Month: October 2018

What is an Information Security Management System?

What is an Information Security Management System? Information Security is integral to any active organization, and, as businesses around the world enact a greater network-based presence while facing a growing number of threats to their data, cyber security efforts must be handled with greater care and reliability than ever before. This is accomplished by an

Who is a Lead Auditor-Internal Auditor Responsibilities

Who is a Lead Auditor? Duties and Responsibilities of Internal Auditor is explained in this section. The Lead Auditor manages a team of Internal Auditors within the performance of internal audits, guaranteeing that internal audits accommodates applicable standards, laws, and steerage (e.g., ISO 19011) which ensuing reports are honest, impartial, and useful. The Lead Auditor is additionally counted for choosing competent internal auditors and providing the auditors with info and alternative resources they have to hold out the standard audit. LEAD AUDITOR