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How Attractive Is ISC² CCSP Salary?

The variances in CCSP Certification salary are due to various reasons. Surveys show that CCSP Certification is the preference list of 95% of individuals. Above 52% of the people surveyed agreed that this certification is a boost to one’s income. Here, are the salary brackets for CCSP Certification holders for candidates to glance through instead of blindly supporting others’ opinions.

Does Location Play A Role In Determining The CCSP Salary?

It makes sense for a bigger city to pay more salaries to CCSPs than a small town. The job market and organization sizes vary from one location to another and so does the CCSP salary. New York, San Jose, Seattle, Miami, New Orleans, and Austin appear to be cities offering relatively high remuneration.

This is due to the popularity of these locations across the world in terms of the employment scope they offer. With more businesses flourishing in these locations, the demand for certified professionals is also very high. Organizations can’t compromise their business standards to save a few bucks.

Thus, they hire the most eligible professionals for their cloud security requirements. Another point to note is that it is the big-sized corporations that rely on cloud computing for their regular functionalities. A recent survey reveals the average remuneration of CCSPs in Austin to be USD 110,363.

Those who are passionate about working a cloud security job in New York City can earn a salary of USD 134,620. On the other hand, Seattle-based cloud security professionals are entitled to a remuneration of USD 107,938. San Jose, Miami, Chicago, and New Orleans pay USD 151,599, 106,726, 119,887, and 133, 407 respectively. USD 133,740 is the average salary for certified professionals across the USA.

Here is a glance through the geographical locations in the US that are paying the highest cybersecurity salaries at present.

Country Salaries (in USD)
Austin USD 113,126
Charlotte USD 125,173
San Francisco USD 119,346
Denver USD 117,308
Philadelphia USD 110,943
Boston USD 103,953
Baltimore USD 103, 944
Seattle USD 119,349
Minneapolis USD 127,757
Dallas USD 117,890

Does Experience Impact The Salary Of Certified Cloud Security Professionals?

Work experience is an obvious factor in determining a raise in salary. Moreso, when the recipient of that salary is an owner of CCSP accreditation. Gathering hands-on experience for a considerable period is the eligibility condition for obtaining CCSP Certification. So, even at the entry-level a CCSP Certification holder receives higher remuneration than what is usually fixed. Naturally, with the increasing experience at the organization which hires a professional, his/her salary will further increase.

Experience in years Salaries (in USD)
3 - 5 USD 109,000
6 - 8 USD 117,000
9 and above USD 122,000

This affirms that CCSP Certification always enables a remuneration exceeding that of any non-certified across different industries worldwide. The global recognition of this certification is another valid reason for this. One can remain satisfied after investing in the certification cost which is quite insignificant.

CCSP Salaries Vary With Job Designations

Despite being centered around cloud security, CCSP jobs vary from one another based on responsibilities. According to another authoritative survey of 2023, a security architect earns USD 125,000. As an IT services director, one can make an average income of USD 150,000. On the other hand, information security managers receive a salary of USD 116,000. Each of these pay packages increase for a CCSP Certification holder occupying any of these roles. Even the designation of just cloud security professional with certification draws USD 118,599.

A glimpse of salaries offered to CCSP Certification holders in the given roles:

Role Salary
Information security manager USD 116,981
Security director USD 160,994
Security engineer USD 107,500
Security architect USD 126,595
Cybersecurity analyst USD 113,000

Be it location-wise or designation-wise, one may stay assured of a more lucrative pay package than others after attaining CCSP Certification. In 2022, the average cybersecurity salary in the US ranges between USD 166,000 and USD 181,500. So, one can imagine the probability of a hike in the wages of CCSP Certification holders. Cloud security skills account for an increase in relevant job openings by 170% by 2023. This information was revealed in a 2018 survey.

There are a few factors that also determine the CCSP salary apart from the certification itself.

  • Selecting the right industrial sector certainly impacts the CCSP salary. Retail, finance, and healthcare sectors have reported increased demand for cloud security professionals. Naturally, the remuneration will also be relatively higher in these industries.
  • The organization size matters, too. Whether one lands a job in a fortune 500 company or a small to medium enterprise decides the salary. The possibility of increasing remuneration depends on this factor to a certain extent.
  • Working in bigger cities may offer a hike in remuneration as compared to that in towns or smaller cities. One must not forget about the living costs that escalate along with the level of urbanization. So, sometimes working in a town with lower living expenses can lead to more savings of the money earned.
  • Cybersecurity job openings including cloud security have skyrocketed from a million in 2014 to 3.5 million in 2021. The relentless growth of cloud security threats and other cyber attacks ascertain lucrative pay packages for CCSPs.

Cloud security job profiles exhibit minor differences in their respective salaries but that shouldn’t be the yardstick to select jobs. The prestige, functional diversification, and versatile career one receives after gaining CCSP Certification outweigh the remuneration.

Those possessing CCSP Certification are undoubtedly the best at their craft and are recognized worldwide. The job opportunities are never-ending for them due to the constant rise in the rate of cyber crimes. New challenges thrown by hackers are bound to keep accredited professionals on their toes. They are always at the peak of cybersecurity knowledge to stand up to the changing threats to cloud environments.

The constant growth of the cloud computing industry is the prime reason for an all-time high CCSP salary. Recent surveys have revealed an escalation of the industry turnover from USD 266 - 626 billion between 2020 and 2023. So, CCSP Certification holders can stay assured of a salary hike.

CCSP Certification endows one with the knowledge and expertise to properly allocate cloud resources. Certified individuals adjust the cloud migration system according to an enterprise's requirements. Therefore, organizations seek such accredited professionals and reward them with lucrative pay packages.

USD 154, 424 is the average salary of an individual holding CCSP Certification. The employer offers this as compensation for being assured of a safe cloud environment by such certified individuals. It is the best accreditation that a cloud security professional’s resume can exhibit to recruiters.

The personal experience of a cybersecurity professional based in Washington D.C. reveals the impact of CCSP Certification on salary. This individual is a certification holder who earns a base remuneration of USD 170,000.

Only CCSP Certification holders occupy the designation of a principal information security analyst. This job position fetches an average salary of USD 135,000 to USD 190,000. Such a professional is hired to report and record cloud security incidents. Its duty is centered around the execution of response activities for such incidents.

The cloud specialist profile too commands a high CCSP salary. It is due to the hiring of a CCSP Certification holder for this position. A certified individual possesses all the knowledge required for implementing and securing virtualization. He/she can detect an organization’s IT requirements before transferring data into the cloud platform.

The average salary of a cloud information security specialist is USD 101,000. Individuals occupying this position possess CCSP Certification. This job profile includes the responsibility of creating and enforcing global cloud security standards.

The average salary of other CCSP jobs varies from USD 113,000 to 190,000. Recruiters rely on the work experience gathered by such certified individuals. The latter possess a deep-rooted foundation in cloud computing and its security.

The prerequisites of obtaining CCSP Certification cover all the education and experience-related criteria that govern the salary. Besides, the credentials of this certification add to one’s achievements in the process of attaining it.

With businesses constantly migrating to clouds at present, it is evident that the earning potential of CCSPs is unlimited. Organizations can go to any length that includes paying high salaries to treasure these professionals as assets.