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Does PgMP Certification Impact One’s Salary?

A July 2022 program manager salary survey in the United States is a reason for professionals to cheer up. The salary bracket of USD 122,062 to USD 162,803 could vary for genuine PgMP certified individuals. There is still a dearth of such individuals in the market for whom salary won’t be a bar to the employers. This is the right time to fill in that gap by making the most of one’s Program Manager Certification.

What Are The General Demands Of Recruiters In Hiring PgMPs?

According to a survey, 80% of jobs in program management call for a bachelor's degree as the qualification. 7.2% of the recruiters settle for individuals with master’s degrees. A diploma from high school seems adequate to 8.5% of recruiters. So, one can imagine the prime position of a PgMP-certified individual in the present job market. If the pay scale as mentioned earlier belongs to the non-certified individuals then what to speak of a certified professional’s good fortune? A detailed analysis of a PgMP Certification holder’s salary is right here.

This is how a non-certified individual’s remuneration varies simply based on his educational qualification:

Educational degree 75th quartile Median 25th quartile
Master degree USD 116,000 USD 94,000 USD 68,000
Bachelor's degree USD 107,000 USD 82,000 USD 62,000
Diploma in high school USD 70,000 USD 47,000 USD 39,000

Naturally, a Program Management Certification would be an excess qualification for an individual to fetch him more salary. Besides, one would become more knowledgeable and skilled than non-certified program managers. Not just education but the salary also increases with the increasing complexity level of program management. Such is the case with technical program managers. Their approximate average annual remuneration is USD 2,950,000.

Attaining a Program Manager Certification is fruitful given the forecast about job growth in this domain. Surveys reveal a 40% increase in demand for technical program managers around the world within 2027. This contributes to 2 million employment opportunities in the field of program management across diverse industries. Hiring such professionals has become a necessity for organizations to reach their business goals post-pandemic.

Does Experience Play A Role In A Program Manager’s Salary?

The table below exhibits the varying salary ranges regarding an individual’s work experience in program management.

Experience tenure 75th quartile Median 25th quartile
0 - 2 years USD 88,000 USD 60,000 USD 45,000
3-5 years USD 107,000 USD 84,000 USD 61,000
6-8 years USD 123,000 USD 105,000 USD 84,000
>9 years USD 131,000 USD 115,000 USD 96,000

Not to forget the perks and equities that even non-certified program managers receive alongside their regular salaries. A lucrative pay package awaits those who have undergone training in program management. Individuals passionate about working overseas will benefit from getting certified in program management. Why is that so?

Listed below are the 2022 salaries from the world’s most potential job markets for PgMP Certification holders:

Country Salary in USD
United States USD 140,000
Switzerland USD 160,000
Germany USD 120,000
United Kingdom USD 125,000
Australia USD 165,000

Working amidst the scenic locales of the aforementioned countries and continents is an additional satisfaction. Certified program managers are more skilled at designing program blueprints and project implementation alongside supervision. Such a herculean responsibility automatically fetches them an alluring remuneration.

Which Is The Most Sought-After PgMP Role In Terms Of Salary?

Years of experience along with PgMP Certification counts for individuals climbing up the rungs of the program management ladder.

Designation Average Remuneration Experience (in years)
Head program manager USD 4,100,000 17 years and above
Principal program manager USD 3,600,000 15 years and above
Program management Vice President USD 5,200,000 20 years and above
Senior program manager USD 2,800,000 7-14 years

Why Is There An Increasing Demand For PgMP Certified Individuals?

Organizations are willing to invest in employees possessing PgMP Certification. The latter are proficient in accomplishing the following:

  • Leading enterprise-level projects that are relatively complex.
  • Shaping roadmaps to drive the technology involved in the projects.
  • Steering programs till their end to ensure desired outputs for meeting the business objectives.
  • Supervising the work of project teams and their managers.
  • Quick response and solutions to sudden issues.
  • Detailed reporting of work progress to stakeholders.
  • Efficient relationship management with internal and external faculties.

Summary Of The Factors That Impact The Salary

  • As discussed earlier, experience is a crucial factor, and that too along with Program Management Training. This influences the entry-level salary compared to that of non-certified individuals.
  • Geographical locations also play a role as seen in the aforementioned country-wise salary comparisons. Industries with greater demand for program management certainly offer more scope for earning.
  • Last but not least, a program manager’s performance also determines his remuneration. This proves the significance of possessing a Program Management Certification.

Why Is High Salary Not The Only Reason To Become A Program Manager?

In addition to the lucrative pay, a program manager feels satisfied due to the following:

  • Program managers have the liberty to choose related projects of the domains they have mastered.
  • Exploring industries to one’s liking is the second advantage for PgMP Certification holders. Healthcare, infrastructure, telecom, IT, and manufacturing, are to name a few.
  • Certification holders undertake PgMP Training that leads to their professional development.
  • A program manager attains personal growth through interaction with an organization’s business perspectives spread across cultures.
  • These professionals grow into powerful leaders by polishing their management and risk assessment skills with experience.

It is found that most company CEOs were program managers initially in their respective industries. Thus, one can hardly think of reaching such indescribable heights unless one opts for a Program Manager Certification. With business complexities increasing each day and remote working becoming a trend, such certified individuals are the need of the hour. This designation is way far from diminishing with time and so are its associated benefits.

From managing the performance of program participants to organizational changes, a program manager does it all. The impressive salaries of individuals involved in program management justify the latter’s consistent delivery of large-scale initiatives. Certified professionals are responsible for translating program strategies to manageable milestones. They are adept at confirming the readiness of organizations to such changes. Such individuals not only deserve lucrative remuneration but easily attain it for their exceptionally effortless stakeholder management.

This certification empowers a professional to create a risk scoring framework. Such individuals ensure that every program is devoid of risks. Their expertise in effective risk exposure measurement is a rare and most needed quality to be found. Naturally, such professionals are worth a million bucks to organizations worldwide. Thus, opportunities keep unfolding for them accompanied by attractive pay packages. They are adept at safeguarding organizational procedures and policies without compromising on the changes following a program.

USD 122,062 is the remuneration of entry-level program managers. With experience, individuals can earn USD 3,160,000 annually. Such an attractive salary is one of the important reasons for individuals to pursue PgMP Certification alongside acquiring CEO positions.

The complexity level of a program manager fetches attractive salaries to individuals working in this domain. Tackling a particular business aspect of an organization for a long duration and accomplishing it is worth appreciating. Employers do that in the form of lucrative pay packages.

Nowadays, HRs face the urgency of filling up program manager vacancies from their employer organization. They have to choose the best from the rest in a relatively short span of 36 days. So, they look for employees who have previously attended Program Management Professional Training and possess certification.

Surveys suggest the growth of program management employment opportunities by 20% in the next 5 years. This amounts to 8 million jobs that will automatically demand more professionals. The higher the qualification is, the more remuneration a program manager will receive.

Yeah, it surely does. Australia is the highest paying nation for program managers in 2022, surveys reveal. Therefore, it is much more likely for PgMP-certified individuals to surpass the existing high salary range of non-certified program managers.

Experience leads to a program manager’s promotion to the next higher levels, one by one. Consequently, the salary increases along with it even when an individual is non-certified. an individual who has undergone training for program managers will certainly receive more than the usual salary.

The need for program managers to function in diverse domains of varying industries is on an increase. Secondly, they own a host of competencies that are beneficial to businesses. Lastly, PgMP Certification holders have immense opportunities to land jobs in the highest-paying job markets. Thus, program management is a promising career for an individual.

It certainly does. healthcare, telecom, IT, manufacturing, etc call for different intricacies in program management. Depending on the number of responsibilities and challenges, salaries may vary.

Most CEOs across the world happen to be program managers. Not just salary but even one Certification in Program Management by PMI’s prestige soars high for that matter. Program management appears to be the stepping stone for future entrepreneurship.

Apart from skills and self-esteem, salary is a significant factor that draws one to this domain. Attractive pay packages encourage individuals to break free from their limits and prepare for the immediate higher rank.

A certified program manager is one who is well acquainted with program identification, design, set up, planning, and implementation.

The certification course is a jackpot unleashing the pitfalls program managers need to avoid.