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Certified Cloud Security Professional Exam and Details

The Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) Exam is supervised by ISC2 across various countries globally. Prior to attending the exam, professionals are required to register with ISC2 and select their appointment date and exam venue. Individuals are further required to comply with certain rules and regulations whilst attempting the CCSP Certification Exam. Among the popular certifications offered in Information Technology, CCSP Certification has gained popularity and is the most prestigious one in Cloud Security.

The CCSP Exam has been updated and is effective as of August 2022. The new CCSP Exam pattern requires aspiring professionals to attempt 150 questions instead of 125. Out of these 150 questions, there are 50 pretest questions along with the operational items. Pretest questions determine if candidates can understand the revised or new questions introduced in the domains. The time period to complete the CCSP Exam is set at 4 hours. To clear the exam and become eligible to earn the certificate, professionals need to score a minimum of 700 points out of 1000.

What are the CCSP Exam Domains?

The exam is based on 6 domains that are listed in the CCSP Common Body of Knowledge. Although the domains have remained the same as per the latest update, their weightage has changed. Each of these domains plays a significant role in advancing the expertise of professionals in cloud security. Let us take a brief look at the CCSP domains that professionals would be introduced to while pursuing the certification.

Cloud Concepts, Architecture, and Design-17%

This CCSP domain enables professionals to gain insights into cloud computing concepts and cloud architecture. In addition, individuals can easily understand the principles of secure cloud computing that assists in business continuity planning. Professionals also acquire the tactics of evaluating cloud service providers before organizations can shift to cloud computing. Furthermore, this domain also covers the security concepts of cloud computing such as cryptography, network security, media sanitization, and so on.

Cloud Data Security-19%

Professionals learn to describe cloud data concepts and implement cloud data storage architecture. With this understanding cloud, security professionals will be skilled to apply data security technologies and strategies, implement data discovery and data classification, and manage user access to various data. Additionally, CCSP professionals learn to implement traceability, data retention, deletion, archiving policies, accountability of data, and auditability.

Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security-17%

This CCSP domain entitles professionals to understand cloud infrastructure and platform components and design a data center. This even helps professionals to analyze risks, and apply security controls whilst planning business continuity. As per business requirements, professionals can eliminate cyber threats with the knowledge derived from this domain of CCSP. Moreover, with such skills, professionals can protect physical assets, systems, virtualization systems, and even communication.

Cloud Application Security- 17%

The Cloud Application Security domain specifies the know-how of securing applications developed by organizations on cloud platforms. Professionals can understand the different phases of the Software Development Life Cycle and the process of securing it from cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Specifics of cloud application architecture are also defined in this section to assist professionals in understanding concepts like sandboxing and application virtualization. Furthermore, professionals gain the skills of designing the right Identity Access Management Solutions as per business needs.

Cloud Security Operations-17%

This discipline under CCSP Common Body of Knowledge covers all aspects related to the physical and digital infrastructure of an organization on the cloud. Professionals acquire practical knowledge on implementing a suitable infrastructure within the cloud environment. Additionally, cloud professionals engage in operating and maintaining this infrastructure whilst managing digital forensics. Furthermore, CCSP aspirants learn to manage communication frequencies and security operations within the cloud environment.

Legal, Risk, and Compliance-13%

CCSP Certification aspirants understand the legal requirements and unique risks within the cloud platform. They further analyze the privacy issues and prepare strategies for the auditing process. Moreover, professionals understand the implications of the cloud on enterprise risk management. This domain further allows aspirants to comprehend the outsourcing processes as required with the application of cloud technology.

Although each domain has its own weightage assigned, aspiring CCSP professionals need to master these domains equally to acquire the certification. Being part of the CCSP Common Book of Knowledge, these domains are constantly updated to stay on par with the advancements in cloud technology. As a result, Certified Cloud Security Professionals with such qualified skills and knowledge are considered credible and trustworthy in the world of information technology.

Is the CCSP Exam Harder than the CISSP Exam?

ISC2’s two most esteemed certifications CCSP and CISSP are known for advancing the career path of professionals in the discipline of information technology. CISSP Certification has a broader view of comprehension of information security. On the contrary, CCSP Certification entirely focuses on cloud security and its architecture. As a result, the CISSP Exam is comparatively harder than the CCSP Exam as it embeds a diverse range of topics.

How to become certified in CCSP?

Before pursuing the certification of CCSP, individuals need to understand the concepts of CCSP and determine whether it is suitable for them. Secondly, professionals pursuing a career in cloud security can fulfil the requirements set by ISC2 before applying for the CCSP Certification. Completing the experience requirements speeds up the process of earning the certification. Thereafter, CCSP aspirants can attend the CCSP Certification training session and schedule their exam. Candidates will have to follow the necessary guidelines set by ISC2 while attempting the CCSP Exam. Scoring at least 700 points out of 1000 points in CCSP exam is the sure shot way of achieving the certification of CCSP.

How does becoming a member of ISC2 assist in CCSP Exam?

An individual preparing for CCSP Exam needs to refer to various kinds of materials that can assist in comprehensive understanding. Participating in the membership program of ISC2 entitles professionals to access such material at a lesser cost. Additionally, candidates will be able to network with their peers through the discussion forums. This aids aspiring professionals to get closer to their goal of achieving Certified Cloud Security Professional Certification.

Network security strengthening is a valuable knowledge accompanying this certification. Training makes aspirants conversant with web defacement, man-in-the-middle attacks, and malware infection. Besides, they learn to implement traffic filtering for restricting unnecessary flow of information to only business requirements. They observe all routing rules to maintain the protected files. This certification authorizes professionals to enforce the domain registrar locking method in offices.

Certified professionals are sought after for their effective management of web application security. Whether it is e-commerce, taxation, e-government, or web banking, applications are at work everywhere. So, is the demand for individuals who have undergone training. They ensure that the web applications’ life cycles adhere to the standardized security principles. Starting from the design to maintenance of these applications, they must be secured. Training makes aspirants realize the priority of utilizing only actively supported software libraries belonging to reliable sources.

(ISC)2 offers a time limit extending to 24 hours before the scheduled CCSP exam for canceling it over the phone. For online cancellation, the time frame reduces to 48 hours before the exam is about to start.

Attending 125 multi-response questions within 3 hours isn’t as easy as it looks. Tremendous practice is required to approach each question the right way for selecting the most accurate answer from the options. This is why one should undergo professional CCSP Training.

17% of the 1000 questions on the CCSP Exam paper are from the cloud architecture domain. Therefore, candidates need to emphasize the study of cloud concepts along with their practical applications.

Of all the 6 cloud security domains, data security accounts for the highest number of questions. The CCSP Exam preparation makes one ready for a promising career drift. From a general cloud security professional one transforms into a specialist.

Passing the CCSP Exam with flying colours conveys that an individual has gained command over cybersecurity field. Minimum 5 years of information security work experience is a prerequisite of the exam. The course curriculum covers every aspect of cloud security thereby, making the candidates more knowledgeable than others.

Writing the CCSP Exam in four languages apart from Japanese and English have come to effect this year August onwards. The languages are, namely, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and German. This has enhanced the global outreach of the CCSP Certification.

A minimum span of 4 months if not more, is essential for candidates to confidently appear at the CCSP Exam. These candidates require a well-etched plan for balancing their professional lives with daily study schedules and weekly training classes.

One may resort to specific books or paperbacks for references but that cannot replace the benefits of instructor-led training. The foremost move of an examinee should be the selection of CCSP Training provider.

Mental preparation is crucial to attempt and ace the CCSP Exam because of its difficulty level. So, way before submitting the exam application or planning to study, one must examine its details.

These days several cloud communities are available online. One must reap the benefits of it by interacting with those who have passed the CCSP Exam. Their personal journeys in attaining the certification helps one learn what mistakes to avoid.

Yes, candidates must be familiar with the ‘zero trust’ architecture model which comprises coordinated strategies and system design principles. It assumes that whether outside or inside of network perimeters, no area is free from cyber threats.

Candidates must obtain a thorough knowledge of content filtering techniques for cyber security during the exam preparation.