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CCSP: Quick rundown of 6 CCSP Domains

Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) Certification is the prestigious credential offered to cloud professionals. In order to earn the certification, a candidate has to fulfill the eligibility criteria set by ISC2. The requirements focus on the years of experience a professional has in the field of cloud computing. Meeting the requirements enables candidates to attend the CCSP Exam. Furthermore, professionals who score 700 or more out of 1000 points will be awarded CCSP Certification from ISC2.

6 CCSP Domains
CCSP Domains

CCSP Exam Content

Candidates taking up CCSP Exam need to attempt 125 questions presented in multiple-choice format within 3 hours. Thereafter, candidates will be notified through email if they have cleared the exam with the necessary pass percentage. The different domains covered in the CCSP Exam are as follows:

  1. Cloud concepts, architecture, and design
  2. Cloud data security
  3. Cloud platform and infrastructure security
  4. Cloud application security
  5. Cloud security operations
  6. Legal, Risk, and Compliance

CCSP Domains

Let us have a detailed understanding of each of the CCSP domains and its level of importance in the CCSP Exam.

Cloud concepts, architecture, and design

This domain of CCSP Exam covers the terminologies and fundamentals of cloud computing. It is designed to assist individuals in understanding the basics of the cloud, its characteristics, and the technological aspects of cloud computing. In addition, candidates gain knowledge of the different features that can be availed on cloud platforms. The design aspect elaborates on the principles that have to be followed while hosting data on cloud platforms. In the end, professionals gain knowledge on evaluating the credibility of cloud service providers present in the market.

Cloud data security

This CCSP domain unveils the abilities of professionals by knowing their insights on cloud security issues. Cloud data security aspect focuses on the architecture of cloud storage and the security measures. Professionals gain knowledge about the different types of storage and the tools used in securing the data present in cloud. Furthermore, candidates master the skills of discovering the data structure and classifying them as per organizational needs. This helps in candidates to take immediate decisions regarding data retention, traceability, and accountability. Overall, cloud data security is of utmost importance for professionals attending CCSP Exam.

Cloud platform and infrastructure security

This element of CCSP is based on the infrastructure of cloud platforms. Various cloud computing components are explained in detail under this domain. Professionals attain the skills of identifying the physical risks that can affect the cloud infrastructure. In addition, this domain helps individuals to understand and develop the necessary security measures. Furthermore, cloud platform security trains individuals to create disaster recovery and businesses continuity plans while using cloud.

Cloud application security

Candidates gain the competencies to resolve the security issues related to applications hosted on cloud. This domain helps individuals to comprehend the secure software development cycle, application security, and cloud application architecture. This helps in implementing best practices followed in cloud computing for securing the applications. An aspiring CCSP also attains the ability to design IAM solutions to manage the access for data present in cloud. Candidates are further trained to use verified security software to protect the data assets hosted on the cloud platform.

Cloud security operations

The fifth domain of CCSP is the most elaborate element of cloud computing. Candidates gain knowledge of the operational issues that might occur during cloud computing. This aspect of CCSP trains individuals to design the physical and logical infrastructure for the cloud environment and operate it. In addition, CCSP aspirants learn to communicate with various parties involved in managing cloud environment. This domain plays a crucial role in the CCSP exam as it outlines the operational aspects of cloud computing.

Every cloud professional is required to know the laws and regulations applicable while operating within the cloud environment. Before setting up data on cloud platforms, professionals need to understand the legal requirements and the international regulations. Without possessing a comprehensive understanding of privacy issues professionals cannot host the data o organizations on cloud platforms. Additionally, an individual attending CCSP Exam is required to know the risk terminologies applicable for cloud platforms along with the metrics and assessment aspects.

Preparing for the CCSP exam

These domains are formulated by certified CCSP professionals who have vast experience in the field of cloud computing. With the latest advancements in cloud computing, ISC2 ensures that professionals master the latest skills applicable in the field. This entitles such certified individuals to stand out from the regular crowd of cloud professionals.

Having command over these 6 domains enables candidates to prepare and ace CCSP Exam in the first attempt. To gain practical insights into the CCSP domains, individuals can enroll in the CCSP Certification Training program. Certified professionals assist individuals in obtaining the required skill set for clearing the exam and be designated as Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP).

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