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How to start my career in AWS

AWS or Amazon Web Series is a dynamic and fast-growing business that offers flexible, secure, scalable and easy-to-use cloud computing solutions for companies of all sizes. The platform is developed with a combination of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and packaged Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. Due to a faster development of cloud computing, many IT professionals see AWS as an opportunity to grow their career and advance in their career (Read How to become a cloud architect). Here comes the importance of getting into an AWS certification. According to major job search websites, AWS is one among the top 10 high demanding IT skills and witnesses higher salary, so holding an AWS certificate yields lot of benefits to you. To help you understand about AWS, this blog will discuss what aws is about, types of aws, learning materials of AWS and much more.

How AWS Helps a Cloud Professional?

  • Companies from small to large-scale enterprises are moving on to AWS cloud computing, so skills like AWS and other associated with cloud computing are in high demand.
  • AWS Cloud Adaptation Framework is created by Amazon to help organizations, especially cloud professionals, to design and travel an accelerated path to successful cloud adoption.
  • AWS helps cloud professionals with guidance and best practices to build a comprehensive approach to cloud computing throughout their IT lifecycle.
  • Adapting to AWS CAF helps cloud professional realize measurable business from cloud adoption.
  • The AWS CAF workshops connect your business goals and outcomes to enabling technologies, identify key measures and help you prioritize your cloud initiatives.
  • AWS is a cost-effective service that asks you to pay only for what you use, so Cloud professional who is at beginning stage of career can also get benefitted through AWS.
  • AWS allows IT organizations to use the already familiar programming models and operating systems, thus organizations will not require spending money on running and maintaining data centers.

Types of Cloud computing

Infrastructure as a Service: Many IT departments and developers use IaaS along with the existing IT resources since it provides greater flexibility on the access to networking features, computers and data storage space.

Platfrom as a Service: As the name itself reveals, PaaS allows you to focus on the deployment and management of your applications thus organizations don’t need to worry about resource procurement, capacity planning, software maintenance, patching and threats against running your application.

Software as a Service: With the greater function of SaaS, organization doesn’t need to think about how the service is maintained and how the infrastructure is managed.

Cloud Computing Deployment Models

Cloud: All the parts and applications are deployed, run and created in the cloud. In case if the applications are not created in the cloud they will be migrated from an existing infrastructure to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

Hybrid: Hybrid deployment model acts as a bridge between cloud-based resources and the ones that are not located in the cloud.

On Premises: On-premises deployment model is the same as legacy IT infrastructure in most cases. It uses applications management and virtualization technologies to increase resource utilization.

Types of AWS

Amazon Web Services offers a wide range of global cloud-based products. If you’re already highly experienced in a specific area of AWS, and are ready to validate that experience, check the types of few AWS services listed out and find which you can opt as your career.

  1. AWS Security Services

Learn the security services on cloud computing through a certification in AWS. AWS offers security products to safeguard web applications, cloud directory, sensitive critical content and much more. With AWS security services, you can create groups of AWS accounts, control encryption keys, block SQL injection and a lot more. To learn what AWS offers and how an IT professional can utilize their services, you need to enroll yourself with AWS certification training.

  1. AWS Database Services

Database services by AWS are fast, reliable, scalable and easy to deploy and operate. AWS’s database services package comes up with Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EalstiCache, Neptune and Amazon Redshift. Get the certification for AWS and learn more about Database Services.

AWS Management Services

AWS offers management service tools for developer to collaborate & fix incidents faster. Explore subjects on management services such as Cloudwatch, cloudformation, CloudTrail, OpsWroks, Service Catalog, AWS AutoScaling and much more and help your organization grow in cloud computing and management. Once you complete the Certification for AWS management services you will get a superior role in AWS management services.

  1. AWS Internet of Things

The concept of Internet of Things is evolving and the demand for the IoT professionals are in high. Learn about AWS-offering tools such as IoT core, IoT device management, IoT analytics, Amazon FreeRTOS that is designed to securely interact with cloud applications.

  1. AWS Compute

Amazon offers an extensive AWS compute services to run functions in the cloud. It is important to learn AWS compute services such as Elastic compute code, Lightsail, Elastic beanstalk, elastic container service for kubernetes and AWS lambda in order to become an aws certified.

  1. AWS Migration

Migration services offer Database migration service (DMS), Server Migration Service (SMS) and snowball. Migration services are used by organizations to transfer data physically between your datacenter and AWS. What is your opinion of choosing Amazon AWS migration service as your career?

What are the Books Available to Learn about AWS?

There is a lot happening inside AWS every day, so learning AWS is quite interesting. Cloud professionals and other IT professionals interested in cloud algorithms must learn AWS guides and books for growing their AWS knowledge. Especially, aspirants who are studying for AWS certification must learn these books before appearing for AWS certification examination. There are many books available for AWS learning, let’s see some of them.

  1. Amazon Web Services in Action

If you are aspiring to learn new and updated AWS concepts, you can try getting this book. This book was written by Andreas Witting and Michael witting. This book outlines three important chapters in the AWS platform such as,

  • Serve less infrastructure, automation with AWS Lambda
  • Sharing data volumes between machines with EFS
  • Caching data in memory with ElastiCache
  1. Learning AWS

The book introduces the basic concepts of cloud services and features of AWS. Studying this book helps you to reduce overall cost and accelerate the development process of any sized setups. This book outlines the concepts on monitoring AWS application using cloud watch, designing an alteration for scalability and high-availability and automating the infrastructure using a cloud.

  1. AWS: Amazon Web Services, the Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Advanced

If you are a beginner and want to start a career in AWS, this book should be kept at your bookshelf. This book guides you on how you can transform your company using AWS tools and strategies. The methods and directions framed in this book are easy to understand hence, it will help you perform well in the AWS certification training.

  1. Implementing Cloud Design Patterns for AWS

Learning this book will definitely help those who want to excel in their AWS career. This book helps the learners to explore fundamental concepts of AWS and apply them in unique way to solve problems. This book also guides the AWS cloud practitioner on how to maintain and store backup and handle redundancy.

AWS Certification Learning Path

Cloud computing is the key component in the digital transformation and AWS is the leader of this domain. IT companies prefer AWS due to its scalable, reliable and inexpensive cloud computing services. When it comes to hiring, companies prioritize candidates with AWS cloud knowledge and skills to help transform their business. To join for AWS certification course, aspirants must have the basic knowledge of computers and networking, and will require an AWS account and PC (with Windows, Linux, Mac OS) to compete hands on labs session. Whether you are just starting out or looking to sharpen your cloud knowledge, certification in AWS will always help you grow your skills and advance in your career.

AWS certification learning path prepares the participants for the various AWS certification exams. The combination of practical courses, labs, and quizzes helps in the progress of your knowledge and expertise in building and connecting AWS services. Check out different types of AWS certifications listed out here.

  1. Foundational AWS Certification

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Professionals who are engaged in technical, managerial and financial roles in associated with AWS are eligible for taking up this certification. Candidates enrolling in this certification program will learn fundamentals of AWS, security, architecture, billing and pricing. Join AWS certified cloud practitioner training program and acquire AWS skills to build and validate the conceptual understanding of the AWS Cloud.

  1. Associate AWS Certification

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

If you are taking up roles like solutions architect and solution design engineer you can opt for AWS Solutions Architect Certification Course. This course is intended for individuals with the interest to learn how to design applications and systems on AWS. During AWS training, the candidates learn how to design highly available and fault-tolerant distributed systems.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

This course is ideal for those in a DevOps role and wants to learn automobile creation, repeatable deployments of applications, networks and systems on AWS platform.  This AWS training certification can also be opted by systems administrators and sysops administrators who have at least a year of experience in management, deployment and operations on AWS platform.

AWS Certified Developer

This certification course trains the learners how to develop cloud applications. This course is designed for individuals with one year of hands-on experience in developing and maintaining an AWS based application. Software developers who want to learn cloud applications development on AWS can also prefer this course.

  1. Professional AWS Certification

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

The curriculum for AWS professional certified solutions architect outlines subjects on complex solutions with data services, governance and security. Individuals who perform solutions architect role and have more than two years of experience in system operations and system management can apply for AWS certification.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

This course is ideal for individuals who performs DevOps role and has more than two years of hands-on experience in provisioning, managing and operating on AWS environments.  In the course of training, the candidates learn how to use DEVOps practices to develop and maintain AWS applications.

  1. Specialty AWS Certification

AWS Certified Big Data

We recommend this course for individuals who have AWS certified cloud practitioner or any other AWS associate level certification and professionals who perform complex Big Data analysis with two years of experience in AWS technology and data analytics. Participants will be skilled to design and implement AWS services to derive value from data on completion of the course.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking

Participants will learn the designing and implementation methods of hybrid IT network architectures, AWS networks, security and compliance during the advanced networking certification course. Examine and explore automation use cases, configure network integration with application services, learn to manage, optimize, and troubleshoot the network through AWS certified advanced networking program. People who create and execute complex networking tasks can apply for this training certification.

AWS Certified Security

Candidates must have passed the AWS practitioner certification or any other certification in associate level prior enrolling for this certification. Individuals who are interested in learning to recognize, explain, and implement solutions on security controls across all levels of AWS infrastructure deployments can also take up this certification course.


AWS is the most well-known technology associated with cloud services and products. As companies from start-up to large enterprises are moving on to AWS cloud computing, the AWS job roles for AWS certified candidates have been increased.

Unichrone, a leading AWS certification training Institute, focuses on enabling aspirants to demonstrate and validate skills, knowledge and expertise on cloud integration projects.  Unichrone trains the participants to fit in multiple AWS roles such as operational support engineer, system cloud integrator, cloud developer, cloud software engineer, DevOps engineer and much more. They conduct AWS workshops for low AWS certification costs. AWS certification training program at Unichrone includes AWS Architect Certification Training, AWS Developer Associate Training, AWS Solutions Architect Training, Azure AZ 300-301 Solutions Architect, and Office 365 Admin Training. Becoming an AWS Cloud Expert is easy with Unichrone.

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