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How to Write a Project Status Update Email to Manager

Status Updates on a Project are a common feature in every workplace. They give details regarding the progress of the project carried out by the team, budget updates, completion status, and so on. Project managers and stakeholders of the project often request status updates of the project. This can be achieved in the form of an email sent directly to the Professional Project Manager and the stakeholders of the project. The email should contain all relevant information regarding the present status of the project like issues that the project management team is facing, budget constraints, and scheduling adjustments that are required to complete the project.

How to Write Email to Manager Regarding Updates
How to Write a Project Status Update Email to Manager?

Why is a Project Status Update Email Important?

A Status Update Email provides accountability. It makes your work more fruitful by providing evidence of the progress your team has made over a period. Projects are meant to be completed within a specified timeline. To send updates regarding the progression of the project gives the management and the stakeholders of the project who have invested their time and money in executing the project a detailed report regarding its completion time as well as the Project Budget. It also ensures that any risks or grievances that arise while executing the project are cleared at the earliest so that the project will be completed on time.

These status update emails can be very useful for the clients of an organization as well. Clients are often anxious about the budget and schedule of the project completion, sending a status update will give them the assurance that the team is trying to fulfill the objective within the given schedule. Besides being an excellent source of information about the progression of tasks, status update allows the team to be aware of their role in the completion of the project. Thus, sending a status update email to your supervisor or manager is very essential and forms an important part of efficient work culture.

What is Included in a Project Status Update Email?

Every workplace has its own system of sending emails regarding work updates or assignment reports. Specific projects require information regarding specific areas of the project. However, most status update emails have a few elements that are common. Here are some of the elements that are included in a status update email:

  • Name of the report or project.
  • Name of the person to whom the report is being sent.
  • The objective of the project.
  • The present stage of the project.
  • Tasks that have been completed.
  • Tasks that need to be completed.
  • Problems or issues that are affecting the completion of the project.

How to Write a Project Status Update Email to Manager?

After noting down the information that need to be included in the status update email it is time to draft the email. Here are a few important points that needs to be followed while writing a status update email to your manager or supervisor:

Create a status update template

After gathering the information that must be included, a status update template can be created to easily fill the information in. There are plenty of ready-to-use templates that one can use for this purpose.

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Streamline your status update email

Make your status update email effective by including relevant information. Status update to the supervisor or manager about a task will be different from the status update to the team members or clients of the organization. So, make sure that each audience is briefed with the appropriate information.

Use bullet points to highlight the important tasks

Using bullet points can be very effective to highlight the important tasks that need to be completed or the progress that the team has made so far.

Mention the details in the email based on its priority

Always mention the most important detail first and the least important at the very end of the email. Doing this will ensure that the tasks that require the involvement of the management are given their due attention.

Be prompt while sending the status update email

If a manager or supervisor asks for a status update email, try to send it regularly and promptly. Sending the status update email on time will help projects to complete on time. It will also keep the management informed about the progress of different tasks at the various stages of the project.

Impact of Project Status Update Email

Writing or drafting an effective status update email not only helps in the smooth completion of the project but also shows your commitment to your work. Being punctual in sending the status update about the progress of the tasks to your supervisor and addressing the grievances that the team is facing, will make your team and your manager appreciate your involvement to make the project a success.

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