Lean vs Six Sigma: Understanding the Lean Six Sigma Methodology

Quality Management Methodologies Organizations are constantly trying to add value to their business processes and improve the “quality” of their product and services. This mindset has made quality management indispensable in every industry across the globe. Both Lean and Six Sigma are well-known quality management methodologies that help organizations deliver quality products and services to

Lean Six Sigma Principles: An Overview

Quality Management is gaining utmost importance in the present era. Organizations are not willing to compromise on quality while delivering projects to clients. With the advancement in various methodologies of quality management organizations prefer to apply six sigma and lean methodology combined to form Lean Six Sigma Principles to improve their projects and services. Initially


With the evolution of Information Technology, there is a constant need for improving the IT processes. Various businesses have instilled Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework for standardizing IT processes in businesses. Although, even ITIL’s best practices cannot ensure that the services of IT are delivered effectively and efficiently. What is ITIL? The Information Technology

How to become an Agile Certified Practitioner in 2021? Steps for the PMI-ACP Certification Application

Overview of PMI-ACP Certification The Project Management Institute or PMI is the most highly recognized professional credential provider in the world providing certification to professionals in diverse fields across major industries. The PMI-ACP Certification is its prime credential for professionals working in an agile environment. This prestigious certification is best suited for professionals who want

All you need to know about Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide-7th Edition

PMBOK Guide The Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK) is a guide released by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The Guide assists aspirants of PMP certification with their preparation. Launch of the first PMBOK Guide was in 1994. Radical changes in project management led to the print of different PMBOK Guide versions. The 7th edition