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6 Simple Tips to Project Management Mastery


Project Management is considered as a top most credential in the industry. Be it any field, the Certified Project Management Professional gets recognized with the expertise he carries with Project Management Credential. As per recent survey, the one who is PMP Certified grabs higher positions in an organization, great salary remuneration and as well as higher responsibilities to carry further. There would be a high demand for PMP Professionals in the next five to ten years since many global giants are looking for Project Management experts to carry out the different tasks globally.

6 Tips and Techniques to Master Project Management with PMP Examination.

You do not have time to do the mistake and learn from it. Try to learn the mistakes of others and overcome those challenges to pass the PMP Examination in one go.

PMBOK Guide- A Bible for PMP Exam

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) is published by PMI. This guide provides you a complete information from start to end to boost your career and thus to pass the PMP examination. There are many other books available in the market but nothing can compensate PMBOK guide to understand the theoretical aspects covered in Project Management. The other books for PMP in the market can provide you the information on theory like knowledge areas, processes on PMP but not as good as PMP. PMBOK Guide is designed in such a way that anyone who completes the reading thoroughly will be able to master the exam in their very first attempt. Hence, reading PMBOK guide is recommended to clear the PMP examination. It is also recommended to read PMBOK guide at least twice and keep making notes on the subjects what you learn so that it would help you to revise with the help of study notes.

Preparation Schedule and Planning- Allocating time for PMP Exam Preparation

Proper allocation of time table to prepare any exam plays an important role. With proper schedule and time management gives you confidence to appear for the examination. Many people just take the training and go for the examination. In this case, the chances to pass PMP Exam is rarest of the cases and purely on luck. This is not advisable. You would have gone through the training but training only can’t assure you to pass the exam, it also requires lot of study efforts and understand the concepts while you write the examination. PMP Exam once you prepare thoroughly makes easy to pass the exam if your preparation is planned and executed with the proper planning to study. Follow below mentioned schedule and plan which could benefit for your preparation.

  1. Study at least 3-4 hours a day based on your schedule. You may divide 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening.
  2. Always have PMBOK guide as a reference guide along with the other books you’re referring to.
  3. Divide the action plan into weekly agenda and try covering the weekly agenda and have it revised on the weekends or during your spare time once weekly plan is achieved.
  4. Try to dedicate some time for questions and answers for the chapters covered in that week.
  5. Most important is to make your own notes along with the study which could give you the brief of the subject you read.

If you follow these point to plan your study for PMP exam, it would ideally help you to pass the pmp exam in your first attempt and can see yourself as a project management professional.

Study Guides

Studying PMBOK guide gives you theoretical approach to the concepts, processes involved in Project Management and you may also refer some other study guides which could also help you to tackle scenario based questions. PMBOK covers the basic foundation to the Project Management skills but will not tell you where these has to be applied in a elaborated way. You may choose below guides as an alternate to understand the Processes and ITTO Understanding.

Practice Question Papers-Solve as many as you can

Studying PMBOK will help you to gain the insights of the Project Management, but checking your skills on the topics, will benefit to quantify them with Practice Question Papers. Solving practice question papers is most advised since PMP exam is mostly a scenario based. So just becoming a theory champion will not guarantee to apply the methodologies in the scenario based implications. This is where you will be benefited with Practice Question Papers.

Solving multiple question papers will help you to gain the confidence to apply the theory methodologies in scenario based questions and helps you understand which method or technique to apply and where this is applicable. There are chances that the questions sometimes can be direct but sometimes lengthy as well. There will be questions on Formula based, scenario based and also subjective. You may also have ITTO based questions asking you to define or elaborate ITTO for a specific knowledge area.

Practice question papers will help you to analyse these points and gives you confidence to attempt the real PMP exam. By solving practice papers you will be able to analyse and identify questions, which you will be able to answer them with the skills you developed while attempting the practice question papers. In market, you will have many sources for the practice exam papers, but try to choose best among them which could help you to solve quality practice papers. There are also Online Mock Test Providers. Choose them wisely.

Project Management Training- A 35 hours Contact Hours

Before you apply for PMP Examination, PMI states that you should have undergone a 35 contact hours of a PMP Training. People may use this training as a foundation to the Project Management ideas and concepts which gets tested during the exam on the topics learnt. You could use this as a benchmark to begin your PMP Journey with a quality training delivery and also choosing a Training Organization which could support with the trainer for post training assistance whenever it is needed.

Join PMP Study Group Or Certified Project Managers

PMI exams are not same all the time as they change dynamically. The best way to learn the new trends on Project Management is by joining a PMP Study Group or Certified Project Managers who will be of a benefit to lay down the present trends in the Project Management and its advancements. This will help you to gain the ideas and practical advancements in Project Management field. By this you will be up to date and can tackle the examination with the confidence.

Disclaimer: The information shared by the author is based on the current practices conducted all over. Author doesn’t guarantee the passing with these steps. However, reader is advised to refer other information as well before making any plan or judgement.

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