Data Security Best Practices – Guide for 2021

Technological advancements have necessitated businesses to safeguard their data from cyber threats and use data security practices. In the pandemic years alone, several organizations have witnessed unique cyber threats that have cost them millions of dollars. This has compelled businesses to stay up to date with the rapid changes in technology and embed best data

Scrumban – Beginner’s Guide to Scrumban Methodology

In the world of project management, there is constant evolution and transformation of one methodology into another. The combination of traditional and agile methodologies has given rise to the hybrid model of project management. In the same way, the Scrumban methodology is a hybrid of two agile project management methodologies of Scrum and Kanban. While

Data Privacy: What is it and Why is it important?

Every organization that has a digital presence is required to mention its data privacy policy and it is important. Such policies describe in detail about the usage of data collected from customers in terms of data transfer and data security. There have been numerous incidents of data breaches which has resulted in the payment of

Project Scope Statement: What does it include?

A project manager oversees that the project is conducted successfully from the planning stage to the completion stage without any problems. This includes making sure that the project scope is according to the requirements of the stakeholders. Also, the project delivered is within the estimated time and does not exceed the budget. However, if the

Project Management Principles: An overview

Over the years project management has constantly evolved. This has enabled project management professionals to apply the latest techniques while handling projects. The seventh edition of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is instilled with new areas of knowledge. Project Management Principles element specified in PMBOK 7th edition covers 12 principles.

The Career Path of a Business Analyst in 2021

Business Analyst Career Path Organizations worldwide are constantly striving to achieve better results and perform well in the competitive global market. Business enterprises rely on qualified professionals like business analysts to make the process somewhat easier and faster. Business analysts can help the business attain its goals and objectives. They assist their organizations in making

Change Management Models: 5 Popular Models For Managing Change

Introduction: With advancements in technology, change is inevitable. Organizations constantly strive to adapt and sustain in the market. This necessitates businesses to implement change management and implement change management models. In the past era, the main priority of a business was stability. Organizations that don’t bring change can hardly survive in the industry for longer

What is CISSP Certification and how hard is the exam?

Cybersecurity is gaining importance as organizations are going digital. Individuals are willing to pursue certification courses in cybersecurity and acquire the skillset. One such certification that was released in 2003 was the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification. Today, the certification of CISSP is the premier credential awarded to individuals in IT security. This

Lean vs Six Sigma: Understanding the Lean Six Sigma Methodology

Quality Management Methodologies Organizations are constantly trying to add value to their business processes and improve the “quality” of their product and services. This mindset has made quality management indispensable in every industry across the globe. Both Lean and Six Sigma are well-known quality management methodologies that help organizations deliver quality products and services to