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Skyrocket Your Career with CRISC Certification

Organizations encounter various risks as they move on with their digital transformation journey. These risks result in significant financial losses, reputational damage, and legal consequences. Thus, to handle these risks, one must have a solid understanding of risk management. This may be greatly improved by earning a CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control) Certification. This certification stands out as a top certification that allows IT professionals to address risks in the real world. So, let’s delve into the details of the CRISC Certification. And, discover how it helps professionals advance in their careers. 

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control CRISC
CRISC Certification: Overview, Benefits and Career Path

What is a CRISC Certification?

CRISC is an enterprise risk management certification offered by ISACA. It demonstrates candidates’ skill in recognizing, evaluating, monitoring, and addressing business risks. Additionally, it confirms their technical skill in implementing the best information security practices and controls. This certificate is for mid-level employees looking to advance in their careers in IT risk management. It focuses on governance, risk, and compliance. This makes it ideal for all types of risk management professionals. Moreover, it offers expertise in assessing, governing, and mitigating risk and vulnerabilities. So obtaining it makes certified professionals in demand.

Professionals can enhance their skills with the CRISC Certification. This enables them to provide top-notch risk management solutions to businesses. Moreover, they offer a common language that helps stakeholders and IT groups communicate with one another. The credential helps individuals become attractive to potential employers. And, it develops them into well-rounded security experts. Credential offers many employment opportunities and improves their chances for promotion. Additionally, CRISC professionals have specialized skills in risk management. This aids them in earning more than their non-certified peers. 

What are CRISC Certification Requirements?

CRISC Certification is particularly beneficial for Risk professionals, Security Managers, IT professionals, Business analysts, Control professionals, Project managers, and Compliance professionals. Yet, aspirants must meet specific requirements outlined by ISACA to receive this certificate. They should have a least three years of professional experience with IT risk management and information systems in two of the four CRISC domains. No waivers or substitutes of experience are allowed. Besides, employers have to confirm this work experience. To apply for CRISC Certificate, professionals need to take CRISC Exam. They also have the option to complete the experience requirement even after passing the exam. However, they have to meet the CRISC eligibility requirements within five years of passing the exam.

How to Become A CRISC Certified Professional?

The following are the steps involved in obtaining CRISC Certificate: 

  • Applicants must create an ISACA account, accept all the terms and conditions, and register for the CRISC Exam. They should fulfill the required details and schedule their CRISC Examination on the website.
  • The exam consists of multiple-choice questions covering four job practice domains. It includes governance, IT risk assessment, risk response, and reporting information technology and security. The minimum requirement to pass this exam is 450 out of 800 marks.
  • After completing the exam, candidates have to fulfill the eligibility requirements. Then they have to submit the application for CRISC Certification. The requirements should be attained within five years of the exam passing date, or within ten years of the certification application date.
  • Even after obtaining CRISC Certificate, professionals have to earn a minimum of 20 CPE hours annually or 120 hours CPE hours within 3 years of obtaining the certification to maintain it. They should abide by the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics and pay annual maintenance fees. Additionally, if necessary, they must supply the required documentation of CPE activities. 

How much does CRISC Certification cost?

Obtaining CRISC Certificate includes exam fees, training fees, maintenance fees, and study materials. The CRISC Exam fees vary depending on membership status and exam location. For ISACA members, the exam fee is USD 575, while non-members have to pay USD 760. Candidates also have to incur USD 50 application processing fee. The annual maintenance fee is USD 45 for members and USD 85 for non-members. The expenses associated with CRISC Training and the study materials may vary depending on the specific resources and training options.

What are included in CRISC Exam?

CRISC Exam tests candidates’ expertise on the most recent techniques. This allows them to address actual risks in today’s corporate environment. The exam has 150 multiple-choice questions and takes four hours to complete. Exam topics include four main domains:

  • Governance 26%
  • IT Risk Assessment 20%
  • Risk Response and Reporting 32%
  • Information Technology and Security 22%

CRISC Exam is computer-based either conducted at authorized PSI testing facilities worldwide or remotely proctored. This exam is scored on a scale of 200 to 800. Aspirants need to get a minimum score of 450 to pass it. They have one year to complete the exams after registering. Additionally, the exam results will be available online and emailed to candidates within ten business days.

How much salary can CRISC-certified professionals earn?

The salary offered to CRISC-certified professionals varies based on various factors. It includes location, job title, company, and experience. As per Pay Scale, the average salary for CRISC Certification holders is USD 145K per year. 

Salary for CRISC as per job title

Job RoleSalary per year 
Chief Information Security Officer USD 193,905
Information Security Manager USD 136,174
Information Security Officer USD 116,691
Information Security Analyst USD 98,111

Salary for CRISC as per job location 

Job LocationSalary per year
United States USD 145K
Canada C$130k
Australia AU$157k
United Kingdom £63k

Salary for CRISC based on company 

CompanySalary per year
Mitsubishi UFJ USD 73k
Scotiabank USD 180k
Allstate USD 99k
PricewaterhouseCoopers USD 163k


Risk management is still a top priority for businesses making CRISC Certified professionals in high demand. This certification offers individuals the expertise necessary for efficient risk management. It also improves their chances of landing a job and salary potential. This credential not only benefits professionals but also employers. Certified employees assist employers in identifying vulnerabilities in their current security strategies. Furthermore, they contribute to the design and implementation of robust information security systems. Professionals aiming to earn CRISC Certification can enroll in CRISC Certification Training. It provides essential skills in IT risk management required to succeed in the exam. This training also imparts practical knowledge and best practices for setting up, monitoring, and managing effective, risk-based information systems controls. Additionally, it equips professionals with a thorough understanding of CRISC topics. This enables them to become experts in risk management.

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