Interactive Instructor–led Online Classroom or Group PMP Certification Training in Juba South Sudan

PMP Training study materials designed by subject matter experts

PMP Training Mock Tests to prepare in a best way

Highly qualified & expert PMP trainers with vast experience

Get 35 hours contact hours(PDU’s) Certificate

Enrich with Industry best practices and case studies and present trends

PMP Training Course adhered with International Standards & PMBOK6

End-to-end support via phone, mail, and chat

Convenient Weekday/Weekend PMP Certification Training schedule in Juba South Sudan

About PMP Training Course in Juba

PMP is the short form of the term ‘Project Management Professional’. It is a globally accepted certification offered by PMI (Project Management Institute). The PMI is a non-profit professional organisation located in the US. They are dedicated to vetting professional project management individuals making the selection of employees easier for globally recognised organisations all around the world. A project management certification is a must-have for project managers, particularly for employees who want to elevate their career positions.
As far as the Project Management Professional is concerned, a Project Management Certification in Juba is the profession’s most acknowledged professional certificate. Many employers who hire project managers always seek PMP certifications in resumes. Also, many businesses ensure that their present employees undertake PMP Certification Training in Juba before promoting them to higher project management positions. A lot of many studies back up the importance of PMP Certification Training, with a recent survey certifying that project management certification holders earn 14% more income than noncertified project managers.

The Benefits of Project Management Certification in recent years cannot be overstated. So the decision to take on project management certification is the masterstroke you need to stand out among your peers. However, a PMP certification doesn’t come on a platter of gold; they require intensive PMP Certification Training.

Before we expatiate further on Project Management Professional in Juba , it is important we discuss what exactly Project Management entails. In general terms, Project Management is the combination of knowledge, skills, methods and processes and the application of all these qualities to accomplish a project’s objectives. Every project management professional knows exactly what’s at stake when they undertake a project. Things like quality, cost, time and most of all, scope, must be factored into a project’s objectives; else its objectives can never be met. The main difference between management and Project Management is that the latter must have a conclusion and must be concluded within a preset timeframe, while the former goes on indefinitely. The major components of Project Management include:
Defining a project’s goals.
Setting a project’s requirements.
Justifying investment into the project.
Securing corporate endorsement and funding.
Creating and executing plans for the project.
Establishing a project team and leading and motivating members.
Managing risks of project.
Comparing progress with plan.
Managing budget by curbing excesses.
Updating shareholders and management on project progress.
Concluding project when objectives are met.
There are no prerequisites for this program. A candidate needs to obtain Secondary Degree (High School Diploma, Associate's Degree, or globally comparable) with at least 5 years of Project Management and 7,500 hours handling project and 35 hours of Project Management Education.
Alternately, the learner must possess a 4-year degree (Bachelor's Degree or globally comparable) and at least 3 years of Project Management experience, including 4,500 hours in leading and directing projects, and 35 hours of Project Management Education.
Associate Project Managers
Project Managers
IT Project Managers
Project Coordinators
Project Analysts
Project Leaders
Product Managers
Program Managers
Project Sponsors
Project Team Members
Is taking PMP Certification Training in Juba South Sudan really worth it? Do project management courses pay dividend? And do the benefits of project management certification outweigh the costs? The answer to all this, is yes! Contrary to the fact that taking a PMP certification online is difficult; or that Project Management Courses online are time-consuming; or even that the PMP certification cost is expensive, a project management certification offers amazing benefits like:
1. Project Management Certification adds value to your resume.
2. Being certified in Project Management Training instantly gives you global industry recognition.
3. Project Management Courses online teach you important skills that boost your career.
4. PMP certification qualifies you for a higher income earning.
5. Being certified a Project Management Professional opens up networking opportunities for you; which translates to better career jobs.
6. Having a Project Management Certification in your resume shows companies that you are dedicated to Project Management.

Here is a detailed overview why one should take PMP Certification in Juba South Sudan.

As a working professional, it may make little sense to take time off from work to take PMP Certification Training in Juba by a classroom. By taking a project management course online, you can obtain a PMP Certification all the while working. The benefits of PMP Certification online are limitless. Online PMP Training can offer study schedule flexibility. This allows you to spend more time on the training than you could have in a limited classroom. You can study at your own pace and take tangible time to understand each PMP course bit-by-bit.
Online PMP Certification Training gives you the chance to apply what you’ve learnt online into your daily work routine. Knowledge and skills you gain from online PMP trainings like time, quality and cost management, communication can benefit you and your organisation.
Lastly, taking the online PMP Training allows you to connect with a community of professionals who share the same aim as you. As a plus, you can communicate directly with your training providers online if a particular PMP concept becomes too difficult to understand.
A lot of companies in the world are comfortable with paying top dollar for certified Project Managers. In fact, in the US today, the salary for individuals employed in the field of Project Management is upwards of $100,000. That figure even gets astronomically higher for project managers who own a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification in Juba issued by the PMI. These certified project managers earn upwards of $110,000 on average. An extra $10,000 is added to the previous figure of $110,000 for project managers who have held a PMP Certification for a period of over 5 years. These figures are found in the Project Management Institute (PMI) Salary Survey, 7th edition.
After completing the PMP exam and collecting your PMP Certification in Juba, you need to regularly update your skills through the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR). Each PMP Certification has a validity period. Every three years, PMP Certification holders are expected to gather at least 60 PMP PDUs; PDUs being Professional Development Units. Only once this is earned in a 3-year cycle can you start the PMP renewal process, as a PMP Certification holder. However, if you fail to earn the required number of PDUs at the end of the 3-year cycle, your PMP Certificate will be suspended for a year. After this period of suspension, your PMP Certificate loses all validity.
The great thing about Project Management is that it is diverse. Project Management Courses take shape in different forms. This broadens the scope for project management professional aspirants in different sectors of corporate business.

The Top Project Management Courses in Juba (in order of importance) are outlined below:

PMP: Project Management Professional
CAPM: Certified Associate in Project Management
CSM: Certified ScrumMaster
CompTIA Project+ Certification
PRINCE2 Foundation/PRINCE2 Practitioner
CPMP: Certified Project Management Practitioner
APM: Associate in Project Management
MPM: Master Project Manager
PPM: Professional in Project Management
PMITS: Project Management in IT Security

PMP Certification Training Course Curriculum

Introduction to PMP Certification Program

Project Management Framework

Project Management Processes

Project Integration Management

Project Scope Management

Project Schedule Management

Project Cost Management

Project Quality Management

Project Resource Management

Project Risk Management

Project Procurement Management

Project Stakeholder Management

PMP Exam Tips & Tricks

Download PMP Exam Prep Training Brochure

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What is the PMP Certification Cost in Juba South Sudan

Exam Format for PMP Certification Exam Type:  Multiple choices.
No of Questions:  200 questions per paper: 175 scored, 25 un-scored
Exam duration:  4 hours
Type:  Closed book exam
Result: The passing score is determined through psychometric analysis
The PMP® Certification exam takes place through the PMI® website.

PMP Certification Cost can be broken down into different aspects which include: project management training costs, preparation time costs and exam fee.
1. PMP Training Cost: This can be divided into PMP classroom trainings and PMP course online. In the United States, classroom trainings cost at least $1500 - $2500 but online PMP courses are way cheaper ranging between $500 and $1500.
2. PMP Preparation: This depends on how soon you want to take the PMP exam.

Please read more here
3. PMP Certification Exam fee: Being the real PMP Certification cost, the price for this is fixed. It costs $555 for non-members of the PMI and $405 for PMI members. If you wish to be PMI member at the time of your PMP application, the fee of $555 will cover your exam and your PMI membership fee.

FAQs on PMP Certification Training Course in South Sudan

PMP Examination Fee in Juba is;
Member: US$405.00
Non-member: US$555.00
. If you are a PMI Member, you will get some good discounts on purchases, PMI Certification Exams and renewals.
Participants applying for the PMP re-examination will be given 2 chances to pass within a year. Those attempting the exam for the second and the third time will have to pay an additional fee of $275 (PMI members) or $375 (non-members). In case the participant is unable to pass in the first 3 attempts, he will have to wait for a year to re-appear for the examination.
Physical Copy/Digital Copy(based on the mode of training) book, PMP Syllabus, 35 Contact Hours Certificate, PMP Exam Prep Practice Tests.
According to a recent survey conducted, the average time required to prepare for PMP Certification Exam is around 2-months with 3 hours of exam prep studies each-day Or minimum 23 days of preparation if one dedicates 8 hours a day.
We offer 35 Hours Contact Hours Certificate after you successfully complete the PMP Training in Juba.
Yes! We offer discounts for the Group/Corporate PMP Training Program. You may write to to know more.
No. The fees for PMP Examination is separate. Here you will only pay for PMP Certification Training Course.


Pavit Kenth

Technical Director MCI Ltd

Interesting, Focused, Efficient. The material was a comprehensive presentation of Lean principles and a good overview of Six Sigma. I feel like I have a good understanding of the basics of Lean Six Sigma.

Saad Alsheddi

Head Of Operations at Ministry of Finance

Really interesting, you achieve a lot of knowledge about processes, in many areas and departments, helped a lot to understand the subjects in a better way.

Kenneth Beard

Project Manager

Very engaging course with real world context and wonderful examples. I have greatly expanded my knowledge as a direct result of this class and I look forward to applying this in my daily personal and work life.

Neesha Rambharrack

Team Lead-Projects&Facilities Engineering

If you are looking for a culture shift, Unichrone’s trainings are the vehicle that can take you there. The results speak for themselves.

Jernej Hercog

Manager Engineering Services at Clariant

I opted for Instructor led Online Session. The training was very well executed and there will always be a Unichrone's staff to assist online always in session.

Tom Eertman

Head of Supplier Management

Super awesome faculty!! The best part of the training was lots of real time case studies, fun and interactive sessions. Loved being part of it.

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