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FAQ's On PMI-PBA Certification Training in Libya

PMI-PBA (Project Management Institute-Professional in Business Analysis) is a Certification Training Course that validates the business analysis skill set and technical expertise of a business analyst in the project management field. Certification in PMI-PBA recognizes an individual’s expertise in the business analysis as well as the knowledge of brilliantly handling tools and techniques to improve the productivity of the business. PMI-PBA Certification Training in Libya is ideal for both project managers and business analysts. To take up the PMI-PBA exam, the candidate must hold a degree or bachelor’s degree, global equivalent. Along with the educational qualification, a person must have undergone either 7500 hours (5 years) working as a practitioner of business analysis or 4500 hours (3 years) working as a practitioner of business analysis.
In order to appear for the PMI-PBA exam, one must meet the PMI-PBA Certification Requirements. If you hold a bachelor’s degree or a global equivalent you need to have 3years of experience or 4500 hours of experience in business analysis.If you do not hold a bachelor’s degree, you are recommended to have 5years or 2000 hours of experience in project demonstration.
Not necessarily. You don’t need to hold PMI membership credits in order to appear for the PMI-PBA Certification Exam.
Due to the inevitable role of business analysis across major industries, hiring professionals are ready to employ business analysts with high disbursement. According to a major job search website, business analyst earns at least $76,000 as an annual income while a certified business analyst professional receive an average salary of $90,000 every year.
PMI-PBA certification is computer-based testing, comprises of 200 multiple choice questions to be answered within 4 hours. There will be 25 pretest questions which don’t affect the final score. The exam will be available in the English language. You may expect questions from the following domains,
  • • Domain 1: Needs Assessment (5 tasks) 18% – 7 processes
  • • Domain 2: Planning (6 tasks) 22% – 7 processes
  • • Domain 3: Analysis (8 tasks) 35% – 9 processes
  • • Domain 4: Traceability and monitoring (5 tasks) 15%- 4 processes
  • • Domain 5: Evaluation (4 tasks) 10%- 4 processes
You get 3 years of certification validity once you pass the PMI-PBA Exam. In order to maintain the certification credits, you must earn 60 PDUs every three years.
To maintain your PMI-PBA, you must earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) in business analysis topics every three years. You can earn PDUs by undergoing PMI-PBA Training in Libya or earn PDUS in topics on business analysis.

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