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How Much Does an individual with PMI ACP Earn?

Every business from food to pharmaceutical needs project management professionals to manage their projects. There are no limitations in a project management job, candidates can apply for a job in many industries. In addition to having more career opportunities, these professionals also enjoy a good salary. The high salary is one of the reasons why individuals prefer a project management job. The majority of the top positions in a business are management roles, thus individuals must develop their skills to advance to such positions. They acquire certificates to improve their project management skills.

The PMI ACP will be the ideal choice for this purpose. It was designed to assist professionals in developing knowledge and expertise in Agile methodologies. The certification assesses their mastery of Agile practices without limiting them to a specific Agile framework. PMI-ACP is a popular, fast-growing, and globally recognized certification. There are more than 32,000 PMI ACP Certificate holders globally and more than 2000 professionals succeed in obtaining this accreditation each year according to a PMI statistics.

Can ACP Certified professionals expect a high salary?

After studying the job market, the Project Management Institute developed the PMI-ACP Certification to assist project managers in working in an agile environment. In order to obtain this certificate professionals need to undergo training and increase their proficiency in this domain. Due to this highly coveted skill, employers prefer to hire the ACP certificate over others. They are also highly valued by the organization for their ability to collaborate with multiple disciplines of Agile and implement the most effective strategy. These experts are equipped with the necessary skills to revive a failing business Due to these exceptional skills and knowledge in agile, organizations are ready to employ ACP professionals with high salaries.

According to a survey, ACP Certified professionals earns 28% more salary than non-certified professionals. They earn an average salary of USD 115,000 a year. Due to this, a lot of professionals are gravitating toward the ACP certificate to stand out and pursue top positions.

What are the parameters that impact ACP salary?

The salaries of ACP Certified professionals vary depending on a variety of parameters, including location, experience, industry, and job title. Let's examine how these factors influence professionals' salaries.

ACP salary based on location

One of the most important factors that affect salary is the region where ACP professionals work. Salaries vary greatly from country to country. According to the PMI salary survey, the highest median annual salaries are offered in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. The ten highest paying nations are listed in the following table.

Country Salaries (local currency) Salary(in USD)
USA USD 115,000 USD 115,000
UK GBP 49,000 USD 57572
India INR 2,000,000 USD 25,008
Canada CAD 103,000 USD 79,017
Australia AUD 132,000 USD 90,929
China CNY 267,000 USD 38,854
Japan JPY 8,000,000 USD 58,167
Brazil BRL 145,000 USD 28,638
Germany EUR 77,000 USD 76,730
Saudi Arabia SAR 239,000 USD 63,620
UAE AED 240,000 USD 65,339

ACP salary based on experience

PMI-ACPs can anticipate a higher starting pay as they get more experience. So let's have a look at the potential salaries for Certified Agile practitioners based on their experience.

Experience level Salary (USD)
Entry level USD 99,505
Median level USD 115,000
Senior Level USD 142,563

ACP salary based on the Job Title

ACP Certification holders can work in various job roles and salary depends on one’s position in the organization. Here are some of the top paying job roles for Agile Certified Practitioners.

Job Title Salary Range
Agile Coach USD 98,000 – USD 170,000
Agile Project Manager USD 62,000 – USD 119,000
Senior Project Manager USD 96, 000 – USD 140,000
Project Management Director USD 115, 000 – USD 195,000
Program Manager USD 111,000 – USD 175,000
Scrum Master USD 76, 000 – USD 134,000
Product Owner USD 74000 – USD 125000
Product Manager USD 74000 – USD 140000
Business Analyst USD 70000 – USD 128000

ACP salary based on Company

Many major businesses are continually looking for PMI Agile Certified Practitioners to create and execute agile framework in their businesses. The leading employers of ACP specialists worldwide are Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, and AT&T. The following table highlights the average salary for a Certified Agile Practitioner at top companies worldwide.

Companies Salaries (USD)
Apple USD 143,139
IBM USD 117,123
Microsoft USD 186,560
Cisco USD 158,100
AT&T USD 144,369
Amazon USD 187,400
Accenture USD 130,962

ACP salary based on Industries

Many industries utilize Agile to respond faster to market demands, competitive pressure, and changes. Therefore, an ACP Certificate enables people to work in various sectors.

  • Marketing: Businesses must constantly alter their marketing strategies to stay updated with current market trends and draw customers' attention. As a result, organisations hire ACP specialists to assist in decision-making so that they can create quality content. Professionals make an average of USD 154,000 per year in this domain.
  • Construction: Agile approaches are used by businesses in the construction sector to plan, design, and execute projects. Agile professionals in the construction industry help to improve communication, resource efficiency, and operational transparency. ACP professionals in the construction industry earn an average annual income of 137,000 USD.
  • Finance: Companies involving financial services implement Agile to meet consumer expectations and address new technological problems. They appoint ACP Certification holders to create effective software for dealing with transactions of customers. Finance industries pay an annual salary of USD 133,000 to ACP professionals.
  • Aerospace: Agile in the aerospace industry aids in cost reductions and quickens time to market. These sectors employ ACP certified specialists to reduce company risk by ensuring strategy alignment, proactive cooperation, and faster feedback loops. ACP professionals in aerospace make USD 125,000 per year.

PMI ACP is one of the best certifications for agile project management. It covers all aspects of agile practices, including tools, skills, and knowledge domains. Getting an ACP certification is challenging, but the compensation it offers makes the effort worthwhile. It offers a rewarding profession with decent compensation and several prospects for career advancement.

Organizations are willing to pay higher pay packages to individuals who instill the agile mindset into project team members. Certified professionals make effective use of agile terminology and practices. They generate an awareness of these principles at the workplace and make it easier for others to understand, as well. Such individuals have the potential to move an entire organization to adapt to the agile changes in its procedures. Besides, they establish transparency in project management through the visibility of information radiators that define progress.

This training enables individuals to discover powerful solutions through enhanced creativity in project management. Certified professionals conduct safe experiments to encourage empirical learning for project participants and other employees. They not just eliminate knowledge silos but facilitate knowledge sharing and coordination. Acting as a servant leader to promote a respectful working ambience is the prime characteristic of accredited individuals. Such professionals encourage self-organization.

ACP Certificate has the potential to increase candidates’ salaries by 28%. The average salary of ACP professionals is USD 115,000 per year.

Yes, ACP is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for many senior jobs, including team leads and project managers. Employers demand professionals, particularly those in the IT sector, to possess this credential.

PMI-ACP is a popular and fast-growing certification. Since more than 2000 people successfully get this accreditation each year, and there are more than 32,000 PMI-ACP credential holders worldwide.

Countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and UAE offer high salaries to ACP professionals.

Agile coaches are experienced professionals and hold senior positions within the company. Therefore, agile coaches with ACP Certification can earn an average salary of USD 131,226 per year.

ACP professionals should have skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, transparency, team development, leadership, adaptability, and technical skills in agile.

Yes, ACP Certificate is a valuable asset for individuals. Since it aids in their acquisition of agile knowledge. Possessing the credential enhances their reputation at work and improves their career prospects.

A candidate's career in Agile project management would greatly benefit from earning a PMI-ACP certification. They will understand all the techniques and methods that their potential employers will expect of them. It also shows employers that candidates are qualified for the position. Moreover, it will increase their ability to adapt at workand be more productive.

ACP Certificate validates professionals’ skills and knowledge in agile. Therefore, having an ACP certificate is helpful during a job interview since the recruiter can assess a candidate's skills by reviewing their resume.

Industries such as construction, marketing, finance, aerospace, and information technology hire ACP professionals to manage and implement the agile project in the organization.

Agile practitioners possess 3 levels of active listening namely, global listening, focused listening, and internal listening.

Participatory decision models refer to those simple techniques for getting stakeholders involved in decision-making. These include, first-of-five voting, simple voting, and Jim Highsmith’s decision spectrum.