5 Reasons to have an AWS Certified Solutions Architect skillset in your Job-Search Arsenal

In this ever-evolving world of technologies, certifications can validate your IT skills and experience to show prospective employers that you have the right expertise to get the job done. Whether you are already employed and looking for a promotion, or you are just starting out and are planning for the future – certifications are an ideal way to distinguish yourself from other candidates in a job search.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is designed to allow application providers, vendors, and enterprises, to quickly and securely host applications. It provides a virtual environment that lets you load software and services, your application requires in a secure and cost-effective method. With AWS, you make use of a reliable, flexible, and accessible global computing infrastructure.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect is one of the most valuable and highly sought-after certifications on cloud computing that you can earn to boost your salary and your career in 2021. AWS is widely used in small as well as large companies that require you to design and deploy scalable systems with a focus on keeping them cost-effective without sacrificing security, reliability, and quality.

An AWS Solutions Architect (SA) essentially serves as the moderator of all AWS services in an enterprise. From networking to security, storage, and routing, everything is managed by a Solutions Architect, they are extremely valuable and the best way to validate that skill is with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification.

Here are five top reasons why you should have an AWS Solutions Architect Certification on your resume:

• Career in Cloud Computing or developing cloud-based applications: A certification in AWS Solutions Architect gives a comprehensive and thorough understanding of AWS and cloud computing. By implementing the best practices and recommended principles, an individual can design, plan and scale the company’s operation dynamically. This will help to kick-start your career in several IT roles like Systems Admin, Cloud Developer, System Cloud Integrator, DevOps Engineer, and many more.

• Improve your prospects for career growth: An AWS solution architect must possess knowledge about all AWS products in depth. The certification not only re-establishes the individual’s existing knowledge of AWS products and how the various cloud computing services ( SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) interact but validates the considerable hands-on experience a solution architect should have. The AWS Solutions Architect certification can help individuals validate their existing skills as well as help them learn new ones.

• Provide industry-standards professionals: With the advancement in technologies, cloud computing services are evolving rapidly. There is a constant demand for highly trained professionals, who have a certification in the required skill sets to validate them. The task of an AWS Solutions Architect is to find a balance between the competing forces of technology and the needs of a business. An efficient solutions architect can balance the performance, security, resilience, and cost while designing and keeping the customer requirements in mind.

• Demand higher pay with the right certification: If you are already working and are looking for a way to further your career and demand a better salary, an AWS solutions architect certification can be the perfect start. The level of expertise in the job and the certification both describe your career progression and this reflects in the salary.

• Establish your career in a fast-paced evolving technological environment: Cloud computing went from being a relatively unknown technology to a leading driver of business results in a decade. With the advancement of new technologies, the prospect of growth is very high. Thus, a certification in AWS Solutions Architect along with years of experience will make your career future-proof.

In times like the one that we are currently experiencing, having a certain skill set that separates one from the crowd has become more important than ever. With the right education and training an individual can secure their dream job or get that coveted promotion. The next step is to find the right platform to get the valuable insights that will propel your career further.

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