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DevOps vs Agile: How Agile and DevOps Interrelate?

In software development, both DevOps and Agile techniques are utilized. Agile is an iterative method that emphasizes collaboration, customer feedback, and small rapid releases, whereas DevOps is a technique of bringing development and operations teams together. These two approaches are distinct, yet they can complement each other to ensure a robust software industry. The collaboration between Agile and DevOps is very beneficial in managing large-scale organizational projects. Additionally, these two methodologies assist both tech and DevOps teams to manage inconsistencies and outages in software. 

DevOps vs Agile: How Agile and DevOps Interrelate?

What is Agile?

Agile is an iterative approach to software development and project management.  This methodology of software development emphasizes incremental, evolutionary, and iterative growth, rather than delivering a single massive product. This makes it easier to analyze needs, plans, and results regularly, allowing teams to adjust to change more swiftly. Furthermore, it enables teams to provide products to their clients with ease. Agile also focuses more on dealing with and succeeding in an uncertain environment. Pair programming, sprints, stand-ups, test-driven development, and planning meetings are all part of agile software development. However, Agile is a broader phrase that encompasses a wide range of management approaches. Some of the popular Agile approaches are Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming (XP).

What is DevOps?

The integration of software development and operations is known as DevOps. Organizations use it to assure consistent delivery and reliability of high-quality software, as well as to improve collaboration between development and operations teams. DevOps is a method of software development that combines processes and tools to enable faster product deployment. This results in higher levels of customer satisfaction and delivers products successfully in the market. DevOps ensures the product aligns with the business goals whilst emphasizing on team empowerment, cross-team communication and collaboration, and technology automation.

How do Agile and DevOps interrelate?

Agile and DevOps work together to create software that works at a faster pace. DevOps focuses on putting code into production and improving the process, while Agile manages software development. Agile is centered on people and their interactions with procedures and resources. DevOps assures that a business unit that has gotten technology can operate smoothly. Initially, DevOps team creates software by defining requirements, and then Agile teams engage in testing and releasing the software.

Virtualization technology is the technology that involves both Agile and DevOps methodologies. It is responsible for all aspects of the IT business environment. Furthermore, it enables firms to scale resources and take advantage of both Agile and DevOps projects. Enterprises can increase their software development and execution speed by integrating DevOps and adopting Agile development at the same time.

Software Life Cycle Processes that involve DevOps and Agile

Plan, Code, Build

The combination of Agile and DevOps of this life cycle approach provides a shorter build cycle, transparency, operational awareness., internal and external feedback, and resource flexibility.

Test, QA, and Security

With the increase in platform testing quality assurance and security measures, there will be a team responsibility. This necessitates the ownership to be shared naturally.

Orchestration of Infrastructure

The combination of Agile and DevOps makes the infrastructure scalable, secure, and lean. Furthermore, it allows for quick provisioning and developer interaction.

Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Software benefits from a shorter development and delivery life cycle. The workflow becomes trustworthy and sustainable. In addition, the app pipeline becomes safe when agile and DevOps are combined.

Feedback and Monitoring

It optimizes information flow to ensure that failures do not affect the customer experience. As both the teams carefully monitor the process, the performance of the software increases significantly. 

Information technology management

The combination of Agile and DevOps emphasizes team goals in this lifecycle approach. It also focuses on information technology modernization, upskilling, and collaboration.


Agile and DevOps are two widely used methodologies in the corporate world. The software team combines these two techniques to create successful functional products. DevOps is concerned with getting code into production and refining the process, whereas Agile is concerned with software development. Those interested in becoming agile practitioners or project managers can take the PMI ACP Training Course to learn about Agile techniques. On the other hand, individuals interested in becoming DevOps developers can enroll in the DevOps Training course to learn about DevOps practices and acquire the skillset.

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