Author: Anvitha

Lean Six Sigma Principles: An Overview

Quality Management is gaining utmost importance in the present era. Organizations are not willing to compromise on quality while delivering projects to clients. With the advancement in various methodologies of quality management organizations prefer to apply six sigma and lean methodology combined to form Lean Six Sigma Principles to improve their projects and services. Initially

All you need to know about Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide-7th Edition

PMBOK Guide The Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK) is a guide released by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The Guide assists aspirants of PMP certification with their preparation. Launch of the first PMBOK Guide was in 1994. Radical changes in project management led to the print of different PMBOK Guide versions. The 7th edition

6 Cybersecurity threats to look out for in 2021

Introduction Performing business activities by utilizing the digital platforms itself is a challenge for many organizations in this era. While such transformations take place, it is no surprise that an organization faces cyber-attacks. This has enforced various businesses to make cybersecurity a vital part of their organization structure by employing professionals with Certified Information Systems

The Evolution of ISO 20000

What is ISO 20000 all about? This question has been raised, significant number of times in the past two years, since the updated version of ISO 20000 was released in 2018. The ISO 20000 standard was initially launched as BS 15000 in 2005 under the British Standards. However, it lost its importance in 2007. After

How will project management professionals benefit from Artificial Intelligence?

Introduction With robust changes in technology, innovations are constantly made to improvise people’s life. The resulting changes out of this have impacted the dynamism of all professions at large. While the main goal of implementing the newest technology within an organization is all about bringing efficiency, certain professions still need a mix of humans and