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  • 4 Days
  • Course Materials Included
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Why do we need Project Management?

The absence of project management discipline affects project-related tasks to a great extent. Professionals will not be able to lead projects, avoid conflicts, or mitigate risks without project management. Hence, project management as a discipline and profession is in huge demand by organizations residing in various countries.

Owning a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification in United States is the quickest way to climb up the career ladder in the project management field. Candidates are required to attend 35 contact hours of project management training course, meet the experience requirements and educational qualification specification before earning the PMP Certification in United States. Individuals with a PMP credential stand out from the crowd and amongst their peers making it easier for organizations to recruit them. As a result, this benchmark credential assists project management professionals in applying for their dream jobs in large enterprises.

A PMP certified project manager is said to possess the skillset and expertise that can help organizations to handle complex projects at ease through PMP Certification Training. Being the most renowned certification released by PMI, PMP credential is in huge demand across various nations. Irrespective of the size and industry, organizations are hiring professionals with PMP Certification to manage their projects and earn the desired project success rate. Any individual who is willing to build a career in project management can earn this certification by meeting the PMP certification requirements.

Key Features of PMP Certification Training in United States

The PMP Exam Prep Training in United States offered by Unichrone covers all the aspects starting from the project planning stage to the closure stage. As per the exam course outline specified by PMI, our in-house experts enable professionals to engage in a wide range of exercises through PMP Exam Prep training. Along with the PMP course materials, these exercises help individuals to gain an in-depth knowledge of the latest project management practices. Unichrone provides live online instructor-led and in-classroom methods of PMP Training course for individuals located across various countries.

  • 4 Day Interactive Instructor–led Online Classroom or Group PMP Certification Training
  • Highly qualified & expert PMP trainers with vast experience
  • PMP Training Course adhered with International Standards & PMBOK7
  • PMP Training study materials designed by subject matter experts
  • Get 35 hours contact hours(PDU’s) Certificate
  • End-to-end support via phone, mail, and chat
  • PMP Training Mock Tests to prepare in a best way
  • Enrich with Industry best practices and case studies and present trends
  • Convenient Weekday/Weekend PMP Training Course schedule
Corporate Group Training
Corporate PMP Training in United States
  • Customized Training
  • Live Instructor-led
  • Onsite / Online
  • Flexible Dates
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PMP® Exam Format
Exam Name Project Management Professional (PMP®)
Exam Cost For PMI members USD 405 and For non-members USD 555
Exam Format Multiple Choice, Multiple responses, matching, hotspot and limited fill-in-the-blank
Total Questions 200 Questions
Passing Score Determined by Psychometric analysis
Exam Duration 230 Minutes
PMP Test Center in United States Pearsonvue Test Center

PMP Certification Benefits

Higher Salary

With this renowned credential, aspirants earn higher salary packages when compared to non-certified professionals in the field

Individual accomplishments

Candidates can look for higher career prospects at an early stage in their life with the most esteemed certification

Gain credibility

Owning the certification makes it easier to earn the trust and respect of professionals working in the same field

Rigorous study plan

The course content is prescribed as per the exam requirements, covering the necessary topics to ace the exam in the first attempt

Diverse job roles

Attaining the certification enhances the spirit of individuals to pursue diverse job roles in the organization

Sophisticated skillset

With this certification, individuals acquire refined skills and techniques required to play their part in an organization

PMP Course Curriculum

  • Topics

    • · What is PMI?
    • · What is the PMBOK® Guide?
    • · Evolution of the Project Management Institute
    • · Certifications offered by the PMI®
    • · PMI® contact resources
    • · What is PMP?

  • Topics

    • · Build a team
    • · Define team ground rules
    • · Negotiate project agreements
    • · Empower team members and stakeholders
    • · Train team members and stakeholders
    • · Engage and support virtual teams
    • · Build shared understanding about a project

  • Topics

    • · Determine appropriate project methodology
    • · Methods and Practices
    • · Plan and manage scope
    • · Plan and manage budget and resources
    • · Plan and manage schedule
    • · Plan and manage quality of products, deliverables
    • · Integrate project planning activities
    • · Plan and manage procurement
    • · Establish project governance structure
    • · Plan and manage project/phase closure

  • Topics

    • · Execute project to deliver business value
    • · Manage communications
    • · Engage stakeholders
    • · Create project artifacts
    • · Manage project changes
    • · Manage project issues
    • · Ensure knowledge transfer for project continuity

  • Topics

    • · Lead a team
    • · Support team performance
    • · Address and remove obstacles and blockers
    • · Manage conflict
    • · Collaborate with stakeholders
    • · Mentor relevant stakeholders
    • · Apply Emotional Intelligence to promote team performance

  • Topics

    • · Manage compliance requirements
    • · Evaluate and deliver project benefits and value
    • · Evaluate and address internal and external business environment changes
    • · Support organizational change
    • · Employ continuous process improvement

  • Topics

    • · PMP Exam Preparation
    • · Sample Questions
    • · Tricky Test Questions
    • · Exam Tips and Tricks
    • · PMP Application Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PMP Training Course?

The Project Management Training course offered by Unichrone engages participants in interactive sessions for mastering the skills of managing projects. Expert trainers having vast knowledge in the field guide aspiring project management professionals in handling the complexities of the project whilst mastering the 12 principles and 8 performance domains.

How effective is the PMP Training Course provided by Unichrone in United States?

Unichrone offers top-notch PMP Training sessions through highly qualified trainers ensuring that all the concepts mentioned in the Standard For Project Management and PMBOK Guide are covered. As a result, the pass rate in the first attempt is very high.

What are the PMP Training methods provided by Unichrone in United States?

Unichrone offers flexible modes of project management training sessions across various cities in United States. Professionals can opt for online PMP Certification training sessions or in-classroom training sessions before taking up PMP Exam.

What is the duration of PMP Certification Training Course in United States?

The PMP Training Course is conducted for 4 days in United States. During the course of training, Candidates can access the case studies, mock tests and practical exercises.

Who conducts PMP Training sessions in in United States?

PMP Training sessions are conducted through our in-house experts having vast experience and knowledge in the field of project management. These qualified trainers help in giving insights to candidates about the current practices taking place in the field and a peek into the real-time scenarios.

What are the learning objectives of PMP Training?

On completion of PMP Training sessions a candidate shall be able to:

  • Acquire the necessary skills to handle complex projects
  • Master the tools and techniques of project management
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of principles of project management and performance group domains
  • Tailor the principles according to the projects in hand.

How much does PMP increase salary in United States?

PMP Certification increases a candidate’s salary by 20 – 22 % more than that of a professional who is not certified.

How to get 35 contact hours for PMP Certification in United States?

Candidates can attend PMP Training courses to earn the 35 contact hours. Each hour spent in the training session is equal to one contact hour.

What is the average time preparation per day required to clear the exam?

The candidates are required to spend 2 – 3 hours per day to clear PMP Exam.

Is PMP harder than CAPM?

Yes, PMP Exam is hard compared to CAPM Certification. CAPM is designed for entry-level project managers, while PMP is for professionals who have sufficient experience in managing projects.

When did the PMP Exam pattern change?

PMP Exam changed on 2nd January 2021. PMI changed the format and content of the exam to incorporate latest practices followed in the field of project management.

Is PMBOK Guide-7th Edition free to access?

PMI members get free access to the digital edition of the PMBOK Guide - 7th edition. For printed copies, they will receive a discount. Non-members need to pay USD 99 to get a PMBOK guide from PMI or look for other sources like Amazon.

Which is the best book to refer for PMP Exam preparation?

  • PMP Exam Prep book by Master of Project Academy
  • PMBOK- Project Management Body of Knowledge
  • The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try
  • PMP Exam Prep Simplified
  • Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep Book

Should I get CAPM before PMP?

Candidates who are interested in starting a career in project management can pursue CAPM certification. The CAPM is a certification for project managers at the entry-level. On the contrary PMP Certification is designed for professionals who are experienced in the field.

How many years does it take to be a project manager in United States?

Depending on the candidate's education, experience level, and career goals, becoming a project manager might take anywhere from 6 to 7 years.

PMP vs PRINCE2 Certification Training – Which one is better and why?

PMP and PRINCE2 both are highly reputed credentials in the project management field. PMP certification emphasizes broad project management knowledge and methodologies. The PRINCE2 certification, on the other hand, is primarily concerned with processes and frameworks. Candidates who want to excel in the project management field and gain credibility can choose PMP Certification offered by PMI.

What is the PMP Exam format?

The format of PMP Exam is as follows:

  • Number of questions: 180
  • Duration of PMP Exam: 230 minutes
  • Type of questions: Multiple-choice, matching, fill in the blanks, and multiple responses.

Is PMP Exam a closed book examination?

Yes, the PMP Exam is a closed book examination. Candidates will not be allowed to enter the venue with any sort of reading material.

Which key elements of Project Management are focused in PMP Exam?

The elements focused in PMP Exam are as follows:

  • People
  • Process
  • Business Environment

Who conducts the PMP Exam in United States?

PMP Exam is conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Professionals need to register on the website to schedule their PMP Exam.

What costs will I incur to retake the PMP Exam in United States?

PMI members retaking the exam will incur a fee of $275, while non-members of PMI incur an exam fee of $375.

Is PMP an open book exam?

No, PMP is a closed book exam. Candidates are not permitted to refer to any material during the exam.

Is PMP worth it in 2022?

Yes, PMP is worth it. PMP candidates will earn 20% higher salaries compared to non-certified professionals.

Can I take the PMP exam from home?

Yes, candidates can take the PMP exam from home by using a computer with a webcam and an internet connection.

Can I self-study for PMP exam in United States?

Yes, candidates can self-study for PMP exam. Candidates can self-study for at least 6 – 8 weeks before attempting the exam.

How do I pay for the PMP Exam?

Candidates can pay PMP exam fees by credit card, check, debit card, wire transfer, or money order.

How many business days does PMI take to approve your application in United States?

PMI takes 5 days to approve PMP exam applications. If PMI selects the application for audit, candidates have to clear the audit process within 90 days. Once the application is accepted, PMI sends an email to candidates, notifying them to complete their exam fee payment.

Can I use a calculator during the PMP Certification exam in United States?

No, PMI does not allow candidates to use calculators during the PMP Exam. Candidates are prohibited to carry anything except their ID cards.

Can I pass the PMP Exam without reading the PMBOK Guide-7th edition?

No, it is not possible to pass the PMP exam without reading the PMBOK7 guide. Candidates have to mandatorily go through PMBOK7 atleast 3-4 times before attempting the PMP Exam.

How to find vacant slots for PMP Exam in United States?

  • Visit PMI-Project Management Institute organization page at Prometric website.
  • Candidates will find four options on the top of the page: Schedule my test, locate a test center, reschedule/ cancel my test and confirm my test.
  • Click on locate a test Center, select a country and then click the next button.
  • Choose the exam the candidate wishes to participate from the drop-down list and click next to proceed.
  • The page will redirect to the test center selection page. Search for the location there.
  • Candidates can see all the nearby test centers after selecting the location. Select the test center and click the availability link displayed against it.
  • Once the availability calendar opens, select the month from the drop-down box and click the GO button.
  • The calendar will show the dates when slots are available for the exam. The dates shown in blue with underlining are the slots available. The dates are grayed out if slots are not available.
  • Then select a date to check the time slots available for that particular date.

How do I schedule my PMP exam for 2022?

If the candidate is eligible for the exam, PMI will provide scheduling information along with an eligibility code via email. Candidates can schedule exams on the Prometric website using the code.

What was the PMP Exam Passing Score in 2021?

PMI never revealed the minimum score required for passing the PMP exam. It is determined by psychometric analysis.

What is the duration of the PMP exam?

PMP Exam is conducted for a duration of 230 minutes.

What is Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification?

The Project Management Professional Certification is the gold standard certification that is awarded to individuals pursuing a career in project management. The credential showcases the expertise owned by individuals reflecting the latest practices in the field. The credibility of organizations increases while recruiting project managers with PMP Certification. Also, such certified professionals receive a higher salary than non-certified project managers.

How to acquire the PMP Certification in United States?

Individuals pursuing PMP Certification in United States have to:

  • Meet the PMP Certification requirements as stated by PMI
  • Fill in the details of the application on PMI website
  • Enroll in PMP Certification Training offered by Unichrone
  • Prepare for the PMP Exam
  • Take up the PMP Exam and gain a minimum passing score
  • On successfully passing the exam, apply for PMP Certification on PMI website

What is the validity of PMP Certification in United States?

The PMI PMP Certificate is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of attempting and passing the PMP Exam. Thereafter, candidates are required to maintain and renew the certification by earning Professional Development Units (PDUs).

How to renew PMP Certification in United States?

Project Management Professionals can renew their certification by submitting PDUs on the PMI website. To earn PDUs certified professionals have to take up the activities listed in the education category and giving back category as listed in Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) handbook available on PMI website.

Who can apply for PMI PMP Certification in United States?

Project managers, project team leaders, quality analyst managers, consultants, PMO office representatives, and any individual handling project related tasks can apply for PMI PMP Certification.

What Is the average salary of a Project Management Professional (PMP)?

The average salary of a certified project manager is $110,000. However, this can vary based on factors like organization, industry, and the location in which an organization operates.

Are there any eligibility criteria to be met by PMP aspirants?

Yes, in order to earn PMP certification candidates are required to fulfill project experience requirements, educational qualifications, and 35 hours of project management education.

How long does it take to get PMP Certification in United States?

It depends on the prerequisites and preparation of candidates. It is possible to get PMP Certification in 8 to 12 weeks after applying to PMI after obtaining the required experience and qualification.

What are the education requirements for PMP Certification in United States?

  • Four-year degree
  • 36 months of leading projects
  • 35 hours of project management education
  • a high school diploma or an associate’s degree
  • 60 months of leading projects
  • 35 hours of project management education

Is it hard to get PMP Certification in United States?

Yes, it is hard to get PMP Certification, but it is not impossible. Candidates should meet Project Management Institute (PMI) requirements and pass the exam to earn the PMP Certification.

Does PMP Certification expire?

Yes, PMP Certification expires after three years. To renew the PMP Certification candidates should earn 60 PDUs within three years.

Is it worth being PMP Certified in United States?

Yes, it is worth getting PMP Certification in United States. PMP certified project managers can earn more salary than non-PMP Certified.

How many Professional Development Units (PDUs) are needed to maintain the PMP Certification?

Candidates need 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) to maintain the PMP Certification.

What is PMP Certification renewal fee?

Renewal fees for PMP Certification cost USD 60 for PMI members and USD 150 for non-PMI members.

How can I earn 60 PDUs to renew PMP?

PDUs are divided into two categories: Educational PDUs and giving back to profession PDUs

  • Candidates can earn educational PDUs by reading books, watching videos related to project management, and attending online courses.
  • To earn professional PDUs candidates need to work as project management practitioners, attend webinars, teach, or volunteer for PMI.

PMP Examination Procedure


Attend intense 4 day PMP Training offered by Unichrone. Fulfil all the requirements specified by the PMI before the examination.


Apply for the PMP Exam, conducted by PMI, whilst filling up all necessary details. Choose the suitable date for the exam after paying the exam fees post audit clearance if any from PMI.


Get certified PMP after clearing the exam. You will receive an email confirming the status, after which you can check the PMI registry for inlcusion of your name.

What our customers say


Kenneth Beard

Project Manager

Very engaging course with real world context and wonderful examples. Helped to expand my knowledge as a direct result of it.


Tom Eeartman

Head-Supplier Management

Super awesome faculty! The best part of the training was lots of real time case studies and interactive sessions. Learnt many new concepts.


Pavit Kenth

Technical Director MCI Ltd

Interesting, Focused, Real life case studies. The material was a comprehensive presentation of Lean principles and Six Sigma.


Saad Alsheddi

Head Of Operations

Really interesting, a lot of knowledge about processes, in many areas and departments, helped to understand the subjects easily.


Jernej Hercog

Manager-Engineering Services

I opted for Instructor led Online Session. The training was very well executed. It was awesome and exceeded my expectations.

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Faculty and Mentors

Our certified and highly experienced trainers are handpicked from various industries to assist aspirants with practical insights into the field, thereby providing a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals and complex terminologies




Minimum Experience


Session Expertise

Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam is considered to be the toughest exam in the field of project management. The exam questions the understanding and skills acquired by candidates who are attempting the exam. This necessitates PMP Exam candidates in United States to be dedicated while prepping for PMP Exam.

PMP Certification is the benchmark credential offered to professionals pursuing a career in project management. Here are the top 5 benefits realized by PMP professionals in United States.
  • PMP Certification adds value to the resume
  • Increases your versatility
  • Amplifies your skills in managing projects
  • Enhances your career prospects
  • Encourages you to network with peers and senior project management professionals

Unichrone offers 5 major project management Certification Training Programs in United States apart from PMP. They are:
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification Training
  • PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PBA) Certification Training
  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Certification Training
  • PMI Risk Management Professional (RMP) Certification Training
  • Program Management Professional (PgMP) Certification Training

No, candidates cannot avoid the audit process conducted by PMI as it is randomly conducted. If the application is selected for audit they should submit the audit materials or else they will not be competent to take the PMI Certification exams.

PMI will send an email to candidates informing them that their application is selected for the audit process with instructions to comply with the audit.

Candidates have to submit documents related to their education qualification, training, and experience for the audit process.

No, candidates cannot take the exam if they fail the audit process. They are eligible to take the examination only after clearing the audit process.

PMI provides candidates 90 days to submit audit materials and takes 5 – 6 days to verify the audit documents.

PMP Certification holders can take up the job roles of:
  • Project Management Consultants
  • Project Management Officers
  • Resource Management Professionals
  • Project Management in Engineering
  • Project Management in Aerospace

No, PMP Certification is based on the PMBOK Guide 7th edition which revolves around best project management practices. Individuals willing to master agile project management can take up PMI-ACP Certification.

Candidates can know their PMP Exam results immediately after the exam. In one or two weeks professionals will receive an official mail from PMI declaring the results. Thereafter, project management professionals can check the PMI registry for certification related information.

No, candidates do not have to submit the original copies of certificates. They only have to submit photocopies of the required certificates.

Candidates can send their documents either by postal mail or courier to the address provided by PMI.

PMI audit is the process to verify the qualification of candidates who apply for PMI certification exams. PMI will choose the applications at random and notify the candidates through email. If the application comes under audit, PMI may request verification of educational qualifications and/or proof of contact information. Candidates can schedule the PMI exam only after the completion of the audit.

Yes, audit documents are confidential and are not disclosed to anybody outside of PMI unless it is compelled by legal action.

PMI provides an eligibility period of one year to take the exam after the application approval. The audit period does not count under the one year eligibility period. It only begins after the audit process.


Lucrative Packages

Individuals owning the certification of Project Management Professional (PMP) in United States are offered salary packages that are 25% more than the packages offered to non-certified professionals in the project management field. Hence, PMP Certification makes professionals more credible


Internationally recognized

The PMP Certification is one of the distinguished credentials offered by the Project Management Institute. This helps professionals to gain recognition across various industries. Furthermore, individuals certified with PMP in United States can look for opportunities beyond the borders of their home country


Chance to network

Individuals certified with PMP in United States, seize the opportunity of interacting with senior personnel and influencers who are part of the project management community. Through networking activities professionals look for better career prospects at an early stage with Project Management Professional Certification

Skill up

Enhanced expertise

PMP Certified professionals in United States acquire the expertise of the current practices, tools, and techniques applied in the field. With PMP Certification, professionals broaden their knowledge on fundamentals whilst communicating the universal language of project management

Our Clients


How to Fill In PMP Exam Application with Education and Work Details?

What Type of Work Experience Fulfills the PMP Exam Criteria?

PMI doesn’t emphasize paid work experience but it gives importance to whether it was related to a professional setup. To apply for the PMP Exam in United States, a candidate must produce a track of the attended projects. Detailed information on individual projects has to be provided in the online application.

How to Keep Track of Project Experiences?

PMP Exam application form makes it convenient for candidates by allotting a separate section. This is to be filled in with details of how it was directing that particular project. The same process must be followed for separately entering particulars of every project worked on.

How to Calculate the Experience Duration in Months?

If the duration of two individual projects worked on doesn’t coincide with one another then it can be counted separately. In the case of months with projects overlapping, the time allotted to any one of them would be calculated.

Is the PMP Exam a Pre-Assessment of a Candidate’s Job Role?

PMI conducts job analysis through a 3rd party comprising volunteering PMPs from different parts of the globe. This process is carried out at a regular interval of 5-7 years and leads to changes in project management responsibilities. The questions asked in the exam are associated with these responsibilities.

Why is PMP Certification the Skills Badge for Individuals?

As per PMI job analysis regulations, budget and timeline are the limitations for delivering projects. PMP Certified professionals represent the potential of directing cross-functional teams despite these limitations. They are the caretakers of every possible aspect of a project and apply appropriate methodologies according to that aspect’s requirements.

Of all the other steps to cracking the exam, PMP Training in United States is the foremost.

Tips to Pass PMP Certification Exam in the First Attempt

Despite the availability of repeated examination opportunities, slogging away only de-motivates the candidate. Here are some powerful suggestions to get through PMP Certification Exam in United States.

Thorough Understanding:

This computer-based written exam is actually practical by nature. Real scenario-based questions are asked in the exam. Therefore, a good grip of the project management concepts and their applications is required. Merely memorizing the topics won’t do any good.

Active Research:

Listing down a certain number of questions before studying for the day, is more helpful than merely reading an entire chapter. Such inquisitive learning makes one cover more sections in a day than expected. This should be followed while studying the PMBOK Guide as well so that no single information is missed out.

Daily Recaps:

The study goals or questions provided in the study material must be looked up first before starting with a new topic. This helps the candidate to recollect what and how much has been learned by that time. Accordingly, he or she can plan the subject matter to be completed on that day itself.

Short Breaks:

Whatever is studied in the beginning and at the end of the study session is remembered the most. Long hours of continuous studying might affect this memory pattern. Thus, it would be nice to divide a day’s entire study duration into smaller equal units with mini intervals.

Simulation Exams:

These simulation exams are just like facing the fear of death before it actually comes. A true exam environment is created by these practice tests for regular self-assessment of one’s preparation.

Trainer Selection:

PMBOK Guide isn’t adequate to pass the PMP Certification through self-paced learning. Undertaking a proper training course covers all the aforementioned aspects of the exam. From study references to group discussions, everything comes under the PMP Certification training program.

This gives the candidates the chance to practically apply their knowledge while studying for PMP Exam in United States and become aware of where they reach each day and stand in the field of competition.

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