How will project management professionals benefit from Artificial Intelligence?

With robust changes in technology, innovations are constantly made to improvise people’s life. The resulting changes out of this have impacted the dynamism of all professions at large. While the main goal of implementing the newest technology within an organization is all about bringing efficiency, certain professions still need a mix of humans and technical systems. One such profession among these is that of project management. A recent study reveals that Project Management Professionals-PMP are getting paranoid about the infusion of Artificial Intelligence within their organizations. The main reason being, the loss of jobs for such managers as it is believed that the AI systems are quite fast and reliable without the essence of the emotional quotient that humans have.

What managers have failed to understand is that AI cannot replace their jobs as it is based on pure logic and state-of-the-art analysis techniques. In simple words, the introduction of AI in businesses is simply to interpret vast amounts of data and generate results as desired by authorities. Projects cannot be headed by AI, therefore, jobs of various project managers are safe. Businesses have implemented AI for one major reason, which is, to reduce the time spent on monotonous tasks and divert it towards any problems or obstacles that arise while managing a project.

How can managers make effective use of AI in their day-to-day activities? Well, project managers are deemed to accept the changes that come along with the introduction of AI in their activities, as businesses want to gain a competitive advantage over their counterparts and stay unique in the industry. Hence, we see that various organizations have applied AI in their performance tools to be able to track progress and achieve the desired goals of projects. Let us see how AI solutions can be an advantage for project managers.

  • Cutback on errors

Inducting AI in the project planning process has proved to reduce errors that arise during various tasks programmed for a given project. While it takes a great amount of human effort in discovering these errors, AI tools can help managers in detecting these errors at a fast pace, thereby increasing the quality of a project.

  • Intimation of risks

By revisiting the past project data, AI tools are able to assist managers and their team to analyze if the taken path for completing a project has any potential risk by correlating actual work with planned activities. Thus, managers can use this data to make necessary changes beforehand, resulting in lesser deviations in cost.

  • Increase in productivity

The process of predicting errors and risks through AI is directly proportional to increase in efficiency of project managers. Simple tasks can be pre-programmed, thereby letting the managers utilize the extra time for making improvisations in the project. According to research, it is proved that by 2021, managers will be more productive and efficient by the inclusion of AI within the structure of the organization.

  • Faster decision-making process

AI tools can scroll through extensive amounts of data to convert it into useful information and guide managers in making swift decisions. Whilst preparing an understanding of key indicators within the process of projects, AI can assist managers in devising new ideas to curb complicated processes of the project, resulting in timely delivery of projects.

  • Allocation of resources

The past data on previous projects can be scanned by AI tools to provide managers with insights and analysis on how resources have to be allocated for the current project ensuring the same errors are not repeated. The whole team working on a particular project will be given deadlines to stick on, thereby facilitating the manager to make any corrections if needed.

Instilling AI into the framework of the organization has drastically changed the way of work specially in the project management field. We can see that the use of AI has significantly simplified the work of project heads and their team members with automated processes. With the establishment of AI, one other radical change that can be noticed is the refined emotional intelligence factor of project heads, which restrains them from making biased decisions during conflicts. This has resulted in increased accuracy and on-time delivery of projects to clients.

Moving forward, project managers will make the most of AI tools. Smooth flow of processes will enable project managers to guide their team members to effectively manage tasks, thereby preventing deviations from the planned schedule. Though bots cannot alienate individuals from the organization, soon we can see them sending notifications to follow up on emails or about the approaching due dates for project deliveries.

To conclude, today’s project managers have to be always industry ready and constantly lookout for new techniques that can help in efficient project management. This in turn aids the organization that they work in to be in a favorable position when compared to their competitors. Applying AI-based solutions within the work processes has been a boon to the company over the years. To effectively reap the benefits of AI, managers and machines need to continuously join forces to enforce a vigorous infrastructure that attains successful completion of projects.