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How much should I invest in CCSP Certification?

The career path to reaching higher positions for a cloud professional assists in reaping a lot of benefits. However in order to reach such heights, a cloud professional is required to develop his/her skills through certifications. CCSP Certification is considered one of the prestigious credentials in the domain of cloud security. ISC2 offers CCSP Certification to professionals who have ample knowledge of cloud security concepts, cloud architecture, its operations, cloud data security, cloud application security, cloud platform, and infrastructure security, and so on.

What are the costs associated with CCSP Certification?

Prior to becoming a Certified Cloud Security Professional, an individual has to incur a certain amount of cost before yielding returns in terms of salary. These costs can be categorized into the CCSP Training program (varies based on location), CCSP Exam costs set by ISC2, and the renewal costs for maintaining the certification. Apart from these costs, professionals may also incur additional costs while referring to the study material of various renowned authors. Let us have an elaborate look at these costs.

CCSP Training Costs

On an average, CCSP Certification Training can cost anywhere between USD 1600 and USD 1900. Choosing the right training provider is of utmost importance for professionals who are keen on developing their cloud skills. Without attending the training session, a professional might find it challenging to understand through self-paced learning. In addition, enrolling in the CCSP Training session entitles professionals to acquire insights into advanced practices followed in cloud security.

CCSP Exam Fee

Professionals pursuing a career in cloud security can enhance their career prospects with CCSP Certification. To earn this esteemed credential by ISC2, professionals need to fulfil eligibility requirements and attempt the CCSP Exam. While scheduling the appointment date for the CCSP Exam, professionals need to pay an exam fee of USD 599 to ISC2. Without paying this fee, professionals would not be able to attend the exam and earn their CCSP Certificate. Upon completion of payment, professionals can set an appointment for their exam. Ideally, individuals aspiring to be CCSP, set their dates 3 months from the date of application. This provides them ample time to prepare for and ace the CCSP Exam.

CCSP Renewal Fee

Certified Cloud Security Professionals demonstrate their commitment and reliability by earning CPE credits. Continuing Professional Education credits are acquired by participating in various activities that are accepted by ISC2. Professionals are required to earn 90 CPEs over the course of three years to renew their CCSP Certificate. Additionally, at the end of each year, CCSP certified professionals are required to pay USD 125 as the annual maintenance fee to ISC2.

These 3 costs are mandatorily incurred by individuals aspiring to be Certified Cloud Security Professionals. However, professionals can incur additional costs to obtain reference materials required for exam preparation.

Incurring these costs entitles CCSP Certification holders to attain lucrative salary packages from their employers. Regardless of the experience, CCSP professionals are considered more reliable and credible in the domain of cloud security. Additionally, CCSP certified individuals possess advanced expertise in cloud security, making them highly sought-after in the industry.

How long does it take to become CCSP certified?

There is no fixed duration to become a Certified Cloud Security Professional. Individuals having sufficient knowledge and experience in cloud security concepts would require lesser time compared to professionals budding in this field. In addition, the preparation time is also based on the time taken to attend the CCSP Training session.

What requirements have to be fulfilled for attaining CCSP Certification?

Aspirants of CCSP Certification need to satisfy certain eligibility requirements in terms of experience. A professional applying for CCSP needs to have 5 years of paid experience in information technology. Three years of this experience should be gained in the information security field along with one year of experience in any of the CCSP domains.

Meeting these requirements speeds up the process of becoming CCSP Certification holders. Additionally, professionals can also waive their experience requirements up to 2 years if they meet the eligibility criteria set by ISC2. However, professionals who do not have the required experience can also attend the CCSP Exam. After passing the exam, professionals having no experience in cloud security will be deemed as associates of ISC2. On becoming an associate, professionals will have 6 years from the date of passing the exam to fulfill their experience requirements and thereafter, use the CCSP Certification/designation.

What are the CCSP Training modes available?

Individuals enrolling for the training session can choose any of the desired modes to gain hands-on experience. The training modes available for candidates include:

Online training: CCSP Certification Training conducted through this method allows professionals to attend the session remotely. This method of training does not require professionals to be physically present at the venue. Individuals can easily interact with trainers online and attend the session from the office or home as per convenience. The sessions are live, thereby allowing trainees to clear their doubts in real time.

In-classroom Training: Aspiring CCSP professionals can take up this method of the training session if it is convenient to be present physically at the training venue. Choosing this method of training allows professionals to physically interact and network with peers. Additionally, trainees might find it easier to understand the subject matter better through the in-classroom method.

Group Training: This training method is usually chosen by employers who want to get their employees trained in large numbers. Aspiring professionals can get trained through in-class methods or live-online methods depending on organizational requirements.

CCSP Certification is ranked at the top among various other cloud security certifications. Although there are thousands of professionals who have acquired the CCSP Certification, several businesses look forward to hiring professionals having this credential. In addition, organizations reap several benefits by employing CCSP Certification holders. With advanced skills and knowledge, Certified Cloud Security Professionals contribute to the growth of the organization as well as themselves.

This training enables aspirants with the expertise to engage in meaningful interactions with employees. They apply security and technology to leave no stone unturned in offering the ultimate cyber security to organizations. Certified individuals possess top notch communication and management competencies to facilitate excellent coordination with clients and teams. Professionals turn into lifelong learners in the process of pursuing this certification. Security issues get more complex with each passing day and so the tactics to prevent them must be equally robust.

Training enables individuals to become strategists who can implement cyber security measures proactively. They initiate controls and measures that have the required capacity to weigh the consequences of threats. Strategic evaluations are essential for maintaining advanced cyber security protocols. These evaluations are associated with resources, budgets, dependencies, and workflows. Certified individuals can study the mind of hackers to remain a step ahead in potential cyber risks mitigation.

CCSP Certification is a necessity for staying forward in the cloud security domain at all times. This would help one accomplish differentiation, instant profitability, and career advancement leading to high income. It increases the self-confidence of one’s skill in sensitive data protection.

Candidates must pay the entire CCSP Exam fee of USD 599 every time they re-appear for the exam. This expenditure is insignificant compared to the chances an individual gets to become the most proficient cloud security professional.

CCSP Certification costs vary in different locations due to variances in training costs. The exam registration fee in the UK and European countries also vary from that of America, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

The fee for rescheduling the CCSP after the completion of the prescribed rescheduling period is USD 50. This happens when a candidate doesn’t appear in the exam within 1 year from the scheduled exam date. Proper planning and determination to take the exam without postponing can keep these unnecessary expenses in check.

Candidates are charged USD 100 as the fee for canceling the CCSP Exam. In case a year has passed from the usual exam date and one didn’t take the exam, there won’t be any return of the CCSP Exam fee.

The patience, energy, and time one dedicates to acquiring CCSP Certification are the hidden expenses. These costs are intangible by nature but are no less significant than the monetary expenses involved.

Depending on whether one will opt for live training sessions over the internet or classroom sessions, costs may vary. The overall CCSP Certification cost, thus, changes from one candidate to another residing in the same nation.

Yes, it is. Candidates are charged an annual fee of USD 125 to retain the validity of their CCSP credentials. This meager expense is surely worth the invaluable accreditation one can possess throughout one’s career.

A candidate must apply for the CCSP Exam only when his/her preparation is on the right track. Postponing the exam not only adds to the expense but also slackens a candidate’s determination and self-confidence to succeed.

Easy access to challenging and innovative job roles now and in the immediate future is the greatest ROI. One never returns empty-handed after investing in the CCSP Certification. Something or other always await the certification holders in the form of knowledge, power, and expertise.

Certainly. Professionals who have attended training are in demand for their assurance of data protection to organizations.

Individuals possessing the certification are adept at estimating both probabilities of identified threat sources taking actions and those completing them. This gain outweighs the certification cost.