Top Project Management Methods, Approaches, Techniques

Frequent site visitors to this weblog section, must have heard the terms Prince2, Scrum, Agile…being thrown around pretty casually; these are only some of the venture control techniques or laid down procedures for the successful execution of a mission.
Some of you might be quite conversant with these venture management methodologies whilst others might also nevertheless be looking to navigate the complex however thrilling global of assignment management and these terminologies may also sound a chunk foreign to you. That’s okay, the motive of this post consequently, is to definitely immerse you within the mission control methodologies that challenge managers, for decades, have come to rely a lot on. For the project manager, here’s another excellent opportunity to remind yourself of some of the excellent strategies and methodologies that have birthed a number of the world’s best products.

Common Project Management Methodologies


The Agile Project Management system is a cost-targeted methods of project management that allows initiatives to get processed in small phases or cycles. The method is one this is extremely bendy and tasks that showcase dynamic traits might benefit from this method as you’ll find that mission managers operating on this environment deal with milestones as “sprints”; the intention being to constantly adapt to abrupt changes from client remarks. it’s miles high-quality proper for small software tasks made up of a extraordinarily collaborative group or a mission that requires common generation


The traditional Waterfall method famous a extra prolonged procedure wherein planning on my own may want to take a couple of months earlier than transferring to the following stage – layout. The layout phase could also take multiple months; this could cause the launch of a product that would be termed obsolete inside the modern-day market.
With Scrum, however, the making plans is just sufficient to kick off the task as it’s miles based totally on the Agile framework that become mentioned in advance. It’s a awesome way to prevent delays in product release due to the fact the complete process specializes in group collaboration. The Scrum grasp facilitates the scrum classes (sprints) which occur inside a time body of 1-3 weeks. The end result is an iterative procedure that notably saves the corporation quite a few time and money.


PRINCE2 is an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments; it originated from the UK and has come to be accepted in the UK as best practice for project management thanks to its very flexible nature. With Prince2 the outputs are clearly defined and there is a business justification for every project.

This project management method is also characterized by products that are delivered on time and well within cost estimates. The roles are predetermined before the kickoff of the project and every member of the project is well aware of their responsibilities towards to successful execution of the project.