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How to become an Agile Certified Practitioner in 2021? Steps for the PMI-ACP Certification Application

Overview of PMI-ACP Certification

The Project Management Institute or PMI is the most highly recognized professional credential provider in the world providing certification to professionals in diverse fields across major industries. The PMI-ACP Certification is its prime credential for professionals working in an agile environment. This prestigious certification is best suited for professionals who want to excel in agile and can validate their agile knowledge through PMI’s Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Certification.

With the rapid growth of agile methodology in the world nowadays, more organizations are in need of qualified and trained agile practitioners. These professionals have huge responsibilities and help their organizations adopt agile principles and practices to produce the desired results. PMI has developed the PMI-ACP Certification to fulfill the requirement of organizations that have started adopting agile or are trying to adopt an agile mindset.

PMI, which is the largest body of project management professionals in the globe conducts regular job analysis to understand the latest industry requirements. Its Agile Certified Practitioner Certification is created to reflect the agile concepts and techniques that are implemented to increase the business agility of an organization. The course content for the PMI-ACP certification examination is designed to measure a professional’s agile knowledge as well as their capabilities to utilize agile tools in practice.

It has high standards for attaining its valuable credential as it makes the education and experience in agile mandatory for aspiring agile practitioners. Thus, before applying for the PMI-ACP certification examination, applicants need to ensure that they fulfill the eligibility criteria. The applicants are advised to read the PMI-ACP Handbook properly before starting the certification application process.

PMI-ACP Certification Requirements

According to the PMI-ACP Handbook, PMI requires candidates aiming for the ACP Certification to meet the education and experience requirements mentioned in the table below.

Educational  BackgroundGeneral Project ExperienceAgile Project ExperienceTraining in Agile Practice
Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree, or global equivalent)12 months working on project teams         This experience must have been earned in the last 5 years8 months working on project teams using agile methodologies This experience must have been earned in the last 3 years in addition to 12 months of general project experience21 contact hours of professional education in agile methodology
Bachelor’s or post-graduate degree from a GAC accredited program (bachelor’s or master’s degree or global equivalent)N/ANeed to show 8 months of agile team experience35 contact hours of formal project management education
PMI-ACP Certification Eligibility Criteria

For PMI’s PMP or PgMP certification holders, PMI has already verified the general project requirement so if they can prove their experience in agile project management then they will become eligible for the PMI-ACP Certification.

It must be noted that these eligibility criteria for the PMI-ACP certification examination must be completed and recorded before starting the application process.

Steps for the PMI-ACP Certification Application

After ensuring that you meet all the eligibility requirements for the PMI-ACP Certification, you can start the application process by following the steps mentioned below.

Register yourself in the PMI Official Website

PMI recommends using the online application mode to apply for the PMI-ACP certification examination to earn the certification. This can be done by registering yourself on PMI’s official website ( if you are not registered before, else you can enter your valid email address and password to access your profile. Once you have access to your profile, search for the PMI-ACP Certification and select.

This will be the beginning of your journey to becoming an agile certified practitioner.

The online application form has three sections – Education, Experience, and Exam details, these are discussed in detail below with corresponding images of the PMI-ACP application form.

Enter your Education details

In the education section, enter your highest educational qualification and professional education in agile details. You cannot access the next section if you have not completed the required fields. So make sure that each section mentioned in the form is filled and are accurate.

PMI-ACP Certification Online Application Form source PMI

One hour of professional education in agile counts as one contact hour. Applicants are required to record these contact hours and fulfill the required 21 contact hours of education in agile with a reputed professional training provider like Unichrone.

Our PMI-ACP Certification Training Course follows the course content outline released by PMI for its ACP certification. It helps aspiring agile practitioners understand the agile methodology in detail and learn about agile tools implemented in the industry. With this training, you will not only fulfill the professional education requirement but will be able to apply the learnings in the real world and improve the overall productivity of organizations you work in.

Add your Experience details

The experience section requires applicants to add the details of projects they have worked on prior to the application process. This means that they need to fulfill the required months of project experience using both general and agile methodology. However, there should be no overlapping between the two i.e. your agile project experience must be separate from your general project experience.

PMI-ACP Certification online application form source PMI

Candidates must give details accurately as they may be reviewed during the PMI audit process.  

Complete the Exam details and submit the Application

In the last section which is the exam details section of the online application form, applicants need to enter their contact details and other information that will appear in the official PMI-ACP Certification.

When all the details are entered and are true to your knowledge, click on Submit Application.

PMI-ACP Certification application online source PMI

This completed online application form can be downloaded as well for record purposes.

You can edit details that you feel have been incorrectly added or misspelled in the online application. PMI allows you to make changes to the application within the 90 days period before submission, you can save the application and complete it some other time. After submission, the application gets reviewed by PMI.   

PMI-ACP Certification Application Review Timeline

The PMI-ACP Certification application review takes 10 days to process, in which it evaluates the details of each candidate and checks all details are in accordance with the eligibility criteria.

If and when the PMI-ACP Certification application is approved by PMI, you will receive an electronic confirmation of the same to the registered email address you have provided in the contact details. Then you can proceed to pay the PMI-ACP certification examination fee.

Although for some candidates PMI may select the application for audit. Every application is eligible for PMI’s audit process and is selected randomly by PMI. So there is no need to panic, you can follow the instructions provided by PMI and still become eligible for the PMI-ACP certification examination.

PMI Audit Process for PMI-ACP Certification

The audit process of PMI ensures that the applicants who want to earn the PMI-ACP Certification meet their high standards. This is what makes earning this certification so valuable and commendable.

In PMI’s audit process, candidates are asked to submit proofs of their education and experience details they have mentioned in the online application form. PMI provides 90 days for the submission of the document proofs and may take 5-7 business days to finish. Candidates are advised to send all the requested documents at a time through regular post or courier services for faster audit review.

Successful audit review will result in the approval of your PMI-ACP Certification application and mark the beginning of your one-year examination eligibility period. Then you will be asked to pay for the examination fees.

Failure of submission of the requested documents and not cooperating with the audit process will result in the termination of the application entirely. It may also result in a one-year suspension to reapply for any PMI certifications in the future.

Therefore, applicants must comply with the audit process and follow the instructions properly.


To summarize, the path to becoming an Agile Certified Practitioner in 2021 is fairly simple and can be accomplished by following these 5 steps:

  • Registering on the official PMI website (if you have not registered previously)
  • Adding the highest educational qualification details
  • Recording and mentioning the required 21 contact hours of professional education and training in agile methodology details
  • Fulfilling the recommended months of unique general project experience and agile project experience.
  • Completing the online application form thoroughly and accurately.

Hope this guide helps you in your journey towards earning the highly regarded professional credential in the industry and get recognized for being a certified agile practitioner.  

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