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5 Benefits Of PMP Certification to help you decide is PMP Certification worth it ?

A PMP Credential is an ideal bet for all the project managers across various professional fields including technology, constructions, telecom, commerce, finance, business processing units and many more. The PMP Certification adds more value to the persons profile and helps them to climb top ladders in any organization than of their non PMP Certified peers.

Benefits of PMP Certification

Below are the 5 benefits of PMP Certification which could help identify the value additions PMP gives.

is pmp certification worth it, Benefits Of PMP Certification
5 Benefits Of PMP Certification to help you decide is PMP Certification worth it?

Global Recognition

PMP or the Project Management Professional Certification is the most prestigious professional credential in the world. This certification provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is recognized in every organization across all industries, globally. So with a PMP Certification, you will get hired in any organization at any location. Also, there are organizations that specifically ask for this certification in the resume during the hiring process. If being a project manager is your goal, then this valuable credential is your gateway to achieving it. This credential will help you advance your career in project management and get a promotion within your present organization as well.

Enhanced Knowledge

With a PMP Certification from the most widely regarded project management body in the world, aspiring project managers will be able to validate their project management knowledge. PMI has very high standards and is highly recognized in the industry. It allows only select candidates this reputed certification as it strives for excellence in the certified PMPs. This certification proves that the individual is extremely knowledgeable in the 10 knowledge areas of project management as depicted in the PMBOK Guide. It also measures a professional’s skills in implementing tools and techniques used in achieving successful project delivery.

Increased Project Success

This valuable credential from PMI will help project managers drive the project management process of their organization. Using the PMP Certification, project managers can lead projects for their organization and successfully ensure project delivery. Along with a detailed comprehension of project management concepts, a project manager has effective leadership and communication skills that help them make informed decisions for the projects they manage. They can communicate with the stakeholders of the project and lead the project management team to execute the tasks assigned to them in order to ensure the end product meets customers’ satisfaction.

Increased Responsibilities

A PMP Certification from PMI demonstrates your dedication to your goal of becoming a certified project manager and helps organizations you work in or get hired in recognizing that as well. A certified project manager has many responsibilities including risk and financial assessments. They can plan and execute the project from start to finish, and monitor all activities involved in the project development process. Through their extensive knowledge of the project management methodology, they can lead and manage projects for their organizations efficiently. They are capable of handling several roles and responsibilities during the course of the project management cycle.

Increased Salary

PMPs are the most handsomely paid professionals in the industry. A recent survey has shown data that project managers with the PMP Certification earn 20% higher than their non-certified counterparts. This makes this certification the most sought-after professional credential, globally. Several professionals from diverse industrial sectors from manufacturing to IT, from services to government require project managers to lead and manage projects for their organizations. These project management jobs are predicted to grow further in the coming years with more than 2 million new project managers’ roles to be generated and filled around the world by 2027.

Is PMP Certification Worth It

Therefore, it can be observed from the above-mentioned benefits of PMP Certification that earning this certification will be the best thing a professional can do to move their career in the right direction. PMP Certification advantages are numerous and will not go away after a few years. By maintaining this professional credential, project managers will remain updated with the latest trends and best practices in the project management industry. They will get global recognition and earn better than their peers. Earning this most valuable certification will transform their lives.

Earning a PMP certification can be a good investment for your future. As a PMP Certified Project Manager, you will gain recognition in the project management industry and become respected as a knowledgeable and proficient professional. PMI has excellent networking of PMPs which allows the exchange of knowledge and ideas about the dynamic world of project management. Thus, investing in a credential of this reputation is always a good idea, especially for those who want to future-proof their careers.

So, to answer the question – Is PMP worth it? Yes, it is. This is evident from the recent salary data given on that PMPs in the US can earn between $69,069 to $235,748 on average per year. These numbers differ according to the knowledge and skill levels of the PMP and several other factors like location, position, etc. A recent PMI report also states that PMP jobs were the most sought-after during the COVID-19 pandemic. This further proves that PMPs are the most in-demand professionals in the world right now. Aspiring, as well as existing PMPs, can register for the PMP Certification Training Course to improve their project management knowledge and skills. This will not only help them future-proof their careers but also make them the most distinguished professional in the industry.

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