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6 CGEIT Certification Advantages for IT Professionals

Introduction to CGEIT

Information Technology has become the leader in improving the operations of business enterprises around the world. With the growing demand for IT professionals on a global level across major industries, organizations are realizing the importance of enterprise governance in IT. The CGEIT (Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT) Certification has become a requirement for IT professionals interested in starting their careers in corporate governance.

A successful enterprise depends on its efficient IT governance system to produce the desired results. Thus the role of an IT professional with CGEIT Certification has many benefits for the enterprise. The CGEIT Certification has many prerequisites among them having a minimum of five years of experience in the IT governance sector including at least a year managing and leading an enterprise governance system is the most important. Business enterprises and government agencies hire these skilled professionals because of their proven experience in implementing IT governance frameworks to improve their workflow.

The Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) certification is provided by the ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), a global body of IT professionals involved in IT governance, system auditing, risk, and security management.

The CGEIT certification is one of the most in-demand IT certifications offered by the ISACA along with CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) and CISM (Certified Information Security Manager).

The certification has many benefits for IT consultants who want to improve their careers further and earn better. IT governance professionals and executives, who have some years of experience will also find earning a CGEIT Certification highly beneficial.

The CGEIT certification validates an IT professional’s knowledge of understanding the basic concepts of enterprise IT governance. The CGEIT certification examination conducted by ISACA tests a professional’s knowledge and application of the enterprise IT governance principles and practices.

This certification is recognized globally by organizations across all industries like services, banking, finance, networking, government, etc.

What is IT Governance?

IT governance focuses on the alignment of the information technology systems of an enterprise to improve the processes and add value to the enterprise. It includes risk management and resource optimization to match the business goals and objectives.

IT professionals who are knowledgeable in the concept of governance of enterprise IT are very valuable for their organization’s vision and mission.

The CGEIT certification examination tests IT professionals in the following 5 major domains:

  • Domain 1- Framework for Governance of Enterprise IT
  • Domain 2- Strategic Management
  • Domain 3- Benefits Realization
  • Domain 4- Risk Optimization
  • Domain 5- Resource Optimization

To earn the CGEIT Certification, you need to pass the four-hour examination comprising of 150 multiple choice questions that you need to attend in person. The certification examination tests the IT professional’s knowledge in the five domains of IT governance mentioned above.

The best way to prepare for the CGEIT certification examination is through a reputed training provider like Unichrone. Highly qualified and experienced industry experts in IT governance will help professionals understand the concepts of enterprise IT governance and brush of their skills with hands-on training.

The 6 Advantages of the CGEIT Certification for IT professionals

  • A CGEIT Certification validates an IT professional’s knowledge and skills in managing and implementing an IT governance framework in the enterprise. Thus making them highly valuable for their organization.
  • It will help IT professionals bridge the gap to meet the growing demand for skilled IT governance professionals in the industry.
  •  Through the CGEIT Certification, these professionals can improve the business system by increasing the awareness of IT governance in the enterprise.
  • Earning a certification in CGEIT will help IT professionals gain a distinctive edge over their non-certified peers in the hiring process.
  • The globally recognized CGEIT Certification provides IT professionals with very high recognition in the industry.
  • Using the certification IT professionals can progress their career in enterprise governance further and have a better income.

IT professionals who have earned a certification in CGEIT are the highest paid IT professionals in the industry and have a huge career growth. These professionals usually take the role of senior directors and executive IT managerial positions. These IT governance managers and executives have an important role in overseeing the IT governance of their enterprise and align the IT system to the objectives.

These professionals are proficient in using the IT governance framework and improve the business processes of their enterprise. The CGEIT certification is a great way to validate these IT professional’s skills and knowledge. It also helps employers hire the right professional for managing their workflow efficiently. Therefore, it can be concluded that earning a CGEIT Certification is very beneficial for existing IT professionals and aspiring professionals who want to work in IT governance. The CGEIT Certification Training will help professionals pass the certification examination on the first try. Along with an in-depth understanding of the concepts of IT governance, strategy, and risk management, the training course provides individuals a unique blend of instruction using real-life examples and industry best practices.

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