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Project Management Conferences 2024: An Overview

The world of project management is ever-evolving. Professionals of this field need to constantly update their knowledge and skills as per these changes. One of the best ways to do so is by attending conferences that are conducted globally. Professionals will have a unique chance to connect with experts and peers during such events. Following are few events that are conducted in USA, Asia and UK. Professionals can take a look at these conferences here

Project Management Conferences 2024, Project Management Events 2024
Project Management Conferences in 2024

List of Project Management Conference Event 2024

Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo – January 10-11, 2024

Candidates keen on staying updated on Agile and Scrum can attend the Regional Scrum Gathering being held in Tokyo. Scrum-certified professionals can learn about various new trends from keynote speakers, scrum enthusiasts, trainers, and coaches. The event focuses on helping professionals to connect with the Scrum community and prosper in their careers. The event is held from 10-12 January in Tokyo in a hybrid format. People can attend it online or offline.

Venue: Sola City Conference Center, Ochanomizu, Tokyo, Japan.

Women In Project Management Summit – March 7, 2024

WIPM is one of the major industry-leading events for women striving in project management. The event is a forum in disguise for women who can network and hone their skills in project management. In addition, women can also focus on knowledge sharing and relationship building. The event further emphasizes on inclusivity rather than exclusivity, promoting the profession of project management amongst women.

Venue: Convention Center, Dublin

Business Agility Conference 2024 – April 17-18, 2024

This conference is for professionals having diverse knowledge on Agile. Agile professionals attending this event gain insights into common business challenges and agility for finance. The event is open to all and is conducted virtually. Any professional keen on enhancing business agility can attend this event. At the end of the session, there would be a Q&A session for those who require more guidance from experts in the field.

Venue: Virtual Event

Project Management Symposium – April 18-19, 2024

Project Management Symposium is one such event that provides insights into global project management practices. Through this conference, one can easily gain knowledge on strategic project management, human aspects of the project, and important skills to focus on. This event offers a chance for professionals in project management to network whilst staying updated with the latest practices. Interested individuals can attend this event either online or in person.

Venue: University of Maryland, Maryland, USA

Project Management in the Age of AI – April 19-21, 2024

This event offers a platform for experts in project management to share their knowledge and network with peers. The event is said to focus on how AI is changing the way of managing projects and how project managers can make use of it. Individuals can further see through theory and real-life scenarios through this conference. Interested parties need to attend this event in person.

Venue: College Park Maryland, Maryland, USA

Project Summit Business Analyst World – April 22-24, 2024

This summit is the largest event to bring project managers and business analysts together in North America. It is an industry leading event that hosts various keynote speakers from different sectors across the globe. Attending the event allows individuals to pursue diverse learning opportunities. In addition, professionals are armed with new skillset, tools and techniques that can be easily applied. Project management enthusiasts can further earn their professional development units by attending this event in Orlando.

Venue: Doubletree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld, Orlando, Florida, USA

Global Scrum Gathering 2024 – May 19-22, 2024

This conference on Scrum is for those who are pros in project management. Individuals can connect with their fellows and hone their skills. Interested parties are required to attend this event in person and share their knowledge with experts from various countries. At the end of the event, professionals can walk out with career prospects and grow in the field.

Venue: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Agile on the Beach – July 4-5, 2024

This conference is a two-day event for Agile professionals looking for networking and social events. Pros of this event can learn more about the hot topics in Agile like software delivery, agility in business, team collaboration, and so on. Attending this event would be an excellent opportunity to connect with Agile professionals and share their knowledge. Professionals need to attend this event in person in England.

Venue: Falmouth University, England

Agile2024 – July 22-26, 2024

This conference is for professionals who are keen on updating themselves with Agile values and principles. Leaders, agile experts, and innovators from across the world are given a chance to come together and share their experiences ideas, and strategies. Apart from networking with fellows, it gives a chance for professionals to boost their careers and apply the latest practices in the field.

Venue: Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center, Texas, USA

PMI’s Global Summit – 18-21 September, 2024

This conference is by the Project Management Institute for project management professionals who want to earn PDUs. Individuals can build their skills and connecting with their peers can attend this event on 18th to 21st of September. The platform is for leaders keen on driving organizations towards change and leveraging emerging technologies.

Venue: Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Project Management / PMO conference – 3rd October, 2024

This is one of the flagship events is organized in London every October by FUTUREPMO. Hundreds of project professionals gather at this conference to share, learn, and grow in the field of project management. The conference helps in bridging the gap between PMOs and project professionals across the world. As a result, the main agenda of this conference is to allow professionals to connect in a non-sales environment.

Venue: Novotel West London Hotel, London, UK

APM Conference: June 5th & 6th, 2024

This popular event of the Association of Project Management is conducted for two days in Coventry, United Kingdom. The conference focuses on rapid changes in project management and its impact on the profession. Project professionals further get to know the latest skills in demand and the means to acquire them. In addition, individuals will get to explore artificial intelligence and data analytics along with their impact on project professionals. In short, this conference offers a clear pathway to strengthen the profession of project management for professionals.

Venue: Coventry Building Society Arena, Coventry, United Kingdom

Project Challenge: October

This conference is one of the industry-leading events that is held in Manchester for programme, portfolio, and project management professionals. Interested individuals can get ideas to keep up with the changes in their profession. During the program, professionals can make use of seminars and presentations to interact with experts in the field. Additionally, the conference focuses on software and tools that can aid professionals in improving PM for their organizations.

Venue: Yet to be decided

Significance of Project Management Conferences

It is vital for a person to participate in project management conferences if they want to advance professionally, enlarge their network, as well as get knowledge about the latest industry trends.

Networking Opportunities

When experts from different backgrounds meet at a conference, they establish their network. Making effective collaboration and knowledge exchange are possible with engagement in conferences, workshops, and other similar activities where experts and industry leaders are usually invited.

Knowledge Improvement

The conference delegates will gain insight to the most recent project management methods, tools, and talents. In the keynote speakers and workshop events, guest participants will get first-hand practical information from past experiences and they will be exposed to a wide range of views.

Professional Development

Improvement of the skills is possible with the attendance of pmp certification course and seminars during conferences. In addition, participants are also offered the chance to get the latest knowledge on novel ideas and technologies that as well promote continuous professional development.

Industry Trends and Innovations

Using technology and innovations in project management will help in sustain learning. Project Management conferences ensure that guest participants can also derive lessons from successful projects and use the tactics employed by toppers in the market.

Career Advancement

In the project management conference, you will further demonstrate your competence by featuring your expertise as a speaker either by making a presentation at or going to conferences. You will earn a better professional reputation from this. Moreover, you can access amazing job opportunities that may lead you to, be it the networking with potential employers or clients with great pmp career.

Therefore, in addition to learning the new methods, project management conferences help to look on project management from a different perspective. On the other hand, they play a crucial role in the development of such places by encouraging networking, development, and imagination.

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