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A Close Look At PgMP Certification Cost in 2023

Before looking into PgMP Certification expenses, one must ask why to prefer it over other program management courses.

Well, here goes the answer:

Achieving a PgMP Certificate will entrust an individual with the responsibility of making a difference in a business organization. This certification is proof of one’s suitability to take charge of a program and define methodologies for managing it. PgMP Certificate holders are eligible for conveying individual project reports to stakeholders and program sponsors to gain the latter’s feedback.

A program manager connects the outsiders with the project teams by transferring information from one end to another. Stakeholder, budget, and resource management along with project coordination are the prime tasks that only certified individuals can accomplish. Professionals holding PgMP Certification become assets to their organizations by majorly contributing to their business objectives.

Program Management Professional (PgMP) Certification is the liberty of an individual to access control over multiple projects at a time. It is a boost to one's authority over creating fruitful strategies for others to accept and implement. Steering the ship of a business in a stormy sea-like market is no more impossible when enterprises hire such certified individuals.

PgMP Certification is in its evolving stage. So, there is still time to get included in the group of pioneer certification holders.

It’s high time an individual hasn’t applied for PgMP Certification just because he isn’t certain about its expense. Reading through this will clear one’s doubts regarding the PgMP Certification expense.

As everyone knows good things don’t come free of cost. Such is the case with obtaining PgMP Certification at its three stages:

  • Training
  • Exam
  • Certification maintenance

Training Cost

Despite the project management training or work experience, an individual must attend PgMP training. The expenditure on training for program managers varies from one nation to another. A survey by PMI in 2019, August shows 2709 individuals holding PgMP Certification across the globe. The following year reveals a count of 1253 active certification holders in the United States alone. This is evidence of the rising demand for this accreditation.

Nation Active PgMP Certification Holders
USA 1253
China 380
India 350
Canada 216
Germany 33
France 22
Switzerland 26

As discussed above, PgMP Certification is one of the advanced project management courses that still hasn’t been fully exposed. It would be a unique addition to one’s resume for gaining professional recognition and job satisfaction.

Based on the eligibility criteria to apply for the PgMP Exam, one needs to go through training sessions. It is necessary to fulfill the experience requisites of the application before individuals can attempt the PgMP Exam. Training costs along with the purchase of relevant books online or offline fall under the purview of tangible costs. The regular study hours and time one invests in preparing for the exam is a significant expense that remains unseen.

No, there is a lot more than meets the eye. Here is a full-fledged analysis of certified program management professional credential benefits and its fruitfulness.

Exam Cost

Non-PMI members are charged USD 200 more than candidates possessing the membership.

  • USD 800 is the PgMP Examination fee for PMI membership owners.
  • USD 1000 is the fee for the non-owners of the membership.

To avail the exam fee as per the membership rate one must become a member much early before exam application. Candidates should not forget to check the status of their membership confirmation. Otherwise, they will end in paying USD 1000 instead of 800. Irrespective of the country from where an individual pays the fee, it would change in value as per US currency.

Ignored Common Factors That Impact The Certification Cost

  • An individual has to pay the non-member fee for PgMP Exam if the membership doesn’t become valid within the time of payment submission. How late or early one becomes a PMI member before pursuing the certification determines its cost to an extent.
  • The number of attempts one takes to clear the PgMP Certification Exam also makes a difference to the overall cost. Non-members of PMI are subject to paying USD 800 as a re-examination fee while it is USD 600 for membership owners.
  • No candidate will lose money on the occasion of an application submission error. PMI ensures that refund is available to candidates in case their applications didn’t pass the audit process. Money invested in the application doesn’t go to waste since PMI accepts it only after confirming its credibility.
  • Careful exam application submission is the key to keeping off from any penalties in the form of 1-year suspension. Applying for the second time will add to the certification cost already incurred. One will have to again expend one’s valuable time and energy.
  • A candidate who doesn’t take the exam during his eligibility period does not receive a refund. This eligibility period lasts a year from the date of the exam appointment. On the other hand, an exam rescheduling fee of USD 70 also adds to the certification cost. Individuals can avoid this expense. They must reschedule or cancel the exam before 30 days are over starting from the date they booked the exam.
  • A candidate’s indecisiveness is the reason behind increasing the PgMP examination expenses. Simply because one isn’t well-prepared and wants to cancel the exam just a day before it will just end up losing money. His entire exam fee would transform into a penalty fee and PMI won’t return it at any cost.

Certification maintenance

Whether or not to impress recruiters or clients with PgMP beside one’s name, certification renewal is necessary. The validity of the credentials ceases after 3 years right from the date one obtains the accreditation. Apart from collecting the necessary number of PDUs to sustain the validity, the additional expense is also involved. Candidates owning a PMI membership have to pay USD 44 as a fee for renewing their PgMP Certification. USD 146 is the fee for the non-member candidates.

The above-mentioned costs offer individuals, clarity of how and when an applicant will be charged PgMP Certification costs. An idea beforehand allows one to plan the exam-taking process without any hindrance or additional charges. The above discussion proves that attaining the PgMP Certification isn’t an expensive affair in comparison to its undue career benefits.

PgMP Exam fee is an integral part of the certification cost. PMI members are entitled to pay USD 200 less than their non-member equivalents. This applies only if a candidate can produce the confirmation of his/her membership by PMI. To be on the safer side, one must plan the membership much ahead of submitting the exam application.

A candidate has to undertake Training in Program Management to meet the exam application’s requisites and for exam preparation, too. Investment in a proper training provider like Unichrone counts a lot more than the other certification-related expenses. The slightest compromise in it might lead to extra expenses like re-examination fees. A perfect trainer prepares a candidate to pass the PgMP Exam on the first attempt.

Apart from situations involving medical emergencies, accidents, or family deaths, backing out of the exam costs a candidate. The sudden change of mind to not appear at the exam just within 48 hours charges one the entire exam application fee as a fine. Candidates don’t receive refunds in such cases.

A candidate pursuing program management certification needs to be single-minded. Or else, the decision of rescheduling the PgMP Exam now and then will put him off track. It will also charge him extra expenses if he doesn’t adhere to PMI’s exam rescheduling timeframe.

Other than PgMP Training expenses, candidates may need to spend on the online or offline purchase of relevant books. This too forms a part of the overall certification while there are intangible expenses that don’t meet the eye. The dedication one invests in attaining PgMP Certification costs a candidate his precious time and energy.

Depending on the currency conversions of respective countries, candidates might have to pay a little or a lot more of their money. PMI treats USD as the standard currency and accepts the fee in the same.

PgMP Certification cost is a wise investment in terms of catching the eye of potential recruiters across the world. It empowers one to contribute to an enterprise’s business improvement. Organizations require proficient program managers since program management is a relatively new concept but is most effective.

PgMP Certification cost is negligible when compared to the opportunity of becoming one of the pioneer certification holders. This makes an individual more esteemed in the domain of project management to rule the increasing competition. Candidates must make the most of their minor PgMP Certification expenses.

The fee one has to shell out for using the PgMP tag in one’s name is very insignificant to the prestige one receives. USD 44 and USD 146 are the charges for PMI membership owners and non-owners, respectively. This fee can never match the pride of displaying the PgMP accreditation on the letterheads and visiting cards.

A candidate is charged a separate fee on the occasion of his inability to pass the application audit. Applicants don’t have to stay in the dark regarding the approval of their applications. This payment determines the certainty of appearing for the exam. It also alerts them about meeting eligibility criteria otherwise, their application will get rejected.