Who is a Lead Auditor-Internal Auditor Responsibilities

Who is a Lead Auditor?

Duties and Responsibilities of Internal Auditor is explained in this section.

The Lead Auditor manages a team of Internal Auditors within the performance of internal audits, guaranteeing that internal audits accommodates applicable standards, laws, and steerage (e.g., ISO 19011) which ensuing reports are honest, impartial, and useful.

The Lead Auditor is additionally counted for choosing competent internal auditors and providing the auditors with info and alternative resources they have to hold out the standard audit.

LEAD AUDITOR Essential Responsibilities

  • Possess strong analytical and problem solving abilities
  • Manage a team of internal quality auditors
  • Evaluate production processes for compliance with quality requirements
  • Periodically inspect and calibrate auditing tools (e.g., scales, calipers)
  • Assist in development of audit plans, audit schedules
  • Participate in quality audits (and lead a team of quality auditors, when needed)
  • Identify processes, situations, etc., where organization is meeting requirements, as well as identify opportunities for improvement
  • Assist audit team in developing audit reports; present audit reports to top management, as needed
  • Assist with follow-up audits, as required
  • May be required to develop internal auditing/testing parameters

Audit Report

This is the primary responsibility of a lead auditor. Information related to the audit is documented and an audit report is created. Typically, an audit report covers information mentioned below.

  • Company profile for audit
  • Coverage of audit created in the planning phase
  • Time frame defined to complete the audit
  • Assignees with defined roles and responsibilities
  • Documentation of compliance and non-compliance activities
  • Audit results
  • Correction action request
  • Final observations of the audit

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