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Why do Six Sigma Professionals Need Minitab?

Quality management requires professionals to analyze statistical data to formulate meaningful solutions for the problems at hand. Minitab is a statistical software package that makes the work easier and faster for quality management professionals. Six Sigma professionals rely on the flexibility of Minitab to identify the problems in the business process and improve them accordingly.

8 Principles of Total Quality Management for Continuous Improvement

Total Quality Management or TQM for short is a process improvement methodology that helps organizations aim for improving the quality of their products and services in the long run. It provides policies and techniques to develop effective strategies that are suitable for the continuous improvement of various processes in the business enterprise. Organizations that want

What is Minitab? | Statistical Data Analysis Tool

Statistical Data Analysis Quality management professionals are responsible for identifying and interpreting statistical data to improve the various business processes of an organization. These professionals, though trained and qualified to achieve the organizational objectives need statistical data analysis tools or software like Minitab to make their work easy and accurate. Statistical data analysis is one

Lean vs Six Sigma: Understanding the Lean Six Sigma Methodology

Quality Management Methodologies Organizations are constantly trying to add value to their business processes and improve the “quality” of their product and services. This mindset has made quality management indispensable in every industry across the globe. Both Lean and Six Sigma are well-known quality management methodologies that help organizations deliver quality products and services to

Lean Six Sigma Principles: An Overview

Quality Management is gaining utmost importance in the present era. Organizations are not willing to compromise on quality while delivering projects to clients. With the advancement in various methodologies of quality management organizations prefer to apply six sigma and lean methodology combined to form Lean Six Sigma Principles to improve their projects and services. Initially

Why is Operational Excellence Needed? Benefits and Scope in Business

Overview of Operational Excellence  Businesses today are constantly looking for ways to make their processes resilient and adaptable to change. This global economic upheaval that the world is witnessing presently has brought the importance of Operational Excellence to the forefront. Operational Excellence is a journey that organizations undertake to make their business processes future-proof. It

Lean Six Sigma Certification Training

Applying for a six sigma certification could be a pretty big step in your professional career. Six sigma belts are very valuable in the product quality management aspect of business. Professionals who aim to be Six Sigma certified have everything to gain from this certification. We took the time to create a guide that covers