PMI ACP Certification Training Course in Valmiera Latvia

PMI-ACP Training in Valmiera Latvia
Major industries have started implementing the agile methodologies to execute various projects in a complex environment. As the agile community is broadening, project management practitioners are increasingly embracing the agile techniques for maintaining the successful in project management. The success rate for the projects implemented on the agile platform is high when compared to others. Agile methodology is diverse as they covers major methodologies such as Scrum, lean, Kanban, extreme programming and much more. This quoted to be the major reason for professionals to enroll in a PMI ACP Certification Training Course in Valmiera. Professionals who get certified in PMI ACP Course establish their proficiency in different agile methodologies, principles and techniques to their employers thus they increase the employability. PMI ACP Certification Training Course in Valmiera Latvia is an ideal option for those who want to move from traditional waterfall model to agile environment. Since PMI ACP opens door to many new collaborations and better job prospects, professionals who are already in project management role and aspiring to improve their knowledge on agile methodologies and tools can get into PMI ACP Certification Training.

PMI ACP seems to be one of the toughest exams conducted by the PMI. Due to the high demand for PMI ACP Certification, aspirants keep trying the examination until they succeed. In this case, many professionals prefer a reliable training institute in Latvia for PMI ACP Training. Consistent coaching from the expert trainers shows the right way to succeed the PMI ACP Exam. PMI conducts Agile Certified Professional Exam to test the competency of the professionals and inspect if they are capable of handling any agile project at ease. Hence passing and getting the PMI ACP certification is one of the simplest way of getting a lucrative job with a better pay check. Join Unichrone, for an interactive PMI ACP Certification Training in Valmiera. Staff members at Unichrone are giving expert-level coaching with industry-best agile practices and case studies. Workshops conducted by the experienced staff members will help you to learn easily and pass the PMI ACP Exam in the first attempt.

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Key Features of PMI-ACP Certification Training in Valmiera

3 Day Interactive Instructor–led Online Classroom or Group Training in Valmiera Latvia

Course study materials designed by subject matter experts

Mock Tests to prepare in a best way

Highly qualified, expert trainers with vast experience

Get 21 hours contact hours(PDU’s) Certificate

Enrich with Industry best practices and case studies and Industry best Practices

PMI-ACP® Training Course adhered with International Standards

End-to-end support via phone, mail, and chat

Convenient Weekday/Weekend PMI-ACP Certification training schedule in Valmiera Latvia

About PMI-ACP Exam Prep Training

The PMI ACP, (abbreviated as Project Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioner) is a popular certification presented by the PMI for professionals who wish to practice the latest agile methodologies in the dynamic environment. PMI ACP is a combination of agile training, working experience and an evaluation of agile principles and practices. Agile certification has been introduced as a better alternative for traditional waterfall model. Agile practices, principles and tools help the organizations on their successful project management and various projects execution.
Agile is a process of planning, executing and evaluating a project by breaking it up into several cycles for rapid productions and constant revision whenever required. Agile practice involves constant collaboration with stakeholders and continuous improvement at every stage.
A team of members that manages a project based on agile discuss with the client about how the end product will be used and what problem it will solve in order to deliver the project that fit the customers’ needs. Agile framework is diverse as it covers major methodologies such as Scrum, adaptive project framework, Kanban, extreme programming and much more.
  • • Certification in PMI ACP proves your expertise in the agile methodologies and project management
  • • PMI ACP certification demonstrates your knowledge of executing agile techniques and performing agile tools
  • • A valid PMI ACP certification increases job prospects in the project management field
  • • Agile methodologies are diverse/ broad to be applied in almost all the projects and industries
  • • PMI ACP credential in your resume adds value to your professional experience hence you will be recognized by major industries as a registered ACP practitioner
  • • PMI ACP is a globally accepted certification therefore you accumulate chances of getting hired by top international companies across the globe
  • • PMI ACP certified professionals earn more than non-certified professionals. It’s estimated that a PMI ACP certified professional earns $108,000 on an average
A candidate who wishes to apply for PMI ACP Exam must ensure whether they meet the following PMI ACP requirements.Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or global equivalent), 12 months of working experience with project teams, 8 months of working experience in agile and 21 contact hours of training in agile
Bachelor’s or post graduate degree from a GAC accredited program (bachelor’s or master’s degree or global equivalent), 8 months of agile experience and 35 contact hours of formal education.
Professionals who want to improve their knowledge on agile methodologies can apply for PMI ACP Certification Training Course. In addition to the list, following professionals can also enroll for this certification:
  • • Project managers
  • • Project team members
  • • Aspiring project managers
  • • Project planners
  • • Scrum team members
  • • IT managers
  • • Quality assurance staff
  • • Scrum masters
  • • Project controllers
  • • Highly experienced staff members in Unichrone train the participants with industry best agile practices and techniques
  • • Trainees are given exceptional agile coaching to crack the PMI ACP exam on their first attempt
  • • Study materials we provide is 100% exam-oriented so clearing PMI ACP exam is easy with Unichrone
  • • Participants get 21 contact hours certificate upon training completion
  • • Candidates are trained with mock test for PMI ACP to make them confident to face public PMI ACP exam.

PMI-ACP Training Course Curriculum


Introduction to Agile Methodologies

Agile Project Management Context

Agile User Stories

Agile Estimation, Planning, Monitoring and Adapting

Agile Communications & Soft Skills

Agile–Product Quality

Agile Risk Management

Agile Metrics Management

Value Stream Mapping

Download PMI-ACP Training Course Outline

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PMI ACP Certification Training Location in Valmiera

hotel Wolmar Terbatas iela 16A, Valmiera, LV-4201, Latvia

PMI-ACP Certification Exam Format

Type: Multiple Choices
No of Questions: 120
Examination duration: 3 Hrs
Result: The passing score is determined through psychometric analysis

FAQs on PMI-ACP Certification Training in Valmiera

A non-PMI member pays $495 for taking PMI ACP computer-based/ on-line proctored testing while a PMI-member pays only $435. For paper-based testing, a person with PMI membership pays $385 while a non-PMI member pays $445.
To write the PMI ACP Exam, candidates must fulfill one of the following PMI ACP requirements.
• Secondary degree with 12 months of project management and 8 months of agile project experience and 21 contact hours training in Agile.
• Bachelor’s postgraduate degree from GAC and 35 contact hours of formal education/ training in Agile.
PMI candidates pay $60 as CCR certification renewal fees and candidates who do not hold PMI membership pay $150 for renewal.
Candidates are given three hours to complete the 120 multiple-choice questions in the PMI ACP Exam.
Passing the PMI ACP exam is easy if you prepare a proper study plan and adhere to it. According to the candidates who have passed the PMI ACP Exam at their very first attempt, a good PMI ACP preparation requires at least 5 hours per day. You can divide the 7 domains and schedule the time and portion accordingly.
The content outline for PMI ACP examination delineates the number of questions taken for the PMI ACP Exam, percentage of expected questions from each domain, distribution of marks, agile tools & techniques, and knowledge & skills in agile practices.
Examinees have two options to take the PMI ACP Exam. Candidates can choose either online proctoring or test centre. Make sure you have a computer system with webcam and microphone if you prefer online proctoring.
  • • You can schedule the PMI ACP exam online at PMI official website
  • • Log into your PMI account and click schedule exam

1. If you prefer test centre for taking PMI ACP exam, click the PMI ACP exam link displayed in your Pearson VUE account;
  • • Select the exam and appropriate language and click ‘schedule the exam’
  • • Select the test centre with date and time
  • • You can now click ‘Proceed to checkout’ button after verifying the given details
  • • Click ‘submit order’ now your application is confirmed. You will be notified with the confirmation email from Pearson VUE

2. If you prefer online proctoring method, click the PMI ACP exam link under pre-approved exams;
  • • Read and agree to the online proctoring policies and click ‘Schedule the exam’ tab
  • • Choose the time and date for taking PMI ACP exam
  • • Review the details and click ‘Proceed to Checkout’
  • • Follow the steps as instructed by the PMI website and click ‘submit order’
  • • You will receive notification confirming the submission via email


Pavit Kenth

Technical Director MCI Ltd

Interesting, Focused, Efficient. The material was a comprehensive presentation of Lean principles and a good overview of Six Sigma. I feel like I have a good understanding of the basics of Lean Six Sigma.

Saad Alsheddi

Head Of Operations at Ministry of Finance

Really interesting, you achieve a lot of knowledge about processes, in many areas and departments, helped a lot to understand the subjects in a better way.

Kenneth Beard

Project Manager

Very engaging course with real world context and wonderful examples. I have greatly expanded my knowledge as a direct result of this class and I look forward to applying this in my daily personal and work life.

Neesha Rambharrack

Team Lead-Projects&Facilities Engineering

If you are looking for a culture shift, Unichrone’s trainings are the vehicle that can take you there. The results speak for themselves.

Jernej Hercog

Manager Engineering Services at Clariant

I opted for Instructor led Online Session. The training was very well executed and there will always be a Unichrone's staff to assist online always in session.

Tom Eertman

Head of Supplier Management

Super awesome faculty!! The best part of the training was lots of real time case studies, fun and interactive sessions. Loved being part of it.

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