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How to Create Effective Training Videos 2021 – Full Comparison Guide

There is no secret behind the fact that video is the most consumed form of content. Training video is one such type of content that plays an important role in conveying important information.

Training videos are the best way to share information about important procedures and processes with your team without having to schedule precious hours to walk them through it step by step. Good training videos will increase efficiency, save money and make life easier for your team.

By the end of this article you will have an idea as to what makes a good training video,what are the right types of training videos for you, and how you can make your training videos more effective and engaging.

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Now let’s get back to the training video creation guide. We will start by defining a training video.

What are Training Videos?

Basically training video is a form of video content by which you can teach someone how to do a particular thing. It is a medium for teaching a skill or knowledge.

You could use a training video for the onboarding process of your employees, as a software tutorial for your customers, compliance training or for educational purposes.

Types of Training Videos

There are different types of video formats that you can use for making a training video. However, it is very important to choose the right type of training videos.

Every type of video will take its own time to be created. You don’t want to use a short form video for explaining a complicated or complex subject. Similarly you also need to consider your audience’s learning objective, your budget, available resources and also your personal interests.

Here are some of the most popular formats that you can use for your training videos:

1.  Screen casting videos.

This form of video is basically a recording of your screen. It is used for providing training about any software application. In this form the interface of a software is shown in the screen while a voiceover provides narration relating to the various features and functions of that software.  Most big software companies use this kind of video forms to explain their software or its usage to the customer or user.

2.  How to video.

These types of videos are also known as demonstration videos. In this type of video a person is usually seen demonstrating a task or guiding the viewers through a task. Usually these types of videos are found on YouTube. If a viewer is successfully able to replicate the guide in his personal experience then this video will be regarded as successful. Some examples of how to videos are “how to make animated videos”, “how to clean your laptop” etc.

3.  Interactive video.

Interactive videos are fairly new to the video content scene. They are considered as the most effective form of video for getting the audience involved or engaged.  In this form of video a viewer is usually put in scenarios where they are made to select the next course of action.

Although this form of videos takes some time to be created, they are one of the best ways to get your audience involved in your videos. This helps in making your videos more interesting to the audience and they don’t get bored very easily.

4.  Animated videos.

Animated videos make use of graphics or text to explain any idea, concept or complex topic. Videos provide visually engaging experience to your audience. However, you don’t need to be an expert animator to create this kind of video. There are a number of video animation software that you can use for creating such videos. Vyond, Blender and Videoscribe are some of the most popular animation software. Whiteboard animation is the most commonly used form of animated videos. This is because it can explain even the most complex ideas in a very entertaining and fun manner.

5.  Microvideo.

Micro Videos are short videos of 10 to 15 seconds that demonstrate any specific or particular idea or concept. You may or may not include any narration in these videos. Instead of making one long video you can use this type of videos to segment a big complex topic so that the users can understand such topics more easily.

How to make effective and engaging training videos?

If you want to make a training video that is effective and engaging then you must follow the steps mentioned below. Even if you have never made a training video before the steps mentioned below will help you create highly effective videos.

1.  Use the right equipment.

In order to make your video look and sound amazing you need to make use of the right equipment. Some of these equipment are:

  • Camera
  •  Microphone
  • Screen recording software
  • Video editing software

2.  Decide the topic for your video.

In order to decide the topic of your video you need to have a good understanding of your audience. You need to understand what your audience is looking for in your videos and how you are going to provide them with the information through your videos. In this way you can narrow down the message or goal of your video for your target audience.

If you are not sure what message you want to convey to your videos you need to conduct proper research to find about the same. You can send out surveys to your customers or audience to find out the concerns that they have regarding your product or services. After that you can address those concerns through your videos.

3.  Select the video format.

The amount of time and money spent on creating a video will depend upon the format that you choose.Some of the most popular video formats have been discussed above. You can select any of the video formats discussed above or try some other type of video formats.

4.  Script and storyboard creation.

You need to get your video ideas written down on a piece of paper. That is you need to create a script and a storyboard. Both these steps are important before actually recording your video. Scripting deals with the spoken words whereas the storyboard deals with the visual representation of those words.  Both these steps go hand in hand. Make sure to go through your script a couple of times before actually recording. This will help you in getting all other aspects ready for recording your video.

5.  Start recording.

Once you are done with all the preparations you can go ahead and record the video. When you go through your script a couple of times you will also get familiar with some of the audio and visual equipment. In the beginning you may need a few retakes before getting the perfect shot.  But don’t get too caught up with it as you can still edit them in the editing phase.

6.  Using video editing software.

In this stage you will have to play back your recording a few times to spot all the irregularities that may have occurred. You can correct any audio or graphics related issues while editing.

Once you are done editing you should go through the  entire recording a few times just to make sure there are no gaps in the footage and transition between the clips are smooth. You can also take suggestions from any third person so that you can be assured you didn’t miss anything. You should also keep in mind that your video should be optimised so that your audience can view them on different devices.

7.  Sharing the video.

The last step is to get your finished video before your audience. There are multiple ways in which you can do that. Firstly you could post the video in your company’s official website or include it in your monthly newsletter. Next you can also spread the video through the various social media platforms. If your videos are aimed at answering the questions of your target audience or potential customers then your sales Team should make use of them while closing any deal.


These were all the steps that will help you in creating engaging and effective training videos.  If you follow these steps carefully you will be able to achieve many objectives through your training videos.Training videos are meant for educating your audience if you keep that in mind during the video creation process it will significantly improve the quality of your video. Also make use of any of the popular video formats for creating training videos. Whiteboard animations have gained massive popularity among video creators for creating training videos. You should definitely go for them if you have any idea, product or service that is not so easy to explain. We hope  these steps help you in creating useful training videos.

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