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Most Valuable Project Manager Technical Skills in 2022

The digital transformation of organizations has led to the increasing demand for technical project management. While traditional project management is well-respected and practiced even today, modern business enterprises are rapidly adopting agile and hybrid project management practices to transform their operations. Thus, today’s project managers need to prove their skills in traditional as well as agile project management methodologies to deliver successful projects for their organizations. These project manager technical skills are suitable for organizations planning, executing, and delivering IT-related projects.

Project Manager Technical Skills

Who is a Technical Project Manager?

A Technical Project Manager (TPM) has all the traits and skills of a traditional project manager. Along with planning, scheduling, and executing initial project management requirements of a technical project, TPMs are knowledgeable in the technical aspects of the project or product that the organization aims to deliver. Therefore, TPMs can effortlessly oversee technical activities like application development, software engineering, and network security and provide valuable inputs wherever necessary.

Traditional project managers may lead and direct technical projects. Still, they will not be able to provide any insights on the technical aspects of the project unless they have the required project manager technical skills. A career in project management is indeed widely respected and highly rewarded. However, with a growing demand for digital transformation, modern project management practices are influenced by technologies like artificial intelligence and big data analysis. As a result, technical project manager skills are necessary for aspiring project managers aiming to work in current technology-driven organizations.

Project Manager Technical Skills

There are numerous project management hard and soft skills that a successful project manager must possess. Here we have listed five most valuable technical skills for project managers, especially in 2022.

Subject Matter Expertise in Information Technology

Organizations trust project managers (PMs) with a working knowledge of the product or project they are leading and directing. It is the reason why TPMs are usually preferred over traditional PMs in IT projects. Having technical expertise on the subject matter allows project managers to effectively oversee the project development and align the results with the organizational objectives.

Aligning Technology with Organizational Strategy

Possessing technical expertise does not necessarily mean that project managers are actively involved in the project or product development. A project manager’s technical skills help the project development team excel by guiding them in the right direction. They also help align modern technology with the organizational strategy to achieve optimal results.

Research and Forecasting

Although PMs play an active part in planning, scheduling, and budgeting to deliver successful projects for their organizations. Technical skills like research and forecasting help project managers leverage the constraints of project management. These technical project manager skills help them make estimates and predict future uncertainties that might affect the project.

Monitoring and Reporting

These technical skills for project managers ensure that the project is constantly monitored and any deviation from the actual scope that may lead to scope creep is avoided. Keeping track of the project is always accompanied by creating detailed reports, which helps in efficiently documenting the project’s progress.

Utilizing Project Management Resources

An essential skill a project manager has is their ability to optimize the resources available to them for completing and delivering a project. These resources include human resources and financial and technical resources. Conducting regular meetings and documenting the progress of various project tasks helps effectively reach the project goals. Also, project managers use various applications and project management software to achieve the desired project outcomes.


Aspiring project managers can master these above-mentioned technical skills with experience by working in the project management sector. However, project management hard skills like knowledge of project management methodologies – waterfall, agile, and hybrid can be acquired by registering for a PMP Certification Training Course. The course is designed to enrich aspiring project managers and help them gain the project management skills required to attain project success for their future organizations.

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