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Is PMP Certification Cost Worth The Investment?

Voted as the highest project management accreditation in North America, PMP Certification is the best bet for professionals. Not just a particular country though, this certification is being embraced by careerists and organizations across the world. In that context, PMP Certification cost queries first appear in the mind. Many aspirants question if the cost is too high or is it a fair investment for them. To clear all their doubts they need to look at the PMP exam and training expenses.

Before that, individuals must go through what PMP Certification has in store for them.

  • Project management roles across the world. Ample scope of working abroad.
  • An appealing resume to catch the eye of recruiters.
  • Access to high-end management job profiles in diverse industries/businesses.
  • Abundant knowledge of the secrets to making every project a success.
  • Validation of one’s genuine leadership qualities and core values.
  • Recognition as an authority in project management.

PMP Employment Hotspots In 2024

Based on the PMI registry’s track of active PMP-certified individuals, the countries rank in this order:

Country No. of Certified Individuals
United States 372726
China 342889
Canada 67825
India 47073
Japan 38379
Saudi Arabia 21732
Brazil 16957
Germany 16032
Spain 13277
Singapore 12553
Three Divisions Of PMP Certification Cost

PMP Certification cost can be subdivided into 3 parts:

Training expense: This ranges between 650 and 3500 US dollars based on geographical location, training medium, and exam preparation time. Here is the analysis of PMP Certification cost variation in different nations. The price range shown here includes self-paced, online, and classroom study expenses.

Country PMP Training Cost
United States USD 1,400 - 1,500
Brazil 7,573 - 8,114 BRL
United Kingdom 1,170 - 1,253 GBP
Belgium 1,379 - 1,478 EUR
Netherlands 1,379 - 1,478 EUR
Germany 1,379 - 1,478 EUR
Switzerland 1,367 - 1,465 CHF
United Arab Emirates 5,142 - 5,510 AED
Qatar 5,097 - 5,462 QAR
Canada 1,817 - 1,946 CAD
Ireland 1,379 - 1,478 EUR
Russia 78,785 - 84,413 RUB
France 1,379 - 1,478 EUR
Spain 1,379 - 1,478 EUR
New Zealand 2,267 - 2,429 NZD
Indonesia 2,09,41,620 - 2,24,37,450 IDR
Malaysia 6,234 - 6,680 MYR
Thailand 51,251 - 54,911 THB
Chile 14,71,064 - 15,76,140 CLP
Mexico 28,524 - 30,567 MXN
Argentina 179,520 - 192,343 ARS
Peru 5,449 - 5,839 PEN
Morocco 14,365 - 15,395 MAD
South Korea 18,41,112 - 19,72,620 KRW
Puerto Rico USD 1,400 - 1,500
Costa Rica 9,53,009 - 10,21,081 CRC
Ecuador USD 1,400 - 1,500
Uruguay 57,529 - 61,639 UYU
Colombia 61,01,956 - 65,37,810 COP
Panama 1,400 - 1,500 PAB
Venezuela 347,882,699 - 372,731,463 VEF
El Salvador USD 1,400 - 1,500
Georgia 3925 - 4206 GEL
Hungary 5,55,618 - 5,95,305 HUF
Finland 1,379 - 1,478 EUR
Poland 6,586 - 7,056 PLN
Slovakia 1,379 - 1,478 EUR
Austria 1,379 - 1,478 EUR
Italy 1,379 - 1,478 EUR
Norway 14,148 - 15,158 NOK
Sweden 14,537 - 15,575 SEK
Denmark 10,272 - 11,005 DKK
Latvia 1,379 - 1,478 EUR
Czechia 33,815 - 36,231 CZK
Ukarine 41,330 - 44,283 UAH
Greece 1,379 - 1,478 EUR
Romania 6,816 - 7,303 RON
Lebanon 21,16,874 - 22,68,079 LBP
Croatia 10,369 - 11,110 HRK
Saudi Arabia 5,256 - 5,631 SAR
Belarus 3,534 - 3,787 BYN
Algeria 2,04,968 - 2,19,609 DZD
Iran 59,290,000 - 63,525,000 IRR
Iraq 20,43,104 - 21,89,040 IQD
Israel 4,834 - 5,180 ILS
Turkey 24,490 - 26,239 TRY
Philippines 78,813 - 84,443 PHP
India 1,11,959 - 1,19,957 INR
Myanmar 25,91,845 - 27,76,977 MMK
Bangladesh 1,31,516 - 1,40,910 BDT
Kuwait 431 - 462 KWD

Exam Expense:  PMI, the certification body determines the PMP exam fee which is an important part of the certification expense. The PMP Certification cost is slightly different for PMI members and non-members respectively.

    • Non-member - Without possessing PMI membership one can appear at the exam where one will be paying USD 555.
    • Member- PMI members should make a payment of USD 405 to sit for the PMP Certification Exam.

    Certification Expense: Besides, the validity of PMP Certification ends in a span of 3 years. To keep the certification active one must pay a fee within the expiry period. Even if a candidate pays a month before the expiry date the validity period will start from this date, only.

    • PMI members - They are required to pay a certification renewal fee of USD 60.
    • Non-members - Candidates not possessing PMI membership must shell out USD 150.
    All these expenses can never match up with the professional benefits one acquires for a lifetime.

    To Ignore PMP Certification Means To Refuse A 23% Salary Increase!

    The 10th edition of PMI’s salary survey results is pleasing enough to make one decide on pursuing a PMP Certification. This survey included 37 countries and 33, 000 active certification holders from there. They reported a PMP salary hike of 23%, which outweighs the expenses involved in attaining and maintaining this certification. According to Forbes’ survey, PMP Certification’s worth is jumping by 18.6% each year.

    Is there any further reason to obtain PMP Certification and overlook the PMP Certification Cost?

    Professional integrity: Of course, there is. One can become a part of the 1 million trendsetters exhibiting the PMP Certification to date. Besides, it would make one’s resume more appealing and strike the eye of the recruiters. This is the foremost qualification for a project management consultant that makes him reliable to clients as a third-party vendor. A PMP Certification is PMI’s authorization to include it in one’s name, specially printed in visiting cards.

    Being listened to: The weight of a certified individual’s words is a thousand times greater than that of a non-certified individual. Seeing is believing. Team members or employees in an organization see the letters ‘PMP’ beside an individual’s name. They become more confident about that professional’s knowledge and naturally follow or respect every suggestion of his.

    Desired Designations: For many project management roles, PMP Certification is an additional qualification. Certain roles make it necessary for job seekers to hold this accreditation to stay ahead of others. Topping the professional skills list, PMP Certification measures the eligibility of the following prestigious job profiles:

    • Quality assurance manager
    • Application development manager
    • Transit director
    • Operations manager
    • Technical account representative

    Self-assessment: The complexity level of the PMP exam is worth the investment one makes in achieving this certification. Those who manage to score high are genuinely talented and this certification is most apt for expressing it. Not only does the world, but one becomes more confident about one’s professional growth and knowledge.

    Never-ending knowledge: PMP Certification has takeaways for individuals belonging to different work experience groups. Say, one has spent 30 years in the project management domain while another is only 5 years old in this field. The knowledge accumulated through PMP Training always has something new since it updates with the evolving industry practices.

    Stepping stone: To feel that one is capable of achieving professional heights is received through the PMP Certification journey. It increases one’s appetite to strive for even higher accreditations relevant to one’s industry. Project management forms the basis of any occupation and those who master it are at the top of their craft. They can foray into any industry they desire to work in.

    Wouldn’t it be unwise to miss all these benefits? Counted together, they only make the PMP Certification cost cheaper in its true sense. Hopefully, the expenses discussed here will make it easier for individuals to plan their certification. This once-in-a-lifetime investment will make one proud of one’s decision in the years to come.

    Project Management Professional Training imparts knowledge in the three different concepts of project life cycle. These concepts are namely, adaptive, iterative, and predictive. Such invaluable and helpful knowledge outweighs the certification cost. Insights into the various knowledge areas of project management is a plus point of this certification course. Individuals learn to assign values to cost, time, and performance that are considered as the three major constraints to a project.

    Certified professionals exhibit a good grip on the steps of project planning. That is the foundation of a project’s success. PMP Certification ensures their potential in assessing project risks, as well. Training provides the guidelines to developing the work breakdown structure while planning a project. This helps the project yield desired results. The amount invested in pursuing this certification offers manifold returns to its aspirants in the form of lucrative salaries.

The usual PMP Training cost in US Dollars ranges between 1400 and 1500. This is the legal expense that varies from one country to another concerning its local currency. For instance, the exact cost range becomes 1,378-1479 EUR for European nations.

Authoritative reports reveal that the anticipated number of PMP jobs will reach 22 million in 2027. This assurance makes the PMP Certification cost a valuable investment to achieve a versatile career

Considering the examination and training expenses, PMP Certification isn’t that expensive. To pursue it is a one-time paid journey that opens the door to further goals for professional mastery.

It isn’t the subtle variation in PMP Training cost that matters. A candidate’s aim should be at getting a good grip on the subject matter, concepts, and principles. Not to forget that well-to-do PMPs earn a lump sum, all because of their talent.

The training cost is the prime component of PMP Certification. Selecting an efficient training provider like Unichrone is the most careful investment one needs to make. That is the base of one’s preparation to yield the desired result.

PMI determines every expense related to the PMP Exam. Therefore, there is no question for a candidate to face any kind of impartiality in terms of bearing the examination costs. This marks the clarity of PMP Certification affordability.

Whether it is for renewing PMP credentials or taking the exam again, the related fees aren’t a burden. Candidates get multiple chances to get through the exam without having to shell out much.

PMP Exam and recertification fees don’t vary much for PMI and non-PMI members. So, whether one attains membership or not won’t have a major impact on one’s certification expenses. Anyone can pursue it of one’s own accord.

Purchase of books or online study material by experts also forms a part of the PMP Certification cost. That is an investment too.

Getting a clear picture of the PMP Exam, Training, and recertification expenses, is necessary. This allows one to stay prepared for fee submissions. Besides, knowing the conditions of paying penalties makes one more alert about timely exam preparation.

Project management focuses on the following environments:
  • Social and cultural environment
  • International environment
  • Political environment
  • Physical environment

Milestone schedule creation is an integral part of project management. This schedule consists of established dates within the project life cycle. It sets a target completion time for each task within a project.